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The 8 Best Accessories for the Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s sporty and smart all in one. 

Whether you plan on taking your new Outback into country trails or just driving down the highway, several accessories can make your experience exceptional.

Let’s take a look at the 8 best accessories for your Subaru Outback:

1. Cargo Net or Separator

A Cargo net has an practical purpose.

It prevents your supplies from sliding around while the vehicle is moving. You anchor it to the sides of your cargo area, and you are done! 

Consider traveling with loose children’s toys, expensive camera equipment, or a salt melt container with a loose top. 

You can easily imagine how this inexpensive addition to your Subaru Outback will keep your car cleaner and well-organized. There are cargo separators you can get too. These just create a barrier between passengers and travel supplies.

2. Exterior Protection

We all have a soft spot in our hearts for our cars, especially when they are new. 

So finding dings and chips is understandably upsetting. Several Subaru Outback Accessories can help you maintain your vehicle, so it always looks brand new (or close). 

These door edge guards and others like them, protect your door from the scratching that often occurs in tight spaces. They are custom fitting, and you can even get them in a matching color! In other words, the edge guards won’t stand out or look odd.

Body side molding can also help protect your doors from unsightly nicks. You can get these color matched as well. Or, consider buying a rear bumper protection mat. When loading something heavy or with rough edges into your cargo area, it’s easy to scratch or scuff your bumper. A cover solves that problem simply and easily.

How about a car cover for your Subaru Outback? Yes, they’re often used for when people put their cars into storage. 

However, if you don’t have a garage, a full car cover is a blessing. They’re created to endure the elements while your car stays cozy beneath. We have an article on our top picks for Outback Car Covers here that you can check out if you’d like. 

3. Emergency Kits

As the saying goes, “safety first.” The Outback’s sporty nature means you’ll be going through some rough terrain and possibly severe weather. 

If you are in the middle of nowhere, you want viable kits.


A Weather kit includes what you might need when rain or snow unceremoniously interrupts your plans. You want a kit that includes water, emergency signals (like flares), a blanket, and a compact shovel, to name a few. 

You may wish to add a small assortment of carbs that have a long shelf life like granola bars to this foundation. Two of the most common causes of injury in the cold are exposure and dehydration. In any case, those snacks keep your energy going when you most need it.

Add to your weather kit a Roadside kit. These have jumper cables, first aid, motor oil/coolant, multi-purpose tool bundle, reflective triangles, tire sealant, and a flashlight. 

Between the two kits, you may not need a separate first aid collection. Take a look at the Weather and Roadside kits’ supplies and see what’s missing. Diligently keep all items in a bag or carrying case, and replace what you use.

We included one of our favorite roadside kits above, but for first aid this is a nice choice.

4. Splash Guards

If you don’t feel like heading to the car wash every time you drive on a muddy road in your Outback, Splash Guards will become your best friend.

Mud is abrasive and harsh on your car’s panels, not to mention tiny stones kicked up along the way.

An added bonus is that the splash guards keep much of your Subaru’s suspension and breaks cleaner, reducing wear over time.

5. Sunshade

Look for a sunshade that has two sides: reflective and dark. The reflective side keeps your car’s interior up to 40 degrees cooler than without one in the summer.

The shade also protects your dashboard and wheel from cracking due to excessive heat. The dark side of the shade? That’s for winter. It absorbs any sunlight hitting your car on a winter’s day.

Tip: How many times have you scratched your windshield, trying to remove stubborn ice? Some shades can be attached to your front window’s exterior in winter, making for easy ice removal.

If you want a custom fit, you  can try your luck here.

6. Taking it with You: Roof Racks, Boxes, Cross Bars, etc.

While the Subaru Outback is roomy, you’re not going to get a kayak in there with the rest of your gear. 

So, extra carrying space resolves that issue while providing passengers with more comfort (less squeezing). The type of roof system you buy depends highly on how you are using your Subaru Outback.

Campers? Get a roof box carrier. We have a whole article on it! These fit supplies that won’t go into the car. Roof boxes have an aerodynamic shape, so they don’t put much drag on your vehicle, keep your gas per mile up.

Beach Adventure? If you are taking along a surfboard or outrigger, you need a bar-mounted system. For items of this size, crossbars create the most stability.

Winter Wonderland: A carrier for your ski or snowboard also has a specific design. They have clamps and locks, and some offer adjustable heights. Just ponder how many sky or snowboards you plan to carry both now and in future outings. You can find models that fit up to six sets of skis and four snowboards at a time.

7. AINOPE Car Charger

With a vehicle like the Subaru Outback, it’s nearly impossible to resist some of the technological toys that can make our ride more enjoyable.

And everyone has a cell phone these days. Chances are you’d like to keep it juiced!

If you want some versatility in charging a iPhone or your Android, a USB charger is a great way to do it. The AINOPE car charger is a quality offering that has thousands of positive reviews.

At an affordable price, this is a must have for those of us with long commutes. 

8. Gorla Seat Covers

Do you sometimes have beverages that spontaneously spill themselves?

Of course.. we’re not at fault. Somehow this liquid exits it’s recepticle by it’s own will.

And if the ghost of spilled beverages is haunting you and your vehicle, then you should consider getting some seat covers. Gorla is one of our favorite options. They have a lifetime warranty and are waterproof.

Not water resistant! Waterproof. These cater to those of you who want something easy to install that will help you keep things clean. 

Conclusion Section

You certainly have a wide range of choices in accessories for your Subaru Outback. Thanks for stopping by to read our article. And if you end up grabbing something we suggested for your car, let us know how it worked out.

We appreciate our readers and hope you found this article helpful!