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The 8 Best Accessories for your Toyota Sequoia

The Toyota Sequoia stands out as a full-size SUV.

Versatile and always up for the job, towing, transporting, or tailgating!

Impressive, yet functional accessories will ensure you reach your goal to ride in comfort and stand out from the crowd.

Let’s take a look at the 8 best accessories for Toyota Sequoia:

1. Tortoise Floor Mat Liners

Jumping into your Toyota Sequoia, you know you have stepped into a large SUV.

You can make that step even more impressive with thick easy-to-clean rubber floormats, We recommend Tortoise Liners from Motor Trend, well known for quality.

The full set protects with no-slick grooves and high edges. What you will get is great value with heavy-duty rubber that won’t give off an odor.

2.Trunk Cargo Liner - Oxford Car SUV Seat Cover

Speaking of size, you surely value the Sequoia’s 66.6 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second-row seats. 

This space can become travel quarters for your family dog with the Pet-Friendly Waterproof Cargo Liner.

Comfy with floor and side cushions that stretch out 61L” x 41W” x 13H”. Simply attach the cover with two adjustable straps that loop around the headrests. 

You can quickly secure the entire cover with four Velcro stickers to the rear shelf to hold the unit in place. What could be easier?

3. Cargo Net for Toyota Sequoia

If all seats are occupied by people or furry friends, there is still and a substantial 18.9 cubic feet behind the third-row seats. 

Our favorite organizer is clearly the Envelope Style Trunk Cargo Net for the Sequoia

When you’re not using it, it folds up to get out of your way. Keep your gear safe and prevent it from sliding around with this upgrade. Plus, it’s extremely affordable. 

4. Rain Deflectors for Sequoia

If you like crusing with the windows down and live in a rainy spot of the States, a great upgrade is a Window Rain deflector.

Enjoy those beautiful days while staying dry.

If you like keeping your windows cracked while you’re parked or if you’re like us and often forget to close them, this can be a lifesaver. 

For models from 2008-2018 there is this choice. And if you have a Sequoia from 2001-2007 you can look here

5. AMP Research 75137-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards for 2007-2018 Toyota Tundra Double Cab & CrewMax, 2008-2017 Sequoia

Have you ever decided you want to be luxurious and made a wild purchase?

Well, you can scoff at the neighbors for having to get into their vehicles without assistance as you get into your Sequoia.

Electric running boards take you from having to make that “umph” sound as you crash into your seat and turn it into an “ahh” as in “ahhh-i’m so much better than Carol.” These aren’t cheap but they are pretty neat!

6. K Source Fit System 81300 Snap-on Black Towing Mirror for Toyota Sequoia

If you want something extremely practical that improves your safety. Towing mirrors are really a top notch choice.

These actually snap on, no tools or headaches and just like that your field of view is improved greatly. 

For anyone used to driving a larger vehicle, you’ll know that this is an absolute must. So next time you’re thinking of attaching the trailer,boat, or something else to your Sequoia grab a pair of these first

7. Gorla Seat Covers

Do you want a hardy-reliable set of seat covers? Consider Gorla. Specific to those of you who have a penchant of getting muddy, Gorla is waterproof to help you get through life. 

They install in a minute or less usually. And they include something that none of their competitors offer, a lifetime warranty. Per unit price, they’re a bit higher than others in their range. 

These aren’t luxury covers, but they will do exactly as they say. And that’s why we love them. 

8. RAMPOW 24W Dual USB Car Charger

Something we can never seem to go without is our cell phones! And if you’re like us, you get a bit of anxiety when your battery starts to run low.

Avoid the hassle and keep yourself in good battery standing with this dual usb charger.

It’s cheap and gets the job done with a decent build quality. Whether you’re iPhone or Android, this can work for both.

Conclusion Section

We hope you enjoyed our guide for Toyota Sequoias and thank you for stopping by. Accessorizing anything can always be a great time, especially when it’s functional and serves you well in the long run.

If you ended up grabbing anything we wrote about, make sure to come back and tell us how it worked out. Safe travels!