The Best Roof Racks For The Jeep Wrangler

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the best roof racks for your Jeep Wrangler. 

We tested the vast majority of roof rack options for the Jeep Wrangler and selected the best ones. Our testing considered features such as build quality, load capacity, and even the design of these racks. 

The title for ‘Overall Best’ roof rack goes to Maxxhaul’s Steel Roof Rack. This roof rack combines durable design with a heavy duty load capacity, giving you added confidence on the road. 

We value real world test results above all else, and having tested so many vehicle accessories over the years, we can help you make a better buying decision when it comes to roof racks for your Jeep Wrangler. 

Keep reading for more details regarding the top roof rack contenders.

MaxxHaul Steel Roof Rack

Overall Best

Maxxhaul’s Steel Roof Rack is the do-it-all roof rack. It features a solid build, heavier load capacity, and plenty of space for all of your luggage. It’s not too expensive either. 

This roof rack uses a tubed steel alloy for most of the build. A special powder coating is applied to the entire surface, helping keep rust and corrosion at bay. This is an important feature for Jeep owners who use their Wranglers off-road, where the roof rack will be even more exposed to the elements. 

We did not find this roof rack to be too heavy. In fact, the lightweight build is easy to install and not too noticeable once you’re on the road. The heavy duty construction is good for carrying lots of luggage and keeping it secure. 

Load capacity is rated at a respectable 150 lbs. That is a good couple pounds higher than most other roof racks we’ve come across. You can store stuff like snowboards, skis, coolers, and even heavier luggage on this roof rack with ease. 

Installation is pretty straightforward. U-bolts make the process that much simpler and quick. These U-bolts also have rubber caps over them to help protect your cargo. We were definitely impressed by the robust fitment.

 It does not shift or creak as so many roof racks often do. You won’t find the rack moving around, even at higher speed. Overall, we have no complaints about the fit and finish. 

We also tested this roof rack with other vehicles and the universal fit works as advertised. We did not have any issues bolting it onto cars, SUVs, and other vehicles. It comes fully assembled with detailed mounting instructions. 

Maxxhaul took the shape of the Jeep’s roofline into account while designing this roof rack. It has an aerodynamic shape that is low profile and compact. This reduces wind resistance and drag. It also cuts down on wind noise and that weird clunky feeling some roof racks have. Fuel mileage is not affected, owing to the aerodynamic design. 

As much as we like this roof rack, it does have one slight problem. The branding on the front is a bit too large and noticeable, on an otherwise low profile design. Other than that, we really don’t have any complaints as far as the performance and usability is concerned. 


  • Tubed alloy steel construction
  • U-bolts provide a secure fit
  • Two different sizes offered
  • Easy installation with cross bars
  • Rust resistant finish
  • 150 lbs load capacity
  • Universal fit design 
  • Roof rack comes fully assembled
  • All mounting hardware included


  • Branding on the front is a bit loud

Auxmart Roof Rack Cross Bars

Best Budget

Auxmart’s offering is for the budget conscious buyer who still wants well built cross bars with plenty of storage space. It has a good load capacity, and bolts right onto the Jeep, no drilling required. 

Starting off with the build of this piece, we have an all aluminium construction. Aluminium is the material of choice for the best roof racks on the market, so it’s nice to see it in a budget friendly option. 

Aluminium is more rigid and lightweight than steel, allowing for easier installation and a more compact design. This roof rack also resists corrosion and rusting. There are a couple plastic bits used on and around the feet of this budget rack. However, that is for adjustability and not really a deal breaker. 

Load capacity is not quite as high as Maxxhaul, but the Auxmart roof rack still holds its own. 132 lbs is plenty for general use. The compact design actually gives you more space to work with. We had an easier time loading on larger items. You can expect to carry a lot of luggage and equipment with this roof rack. 

Installation is simple and quick. You won’t need more than a couple minutes to have it up and running, with few or no tools needed. We appreciated the rubber inserts in the feet which protect the car’s paintwork from scratches and dings. 

An anti-theft locking mechanism is nice to see and keeps your luggage safe on trips away from home. It is easy to bolt on other accessories like roof boxes, bike racks, and anything else you can think of. 

The design is very sleek, keeping weight down and freeing up space for cargo. We did not experience any buffeting or drag due to air resistance. This is especially important if you need to keep an eye on your fuel mileage, which is not negatively affected by the roof rack. Wind noise is non-existent so you won’t have to worry about any annoying sounds at speed. 

You also get clear instructions and all the mounting hardware required for installation. Now, let’s touch on the one drawback of this budget roof rack cross bar.

The load capacity is a bit lower than other options on the market. It is still plenty for most use cases and we never found ourselves wanting more, but it is something to consider when roof racks. 


  • All aluminium build
  • 132 lbs load capacity
  • Easy to install
  • More resistant to corrosion and rusting
  • Lightweight build
  • Compact design
  • More space for holding cargo
  • Bolt on installation; no drilling required
  • Sleek design cuts down air resistance
  • No wind noise
  • Most affordable option


  • Load capacity could have been higher

Hooke Road Hard Top Roof Rack

Premium Choice

Hooke Road make an awesome roof rack that combines a premium build, higher load capacity, and plenty of other useful features that make your life easier.

Hooke Road opted for an alloy steel construction that is sturdy and well built. It is still relatively lightweight, and not as noticeable on the car as other full sized racks. Don’t let the light weight fool you though; this thing is built tough.

A black powder coating is a nice addition and protects your roof rack from rusting. We found it especially useful on a recent beach trip (planned for roof rack testing purposes of course) where the salty sea air wreaked havoc on our Jeep.

But the roof rack itself stayed free of any rust or corrosion. In fact, the manufacturer claims over 5 years of protection from rusting with this special E-coating.

Carrying capacity is rated for around 150 lbs, making it the perfect roof rack for luggage, heavy equipment, snowboards, surfboards, and anything else you need to transport. In our experience, you can even load a little bit more onto the roof rack if you spread out the cargo evenly.

Installation was a bit trickier than other roof racks, but nothing you can’t figure out in under 30 minutes. Refer to the included instructions if you get stuck, or just find the accompanying video online. All mounting hardware is provided, so you won’t have to go around local hardware stores looking for anything.

This roof rack is a bit larger in size than others, adding more space for cargo. Despite its size though, it is designed with aerodynamics in mind. It is low profile and does not add too much to the overall height of your Jeep Wrangler.

We did not have to deal with any excess drag or wind resistance. Fuel mileage did not suffer a noticeable drop, and we had no issues with wind noise in the interior.

Finally, one of our favourite features that not many other manufacturers offer is integrated LEDs. These help illuminate the surroundings and make it easier to manage cargo at night. They also work as marker lights for the vehicle, adding safety and convenience.


  • Alloy steel construction
  • Sturdy fit 
  • Lightweight design
  • Black powder coating resists rust and corrosion
  • More than 150 lbs load capacity (with even distribution)
  • Easy installation
  • All mounting hardware provided
  • Larger area for more cargo space
  • Aerodynamic design eliminates drag
  • Fuel mileage is not affected
  • LED lights integrated into the rack
  • LEDs work as marker lights and illumination


  • Most expensive option