ATVs or UTVs – Which is better?

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It can be a tough choice deciding what will fit your riding style between ATVs and UTVs. We have some pros and cons for you to help you make an informed decision.

Pros for ATVs:

  • They cost less. A typical ATV is going to run you in the general direction of a 1/3rd less than a UTV.
  • Better traction and suspension on average if it’s a 4×4.
  • They’re faster. Less overall weight and components makes for a better ratio. 
  • Can get into tighter spots. If you’re going trail riding with lots of trees and obstructions you’re going to need to factor in the width of your UTV to see if it can even get where you want it to go. 
  • It’s easier to haul. For a UTV you’re going to need a toy hauler or some way to get it where you need to go. ATVs can fit in your truck. Just get an ATV ramp and you’re set. 
Pros for UTVs:
  •  Safer. A roof and a roll bar over your head is going to offer much more protection than an ATV would. 
  • A smoother ride overall. You’re going to be more comfortable. They aren’t going to get all the places an ATV would but if you just want to take a friend or loved one along on a trail ride, they’re the best option. 
  • Bring your girlfriend or buddy along. With UTVs, the best part is having some company right beside you. Offroading is an enjoyable experience of course, and it’s something lovely to be able to share that with someone. 
  •  Upgrades! ATVs have lots of upgrades as well, but adding comfortable seats and backrests along with some speakers is pretty easy to do in a UTV. You’ll have an easier time mounting lights and other peripherals as well. 


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