About Us

Jim is a automotive specialist and current author at Beast Auto. he has been in the automotive industry for over 10 years and has come to know some of the legends of the industry. Having studied automotives Jim has a depth of  knowledge in the field. He is interested is Aerodynamics,  electric vehicles and capabilities of autonomous driving. if you have any questions or would like some advice he is best reached at. He’s also a huge motorcycle enthusiast and loves tinkering with various motorbike parts on his Ninja 300. 


About Our Review process

We strive to provide the reliable quality information, this is done by our trusted writers who have experience in the industry and verify the accuracy of the content. If you have an issue or need some clarification please ask one of our experts. All reviews are done by gathering information and assessing products and ensuring they meet our rigour standards. If you would like a product assessed and reviewed feel free to send us a message. All our content is independently written, if we find a product that does not meet its expected capabilities we will be sure to let you know. Our editing standards mean that only the highest quality content gets published. The team at Beast Auto do not compromise on quality, ensuring the information you are reading is correct. 

Why we are the best in the industry

At Beast Auto we pride ourselves  on following strict editorial guidelines. We like to choose a niche, and dig down. Finding out all the valuable information and summarising what we’ve learnt to save you time on what to buy. Additionally our content is  100% unique, Any content that we use as a source of information is referenced and linked to in order to be completely transparent. Whilst our reviews are a matter of opinion, that are based on facts as Jim and his team examine products, and find the best in the market to suit a particular needs.