5 Best bike racks for beach cruisers

In this article, we review the best bike racks for beach cruisers.

After thoroughly testing the vast majority of beach cruiser bike racks out there, we have compiled our favourites below. We consider features like the build quality, load capacity, and how secure the bike mount system is.

Keeping all of that in mind, we think the Saris Freedom bike hitch delivers the best balance of features. It is well built, with plenty of load capacity, and a firm platform style bike mount.

We have been reviewing vehicle accessories for over a decade and know all there is to know about bike racks. So if you need help deciding on your next beach cruiser bike rack, you came to the right place.

Keep reading for more details about the best bike racks for beach cruisers.

Saris Freedom Bike Hitch

Overall Best

Saris’ platform style bike rack has a durable construction, a wobble-free hitch mounted design, and some of the most secure bike cradles we have seen for any beach cruiser bike rack.

The build quality of this track is unmatched. It uses high grade alloy steel for most of the design, which makes it more stable and rigid. We also liked how thick the powder coating is on this rack. This provides enhanced protection against rusting and corrosion. Not to mention, it looks phenomenal.

It fits both 1 ¼” and 2” hitches. We found both of these to be quite stable and firm. There is no slack between the rack and the receiver, so you don’t get any of that jiggling that some racks exhibit.

Load capacity is rated at just over 120 lbs or 2 large beach cruisers. That means you can carry the heaviest of heavy road bikes, and certainly any beach cruisers you need to transport. Saris’ rack is also a great option for electric bikes and mountain bikes.

Saris also makes a four bike version that can hold even more weight easily.

As for holding those bikes, the rack uses sturdy bike cradles. The wheel trays are made of durable material and hold both the front and rear wheels of your beach cruiser in place.

To do so, they utilise heavy duty ratcheting straps which will fit a number of different beach cruiser wheel sizes. The main mast also has thick rubber padded straps to hold the beach cruisers at the frame. The rubber padding on these straps prevent them from damaging or scratching your beach cruiser.

Out in the real world, we found this track to be perfectly stable and secure. Besides beach cruisers, we were able to fit most any bike that we tried. In fact, the rack supports up to a 48” wheelbase, so you can mount longer bikes as well. The secure hitch fitment does not let the rack wobble at speed.

It does have its drawbacks though. There is no folding mechanism to make the rack easier to transport. Furthermore, the rack can only tilt forward when it isn’t carrying any beach cruisers.


  • Alloy steel build
  • Powder coated for better corrosion resistance
  • Compatible with 1 ¼” and 2” hitch receivers
  • 120 lbs load capacity
  • Holds 2 bikes
  • 4 bike version also available
  • Highly stable at speed
  • Can hold up to a 48” wheelbase
  • Can hold e-bikes as well
  • Wheel cradles secure both front and rear wheels


  • Does not tilt when fully loaded
  • No folding mechanism

Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack

Premuim choice

Vibrelli’s e-bike rack works just as well for beach cruisers. It features an alloy steel construction and a great feature set that makes transporting your beach cruisers that much more convenient and safe.

The construction of this bike rack is one of the most impressive we’ve seen. Alloy steel is used for basically the entire build, and there are even some aluminium bits here and there. The powder coated finish adds tons of durability and makes this rack impervious to rust.

Besides that, we like how this platform style bike rack is a little bit smaller than its competitors, making it easier to mount and install.

Load capacity comes in at an impressive 130 lbs. This means you can carry the largest and heaviest beach cruisers out there. It is also tailor-made for e-bikes, and makes short work of carrying mountain bikes.

If you want security for your beach cruisers, this is the rack to get. It comes with three locking mechanisms that prevent your beach cruisers from being tampered with or stolen.

Not to mention, this bike rack has an unheard of 10 year manufacturer warranty which covers any defects.

Moving on to the actual bike amount, we have a platform style cradle for each of the two bikes that this rack can carry. Both the front and rear wheels are secured, and the main mast uses adjustable carrying arms to hold your beach cruisers at the frame. The thick rubber padding on these arms prevents scratching.

