The Top 6 Reasons you Own a 2004 Suzuki Verona

It’s the year 2020, you’re getting older now. Things should be getting better right?

Yet as you roll up to the stop light waiting for your part-time job that is doing the tango with minimum wage your radiator cracks.

A nine hundred dollar repair? No problem! What else could happen after all, I’M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

The beginning of a love affair with your Suzuki Verona. Let’s look at another 6 lovely reasons you own one. 

1.  You Had Big Plans

Ah you there, self. Yes you, writing this. Wait, is this breaking the third wall? Who knows. 

But you had BIG PLANS. You were fed up with your old job, your old life, the 9 to 5. 

Clock in, clock out, drink beer, consume fast food ad nauseum. The routine of life had started to tighten it’s grip around you. You felt like a bird in a cage who didn’t give a damn where you went.

With blinders on, you took a trip halfway around the world with no definitive plan to make an income. You just needed out. And it didn’t really matter what happened after that decision was made..

But everything has consequences. And money is one of them. Even though you enjoyed this short flight and had some hard times, smacking down against the ground was somewhat therapeutic. You were a Kiwi that needed to fly.

How is it that getting knocked out can wake you up? Who knows.

2. It was 2000 dollars on Craigslist

There is a statistical relationship between how bad something looks when you need it, and how much you can delude yourself.

When you had your bank account wrecked due to your big plans, it was time to take a deep breath and start scrounging. So anything looked like a diamond in the rough. And that’s when you found your own belle of the ball. Ms. Verona!

3. You’ve embraced the suck

Carrying over from our last point. There is a brief moment when the realization hits you that in no way is buying a car for 2k a good idea. 

You can do your due diligence, try your best to think you’ve found a steal, or in some cases you actually have. 

But with Ms. Verona… this was not the case. 

And with that you learn to embrace the suck. A sunroof that won’t close, lovely quirks and surprises that greet you constantly. The alarm system that is improperly installed. Burglars pass over your car out of pity! Lovely folks those ones.

4. “I thought it would be fun to experience mechanics constantly ripping me off”

As it turns out, Suzuki is a brand that no longer makes parts for their cars. And mechanics know this.

And even if there is an aftermarket part for 50 dollars, they will constantly tell you that that part isn’t being made as a reason to STAB YOUR WALLET. 

Yes it’s true, mechanics(and im sure most are good) can be predatory. They see you there, depleted. Like a cowboy walking through the desert with thirst making his mouth dryer than anything. 

His car is his savior, his caddy to water. And in between the business man’s lights flicker. “How bad can I get this guy?” Well, pretty bad sir! Pretty bad! 

5. You needed a wife filter

Imagine that when you had that fancy car before, and were going on dates regularly that things were only so-so.

You’d find the girl, think she was the girl, and she turned out to be that girl

Over the years you become more jaded until the glassy look of indifference and skepticism takes root in your brain. But then, walking through the desert and on your last legs you decide to hop back into your barely functioning Verona.

In the distance you see something, it’s a princess. This must be a mirage you say to yourself. There’s no way that girl could be out here, and then she flags you down. And then she happily gets in.

She doesn’t care that you’re driving this car. You could be walking without shoes, and somehow you managed to strike gold. When before all the money in the world couldn’t buy you that character.

As you recline in your hot, torn leather seats you think to yourself.. life’s a trip isn’t it? 

6. You’re struggling, but you’re going to make it

Things start to not matter as much to you as goals, good people, and if what you’re doing is worthwhile. 

You’re driving this car that you’ve started to gain a fond affection for. Even when it doesn’t work. 

A little crazy eh? But as you shared all these lows and highs being taken in this vessel that works sometimes, it hits you that everything you used to care so much about might’ve just not mattered that much.

And if you’re out there struggling, pick yourself up and keep going. I believe in you.


And that’s the story of the best six things about my 2004 Suzuki Verona. 


I'm the owner of Beast Auto. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I love anything automotive related, and taking road trips all across my beautiful state.

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