The 8 Best Accessories for Honda CRVs

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SUV’s are great vehicles for traveling under wide-open skies with children and dogs.

But to not only survive but also thrive under these conditions, you could use some help.

And what better way to boost your CRV’s morale than with some cool and useful additions?

We’ve thought out some swell accessories for you. 

Check out our list for the top 8 accessories for the Honda CRV:

1. FineGood 2 Pack Glasses Holders for Car Sun Visor, Sunglasses Eyeglasses Mount with Ticket Card Clip - Black 

Shades are for more than looking cool. No, seriously.

FineGood understands this. That’s why they invented this sun visor glasses holder for up to two pairs of sunglasses. 

No longer will you have to cram them in your console or leave their lifespans to the fate of the car floor.

It easily attaches and doesn’t get in the way of your view while driving. It also allows for rotation – 180-degrees for when you’re feeling bored in traffic. It fits any kind of glasses, including thick stunners. 

Your sun visor will feel a bit cooler, and overall your CRV will appreciate it!

2. FORTEM Digital Tire Inflator for Car w/Auto Pump/Shut Off Feature, Portable Air Compressor, Carrying Case (Blue) 

What happens when you and the CRV are far from home and you get that sinking feeling? 

With Fortem’s digital tire inflator, your tires can survive any long-distance or the daily commute.

It’s simple: just plug into your 12V jack, attach the hose to the tire, pick your PSI, and flip a switch.

It does all the work – so you don’t have to constantly guess or approximate tire pressure. It even comes with a built-in flashlight for when trouble strikes after dark. 

It’s durable and lightweight, and overall we think this is an easy and safe way to stay on the road.

3. Car Seat Pockets PU Leather Car Console Side Organizer Seat Gap Filler Catch Caddy with Non-Slip Mat 9.2x6.5x2.1 inch Black(2 Pack) Powertiger 

Dropping your phone when on the road is not only a drag, but it can also be dangerous. 

Instead of worrying about where your device landed, invest in Powertiger’s car seat pockets.

It fills the gaps between your car seat and the center console so you can focus on driving when drops happen. These gap fillers have extra storage compartments for various small objects you may need nearby, eliminating awkward reaching or digging. 

Of course, they can also be placed on the seat for a phone stand or a more accessible container.

Either way, they’re simple to install and beneficial for your CRV’s organization and safety. 

4. Car Cache - Handbag Holder: Car Purse Storage & Pocket (for Smaller Items)

Purses are double-edged swords – they’re great for small items, but they can get in the way, especially on the road.

This handbag holder by Car Cache is great for keeping your or your partner’s handbag secured.

Instead of on the ground, it can be placed in between the driver and passenger seat, behind the center console. And it doesn’t require any tools.

It also doubles as a pet barrier for pooches on the smaller side. This way, you won’t have to worry about constantly placing them in the backseat.

If you’re looking for a way to make your CRV more purse or pet friendly, we strongly recommend this!

5. AUKEY Car Phone Mount 360 Degree Rotation Dashboard Magnetic Cell Phone Holder for Car Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max / 11 / XS Max/XS / 8/7, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Google Pixel 3 XL

If you need an awesome phone or GPS mount for your CRV, AUKEY has a solution to your problem.

This mount sits tightly on your dashboard, with a sticky base for added support. Then there are these thin magnetic plates – they include one for small phones, one for large – cool to the touch.

Place one on the back of your phone – either between the phone and case or onto the phone’s back. 

The phone magnetizes to the mount and voila! You can rotate the base 360 degrees and adjust the arm and ball joint for the perfect viewing angle. 

AUKEY came through for those of us with an affinity for magnets. 

6. 70mai Mini Dash Cam, 2K Smart Car Camera 1600p, WiFi Dash Camera for Cars

Want to feel more prepared for accidents? Ever wish you had proof you were in the right?

The 70mai dash cam offers 1600P HD resolution and 140 degrees worth of wide-angle to help you capture accidents.

View your dashcam live streams or recordings on your smartphone or tablet, just like security cameras. This dashcam knows the difference between emergencies and mundane driving and will lock away important evidence for later viewing.

Yes, this means the important footage won’t be deleted or overwritten when you’ve run out of space. Just install it in the CRV and let it do its magic – we think you’ll be happy you did.

7. Shynerk SH-M-02 Baby Car Mirror 

If you’re traveling with a baby on board, there can be a lot of stressors. 

But Shynerk’s baby car mirror will take some baby-stress off your shoulders.

The mirror easily attaches to the backseat headrest, rotating and pivoting so you can always have a clear view.

Its extra-large wide angles also add to this capability for an even fuller sight. And you don’t have to worry about the mirror busting, either – it’s made from a special safety glass that is proven to withstand any emergencies. 

We think this is a great product for drivers with newborns.

8. Seatbelt Adjuster, Andul Comfort Universal Auto Shoulder Neck Protector Locking Clip Covers, Vehicle Car Seat Belt Safety Positioner-2 Pack Black 

Do you or your kid ever think the seatbelt feels too tight?

This seatbelt adjuster by Andul is an affordable accessory that makes driving more comfortablke for children and drivers who feel easily restricted. 

Clip it on the shoulder belt for some much-needed slack! They’re portable and can withstand regular usage, all while eliminating discomfort.

We think this product will help encourage seatbelt-wearing, we’ve heard that’s a good idea or something like that. 

Conclusion Section

We hope this guide has helped you find some accessories you might want to use! There are a plethora of items you can choose from, and if you found something not in this list that you love.. let us know. 

We appreciate you stopping by. 


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