If your beach cruiser has fat tires, this rack can hold up to a 5” wide tire. The heavy duty ratcheting straps that secure the wheels allow for more steady and confident mounting of bikes.

And when you aren’t using the rack, it can be folded up into a smaller footprint so that your car is easier to park. It’s also great for storing the rack when it’s not in use.

Thankfully, this bike rack has a tilting mechanism that is smooth and sturdy. Even fully loaded up with beach cruisers, we were able to tilt it forward and access the cargo area.

The 2” hitch is perfectly stable thanks to the anti-wobble stabiliser component. It does not so much as squeak at highway speed, even with 2 heavy beach cruisers loaded up.

Installing the rack is as simple as 1,2,3! You won’t require any extra Thules or hardware, all of which is provided in the box.



  • Alloy steel construction
  • Lightweight design
  • No shaking at speed
  • Secure bike cradles
  • Triple locking feature prevents tampering
  • Ratcheting wheel straps keep bike in place
  • Padded carrying arms
  • Holds 130 lbs
  • Can carry 2 bikes


  • Safety reflectors would have been a nice addition

Capstone Hitch Mount 2 Bike Carrier

Worth a look

Capstone’s 2-bike platform rack is another great option for carrying beach cruisers. It features ample load capacity for 2 large beach cruisers and a sturdy construction to keep both of them secure.

The construction of this budget friendly platform style bike rack makes generous use of high quality alloy steel. We stress tested this rack, and discovered that it is a masochist that keeps coming back for more! It does not flex or bend at all, even when we load it beyond the quoted max capacity.

Speaking of, load capacity is rated for just over 70 lbs. That may not be the highest on this list, but it’s certainly enough for two regular sized beach cruisers. In practice, we found that we could load up significantly more weight to great results. We think this budget rack is just about in line with other more expensive options in terms of load capacity.

It comes with a unique high gloss powder coat finish that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It prevents your bike rack from corroding or rusting, while also giving it a more appealing look.

As for holding your bikes, this platform style rack has two wheel trays per beach cruiser. These accommodate many different sizes of wheels, although we weren’t able to fit fat tire bikes much past 4” in width. The high quality straps hold both wheels for a steadier fit.

The main mast has adjustable carrying arms that hold your beach cruiser at the frame. These are padded in soft rubber to avoid scratching the paintwork of your beach cruiser.

It only fits a 2” hitch, but it is a firm connection that does not wobble on shake at highway speed. The key locking mechanism is to thank for this and it even has an anti-wobble component that further adds to the stability and firmness.

It is also outfitted with a receiver tightening mechanism that you can use to really dial in the torque on the hitch, but you do need a wrench to operate it. A hand operated knob or something similar would have been nice.

On the road, it is perfectly stable and does not let your two wheelers or beach cruisers jump around or interact with each other. The rug is lockable using keys.

On the road it is perfectly stable and does not let your two wheelers or beach cruisers jump around in transit.


  • Alloy steel design
  • High gloss powder coat finish
  • Holds 2 bikes
  • Can carry more weight than the 70 lbs rating
  • Wheel trays are wide enough for upto a 4” tire
  • Carrying arms hold beach cruiser at the frame
  • Padded carrying arms
  • 2” hitch with key locks


  • A knob for tightening the hitch would have been more convenient

Thule T1 Hitch Bike Rack

Thule’s T1 hitch bike rack is a premium bike rack with an all metal design, reasonably high carrying capacity, and by far one of the most firm bike securing systems on this list.

Speaking of the all metal build, this one has an exceptionally rigid frame that is less prone to bending or straining under heavy load.

It is also a more lightweight option than other platform style racks we’ve tested, making it easier to mount and install. In fact, the installation process for this rack is one of the quickest we’ve seen. We didn’t need any extra tools and the accompanying online video is really intuitive.

We were surprised to find that the sleek bike rack can hold up to 60 lbs of weight. That is more than enough for even the heaviest beach cruisers, and will even carry some mountain bikes and e-bikes.

Still, a slightly higher load capacity and space for more than one bike would have put this beach cruiser bike rack over the top.

