The 8 Best Accessories for Nissan Rogues

The Nissan Rogue is a popular SUV for good reason. It’s great for families.

But if you want some added sweetness to your Rogue, you may consider some thoughtful accessorizing.

We’ve been where you are – and so we’ve assembled the 8 top accessories for the Nissan Rogue:

1. OxGord Yoga Sweat Towel Auto Seat Cover for Athletes Fitness, Gym, Running, Extreme Crossfit, Workout, Triathlon, Beach, Swimming, Outdoor, Water Sports - Machine Washable - Gray 

If you make regular treks to the workout facility, you’re aware of the sweat you bring home. 

OxGord’s Yoga Sweat Towel seat cover is built for such sweaty and sticky situations.

Primarily concerned with comfort and expanding the lifespan of your seats, the cover’s fabric is built for moisture.

It’s super durable, odor and bacteria-resistant, and machine washable. Clip it onto your headrest for a subtle look and functionality that doesn’t interfere with side airbags or seat belts.
If you work out a ton and drive immediately afterward, we think you need this. Keep your seats looking new so you can focus on you.

2. Stalwart - Electric Car Blanket- Heated 12 Volt Fleece Travel Throw for Car and RV-Great for Cold Weather, Tailgating, and Emergency Kits by Stalwart-BLACK/WHITE 

If you’re “cold-blooded,” this electric car blanket by Stalwart is a great fit. 

A soft 12-volt blanket, it plugs into your 12V jack for quick, easy warmth and comfort.

The cord is long – 96-inches – so you can share it with your backseat passengers. It folds easily and is incredibly lightweight, with only a thin wire responsible for all that comfy heat. Just make sure to not machine wash it.
We think this is a neat electric blanket for the road and will be super useful when winter comes.

3. YR 2.75 Inches Car Coasters for Drinks Absorbent, Cute Car Coasters for Women, Removable Cup Holder Coaster for Your Car, Auto Accessories for Women & Girls, Set of 2 -Sunflower 

Worried about creating moisture rings?

These sweet, floral car coasters are stylish and effective at keeping your cup holders clean.

Don’t be fooled – they’re not gender-specific – flowers are cool no matter what.

The material absorbs moisture and the coaster’s side has a finger slot for easy removal. These coasters are a great way to add simple aesthetic pleasure to the Rogue.

4. Vailge Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat, 100% Waterproof

When it comes to dog seat covers, Valige offers one of the best products in the business.

It covers the entire backseat for ultimate protection so your Rogue will drive away unscathed.

 The cover’s waterproof layers keep your seats from getting stained or wet. 

The side flaps help your dog get in and out easily and safely. Neither your cover nor your dog will slip – the cover is securable and comes with nonslip seating. Plus, there are openings for a seat belt so your dog can keep safe. 

We recommend this dog seat cover for Rogue drivers in search of hound help on the road.

5. AK [4 Pack] LED Road Flares Safety Flashing Warning Light Roadside Emergency Disc Beacon Kit

When emergency flares up, you may need some reliable road flares on hand in the Rogue.

AK’s 4-pack road flares come in a compact storage bag for easy storage. Each flare is activated by a single click and offers 9 different modes for different emergency contexts.

From traffic control to warning light to rescue beacon, these flares spell out the roadside emergency. They are made from strong, waterproof material, surviving 30 tons of force, and any amount of rainwater. 

You can either hang the flare by hits hook or attach them by their magnetic base, offering a variety of ways to get the attention of emergency help. 

We think AK’s road flares are the best of its kind and will help you out of some tricky situations.

6. Tidify Car Front Seat Organizer with Dedicated Tablet/Laptop Storage, Stabilizing Side Straps, Soft Adjustable Shoulder Strap, and Hardened Buckles - Your Office Away from Office 

This organizer by Tidify will professionally transform your Rogue. 

It holds any sized laptop securely, stores large work binders, and offers quick access for frequently used items.

It has tons of pockets and pouches for anything you could need to stay focused and productive.

The straps allow for hanging on the front or back seat in a secured and tight fashion. You can also take it on the go – straps adjust for your shoulders and come with padded sleeving for comfort. 

It’s made from dense, high-quality polyester and the straps are stitched to survive tough loads. We recommend this product for the ultimate workaholic.

7. MZTDYTL Car Backseat Organizer with Touch Screen Tablet Holder + 9 Storage Pockets Kick Mats Car Seat Back Protectors Great Travel Accessories for Kids and Toddlers (2 Pack) 

If you’re traveling with kids, you need more than luck.

This backseat organizer by MZTDYTL is affordable and highly rated!

It’s large enough to cover your seat’s backing so you won’t have to worry about shoe prints. There are plenty of pockets for your child’s favorite stuff, like snacks and books. The straps are adjustable and easy to install with quick-release buckles.  

We recommend this for families in search of solutions for childhood roadside restlessness.

8. Cuncui 4pcs Car Hooks, Car Headrest Hooks, Car Backrest Hidden Multi-Function Car Seat Hook, used for Hanging Handbags, Wallets, Clothes, and other, (Black) 

If you need some extra storage upfront, these car hooks by Cuncui will lend a much-needed hand. 

They hold frequently used items or groceries, so you don’t have to worry about fumbling objects.

The hooks are hidden and adjustable and can hold up to 44 pounds, with no tools required. We think this is great for anyone who wants some more space out of their Rogue’s backseat.

You won’t have to worry about anything except for the road!

Conclusion Section

If you drive a Nissan Rogue and you’re on the lookout for some great accessories, we hope you saw at least a few that you liked. There are many things to choose from out there, and if you use something daily let us know what it is!

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