Ceramic Vs Semi-Metallic Brake Pads – What’s Better?

If you’re looking to replace your vehicle’s rotors and brakes, you’ll come across ceramic pads and semi-metallic pads. To know which one is better is completely dependent on your vehicle’s weight, how you drive your vehicle, and the environment you live in.  Semi-metallic brake pads are able to dissipate heat more efficiently. That means they […]

61 Car Dashboard Warning Lights – Their Meanings Explained

I know the feeling of having my heart palpitate when a new symbol pops up on the dash. When I had my old beater of a car(1997 Oldsmobile 88 – rest in peace), unpredictable breakdowns were the norm. I got used to that, battle-scarred. Maintain the vehicle and wait for the disaster. Nowadays, the technological […]

Can I Rent a Car Without Insurance in the USA?

The short sweet answer is that YES you can rent without insurance. It’s their car not yours after all. They already are insured, at the minimum. Liability insurance.  Car rental companies are required to carry insurance on their vehicles. The confusion arises because there is no requirement for you to purchase insurance. What car rental […]