Moving onto this beach cruiser bike rack’s best feature, we have the secure bike mounting system. It holds both wheels in individual wheel trays. The wheels are then fastened to the trays with heavy duty straps. We tested a variety of wheel sizes and all of them fit in these adjustable straps. As for width, we were able to beach cruisers with wheels up to 5 inches wide.

As for securing your bike further, this rack uses a padded wheel hook to hold the front wheel. This is the most firm and secure by carrying method. Period.

We tried out a number of different bike beach cruisers with this rack, and all of them fit perfectly. Then we took our car onto some bumpy, pothole-ridden roads, and we are happy to report that this rack kept our beach cruisers nice and stable.

That is thanks to the wobble free hitch fitment, which comes in both 1 ¼” and 2” receiver configurations.

So will also include antitheft locks with this bike rack. These lock your beach cruiser to your to the rack or the vehicle, so that thieves won’t get any ideas. The rack can be folded down into a more compact size for when you aren’t using it, and the only missing feature isThule . We did miss the convenience of a tilting mechanism for the rack though.


  • All metal build
  • Doesn’t bend under load
  • Compact for a platform rack
  • 60 lbs carrying capacity
  • Compatible with e-bikes and mountain bikes
  • Fat tire compatible
  • Individual wheel trays for front and rear
  • Ratcheting straps hold rear wheel
  • Wheel hook holds front wheel securely


  • Can only hold one beach cruiser

Bike Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

If you need to carry heavier beach cruisers, Hyperax’s Volt e-bike rack offers one of the highest load capacities we’ve ever seen. Not to mention, it still has a stellar bike mount system to keep your beach cruisers safe.

The construction of this beach cruiser bike rack uses a higher grade of alloy steel than most. We were able to load it beyond its maximum capacity, and the bike rack did not budge or even creak. The black powder coating is a nice touch that keeps rust and corrosion at bay.

This bike rack was made with e-bikes in mind but works just as well with heavy mountain bikes and beach cruisers. As for load capacity, you can mount two beach cruisers up to 70 lbs each.

If your beach cruiser has wider tires, this bike rack can accommodate them without a problem with its 5” wheel trays. Furthermore, it can hold up to a 58” wheelbase, for the longest beach cruisers you can find.

Speaking of the wheel trays, they use heavy duty Velcro straps to hold both the front and rear wheels of your beach cruisers. Then the frame of your beach cruiser is held by carrying arms on the main mast. These arms are padded to avoid scratching or denting the beach cruiser.

Stability on the highway is quite impressive. The hitch mounted design is particularly steady so that your beach cruisers don’t rattle or jump around in transit.

Besides the 2” hitch, you also get a ½” anti-wobble pin and key locking feature so that there is no chance of the beach cruisers and rack rattling or wobbling. A 2” hitch, a ½” anti-wobble pin and key locks; this is the type of overkill that we absolutely love!

On the topic of locks, this rack has dual key locks that prevent your beach cruisers from being tampered with or stolen.

Finally, you get a cool tilting feature that lets the whole rack tilt forward and allows you to access your cargo area. There is also an integrated carrying handle on the rack that makes it simpler to transport and store.


  • Alloy steel construction
  • Powder coated surface
  • Resists damage due to rust
  • Does not flex even when loaded beyond max capacity
  • 140 lbs carrying capacity
  • Holds 2 beach cruisers
  • Can hold e-bikes and mountain bikes
  • Wheel trays secure both front and rear wheels
  • Velcro straps fasten wheels to the rach


  • Professional installation recommended

Wait, what’s a beach cruiser?

You’ve probably seen a hundred beach cruisers without even realising it! These are those large, stylish bikes that you see folks riding around town. They usually have curved handlebars and classy white wall tires.

Beach cruisers are one of our favourite bikes to ride. These cool two wheelers offer tons of style and a comfortable, upright riding position for when you just want to cruise along the pier or around town.

These bikes are also insanely customizable. They’re kind of like the cafe racers of the bicycle world. You can add a lot of accessories and really make each bike your own. Headlights, custom seats, baskets, and rear carriers are just a few of the cool add-ons we put on our personal beach cruisers here at Beast Auto.

