The 4 Best Jeep Hammocks

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A Jeep Hammock is an awesome idea, and there are many options out there right now.  We came across this ingenious little design, something so simple that it makes you go “why didn’t I think of that?”. Well,  someone did think of it and fortunately they brought it to market.

An accurate representation of how the writer of this article looks in a hammock above^


The jeep hammock attaches to open body jeeps by using your frame as support. It can be a last resort if you need somewhere to sleep for the night, or your first resort if you really really love hammocks. We actually do love hammocks, and stargazing. So weather permitting, this is one of the freakin coolest things we’ve seen lately. If you have a Jeep or you’re friends with a crazy Jeep enthusiast – we know a few, then this could be the perfect gift. So simple. 

There are now a number of companies making this same design, or similar in concept. But, prices vary widely as do materials. So what’s the best value for your future(temporary) resting place? We’ll help you out.

Here are the 4 best Jeep Hammocks

Jammock 2.0 with Roll-Bar Handles included: All Wranglers from 1987+

The second coming of the original Jammock, this model fits Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ & JK models from 1987 onwards. As long as you have roll bars that aren’t being used, just strap this on.See those metal clasps? This is the heavy duty version. Jammock 2.0 can hold up to 350 lbs and is installed in minutes. 

Quality stitching and components are a reason this is the best selling brand. It’s made with water-resistant fabric and maybe if you figure out a way to cover yourself, you could even survive some rain on your sleepy head. Leave this one at all times if you want to give yourself some shade. Made from Cordura Nylon.

The Hitch Hammock

We love this design, the Hitch hammock is a novel way to get a full nights sleep in your jeep. While an above the roll bar option is nice, it doesn’t allow the curvature of your spine to relax as a normal hammock would. This is the solution to that problem. It’s an expensive option for sure, but it meets the call if someone wants a very quick way to set up camp. We’re hoping the price will come down in the future. It is an American owned and operated company involving custom fabrication, so it makes sense that it is going to be pricey. 

It doesn’t function solely as a hammock, and you can store cargo on the grate. In the video demonstration, the inventor of the hammock uses it for grilling as well. It’s close to the tire and gas tank so not exactly recommended. BUT, use it as a hammock and it’s awesome and run by a veteran. Definitely one of the best jeep hammocks we’ve come across.

If you want a beer, the cargo tie downs can open your bottle. The set includes 2 arms for hanging the hammock a cooking grate,and a latch to secure the cooking grate. The hammock is included.

YOCTM Hammock: Jeep Wranglers 2007-2017

This cargo style hammock from YOCTM fits Wranglers from 2007-2017. It’s a waterproof design made to double as a cargo tie down. If you’re hauling something in the back of your jeep and worried about it getting lose, or if you just like the look then go ahead and leave it there. We think it looks pretty cool. It’s a cross pattern design, which for sleeping might not be the best. 

There are four styles to choose from. Black, blue,red and black(mesh). If you choose the mesh version as opposed to one piece of fabric, you’ll notice when you’re laying down on this that the straps apply more pressure on your body in contrast to the gaps between the fabric.

An easy fix with a blanket, or if your goal in life is to wake up looking like a checkerboard with squares all over your body… that’s cool too.  It can handle handle up to 220lbs so the rating is a bit less than the Jammock. This comes with a year warranty if you have any problems with it.  

CheroCar Hammock: Jeep Wranglers 2007-2017

The most affordable option in the back, the CheroCar hammock fits Jeep Wranglers from 2007-2017. Their hammocks come in three colors. Red, blue and black. Similar to the original Jammock but for a third of the price. They’re rated to hold up to 220 lbs and can double as a sun shade.

Although it’s not recommended because it gets all flippy flappy in the wind. Surprisingly this is held together with velcro and stands up just fine to anyone under the weight limit. If you are looking to save money this is a good option, but the idea of laying on velcro just doesn’t feel right to us and our paranoid selves!

Fit a Hammock in your Wrangler

Does the idea of sleeping exposed not work for you? Bugs are.. yeah they’re bugs so we get it. Or maybe it’s raining and there’s a bear that has been eyeing you up and down like you were a juicy burger from “insert personal bias of best burger place here”. Cold too. yes no one likes cold.

If you have any of the above problems, this video is an awesome way to figure out how to fit a hammock inside your Wrangler. A nice little camping mod, should out to iamjake and his youtube channel for figuring it out!


While rigging up a Jeep to your hammock might seem strange to some people, Jeep owners get it. It’s the clan of the Jeepers and hammocks should be able to be hooked up, they should be able to sleep on their roof by golly! 

Some of these options are definitely more comfortable than others, with the outdoor Jeep hammock option being highest on our list – but definitely not in the price category. If you want to have a hammock in your Jeep and you don’t have money falling out of your pockets – we recommend taking a shot and trying to rig it up inside. As ridiculous as that looks at first, if this guy can do it anyone can. 

But, if the weather is nice we see no problem sleeping on the hammocks that use the roll cage. It’s ingenious really and we’re sure other car owners are just so jealous. Whatever you choose, remember there is no turning back. Once you buy your specialized Jeep Hammock – you become one with your Jeep. It knows your sleeping patterns now 🙂


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