Are Car Seat Covers Universal?

One of life’s great mysteries! Have you been sitting around all day whilst scratching your head? Does the thought of car seat covers engulf your everything?

Fear not, we totally get it. Car seat covers are NOT mostly universal. That’s right, just like your body has different shapes and sizes, so do your car seats. 

But with a knife and glue, you can fashion one that will fit. We promise. Maybe a staple gun as well. And while most car seat covers aren’t universal, there are plenty that are!

The Helpful Search Term

That’s right, we have something that is going to peel the skin off your eyelids. A revelation never before known to mankind. A search term. 

When you head over to google just type in “car seat cover universal” into that box. And you’ll get what you’re after!

What do we recommend?

For universal car seat covers, we think going for a mid-tier brand is best. Something above ten bucks, but not over 40. That’s because things happen. Spills, frills, twills, and chills. 

But here’s another awesome invention that has been put into the ether. Waterproofiness. That’s right! You can grab a WATERPROOF car seat cover and spill all the coffee you want on it. We believe in you, fellow human. Get what you’re after. 

Conclusion Section

Has a greater response ever touched paper(digital paper)? Well, we think the answer is clearly no. You’ve basically hit the lottery and we aren’t even charging. Now onward! Find your perfect car seat!


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