Beach cruisers! Of course! I have one but never get to take it out. They’re impossible to take with me on road trips.

Now, say you’re planning a weekend away and want to take your beach cruiser with you. How do you do that? It’s too big to carry in any car or SUV. And carrying it in the back of your pickup truck is a no-go, since it could shift around at speed and cause all sorts of damage.

Times like this call for a high quality bike rack for your beach cruiser!

Hmm, interesting. But which beach cruiser bike rack should I get?

Well, beach cruiser bike racks, like any bike rack, come in all shapes and sizes. There are trunk mounted racks, roof racks, truck bed racks and of course good ol’ fashioned hitch racks.

We recommend getting a hitch mounted bike rack for beach cruisers. These offer by far the best balance of features and performance. They are the most secure and sturdy option, plus they offer a ton (no literally!) of load capacity.

These hitch mounted bike racks come in two styles: platform and hanging.

You can check out our list above where we have tested and reviewed the best bike racks for beach cruisers.

Without getting into too much detail, here’s a quick breakdown of the 2 different styles of hitch mounted bike racks and what makes each stand out.

Platform style bike racks for beach cruisers. These are larger bike racks that hold your beach cruisers at the wheels using sturdy trays and straps. Most also hold the bike at the frame using adjustable clamps or carrying arms for a rock solid fit.

They can usually hold heavier bikes such as electric bikes and mountain bikes. However, most of the time, you can only mount 1 or 2 bikes. For a 3-4 bike platform bike rack, you end up paying a lot more.

In terms of bike mount, these platform style racks are definitely the most secure. They do tend to be a bit chunky though, which is something to consider.

Hanging style bike racks for beach cruisers.

This is a more compact alternative to the platform racks. The sleek design of these racks allows for more space to carry large bikes. Carrying capacity can range anywhere from 1 to 5 bikes and the racks are still reasonably priced for higher capacity offerings.

The tradeoff is actual load capacity. Hanging style bike racks aren’t that far behind platform style racks in terms of max load capacity. However, if you want to carry a heavy beach cruiser, e-bike, or mountain bike, you will only be able to carry one or two at a time depending on the load rating.

As for securing your beach cruisers, hanging style bike racks use ratcheting straps at the frame. This is a pretty firm mount, but not as stable as platform racks. The real benefit of these racks is their compact design.

Alright, alright! But which one should I get for my bike? And how do I put my beach cruiser on a bike rack?!

As far as which one you get, that depends on your particular use case and requirements. If you only need to carry one or two large bikes such as beach cruisers, the stability of platform style bike racks can’t be beat.

But if you want to be able to carry upto 5 bikes at the same time, while still having a pretty secure bike mount, hanging style bike racks offer a more compact, often more affordable option.

Whichever one you get, putting your beach cruisers on a bike rack is easy!

Note: We highly recommend following the included instructions for each particular beach cruiser bike rack. We can only offer a general guide that may not apply to all models.

Let’s start with the actual setup process, which is similar for both types of racks. Most of the racks on our list come fully assembled or with minor assembly required.

All you have to do is connect them to your car’s hitch receiver. This is easy enough. Just line up the receiver and the hitch so that they fit snugly. After that, you just tighten the hitch for a secure fit.

A lot of the beach cruiser bike racks on our list have additional hitch pins, knobs, or stabilisers for added rigidity. These make installing the hitch a lot easier.

Alright, folks! Moment of truth. Here’s how you mount your beach cruiser onto the rack.

For platform style racks, position both wheels on the trays and fasten using the included straps. Next, adjust the carrying arms so that they hold your beach cruiser’s frame. Make sure the bike is firmly mounted and the straps are tight!

If you have a hanging style rack, the process is pretty similar. Just position the beach cruiser frame on the carrying arms, such that it is sitting on the bike cradles. Next, tie the bike down using the included ratcheting straps. It is important to make sure that the bikes are securely tied down and that the straps are not loose.

With hanging style bike racks, you may get an extra security strap that you can use to secure the beach cruiser’s front wheel and handlebars.

And with that, your beach cruiser is mounted on your car and you’re ready to go!