The 5 Best ATV Dump Carts

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If you use your ATV for light work around your property, getting a dump cart is a great idea. Cleaning up yard work or doing chores shouldn’t be an awkward balancing act, having a cart solves those problems and saves your back. 

There are plenty of high-quality models made to stand up to a beating or three. See our top pick here

The options you can get online range up to about the 1500 lb limit. If you want anything higher than that, it’s too costly for most manufacturers to ship it so it’s better to go in person to a dealer. Dump carts tend to be heavy, so you may have to pay a little more in shipping than you’re used to. 

Here are the best ATV dump carts available online:

Ohio Steel Hybrid Tractor/ATV Cart Swivel Dump

Load Rating: 1250 lbs

The Ohio Steel Dump Cart has a great reputation and it earned it! It’s not only the most affordable dump cart we’ve come across, it’s also up there in terms of design. This little cart has a 12″ clearance off the ground. Coupled with the swivel, you can take this pretty much anywhere you could take your ATV.

Its rated at a 1250 load capacity, which isn’t the highest but it’s still up there. The dump cart latch can be pressed down with your foot as a release. Because of the swivel, you don’t have to be perfect when finding a location to unload your cargo. You just have to get it close and then you can move it to where you want your firewood(or whatever) to be released. 

It’s not light but not the heaviest at 108 lbs. People generally love this thing, you can really get a glimpse at the excitement the guy has for it in the video below. We think this is one of the best values in the category. 

Oxcart Lift-Assist and Swivel Dump Cart, 12 cu.

Load Rating: 1100 lbs

The Oxcart with Lift-Assist uses hydraulics to help you release the heavy load it might be holding. It’s rated for up to 1100 lbs and the frame is steel tubing. This is a good choice for ATVs because of the swivel. You can still maneuver easily with this attached. See that little handle by the container? You just pull that and your load dumps out easy as pie. 

It’s also one of the cheapest options. Shipping will cost you a pretty penny though. However, if you want a steel framed dump cart that along with the poly tub are going to cost a bit to ship. The Oxcart weighs 78 lbs and has a 12 ft poly tub. 

Things to note is that the Oxcart weighs a lot less than most of its competitors. If you don’t want to be hauling around a heavy dump cart – this has to be high on your list. This cart is  a decently  well-built option if you’re seeking something for easier yard work. It’ll last you a long time. The hydraulic lift-assist is a nice bonus as well. 

Impact Implements ATV Dump Cart

Load Rating: 1500 lbs

Impact Implements ATV dump cart has all the trappings to be a multi-purpose cart. We like the gates on the side, sometimes things can get piled up a bit high so this is a nice addition to keep everything contained. 

It does have a quick release latch for dumping. The tub is made of poly and holds up to 15 cubic feet. The tires are 18 inches, pretty darn big for a cart and the swivel hitch helps for mobility.

For what you get, this is a great price. You’re going to have to assemble it yourself but it shouldn’t take too long. The steel tubing frame is heavy-duty so it should last a long time if you don’t abuse it too much. 

Did we mention this thing is heavy? It’s 120 lbs. But with that comes a 1500 lb load rating and a 1 year warranty. Overall this is a good value. It’s not too expensive and for anyone planning to haul heavy things the warranty gives you some peace of mind. You’ll have a year to see if it can stand up to some good usage. 

Polar Trailer Dump Cart

Load Rating: 1200 lbs

The Polar Trailer Tipper dump cart has a unique long bodied design. Made of a steel frame and poly tub, this is perfect for anyone hauling things of awkward shapes that might not fit in a conventional cart. 

It has big 18 inch tires and a quick release latch when you need to get rid of things. The one drawback to its elongated frame is that things are a bit harder to dump. Because the lid of this poly tub touches the ground at an angle that isn’t the best for fully emptying it. 

If you have odd shaped items or need more space it’s a great choice. But for dirt movers or owners who could see this getting frustrating we recommend something else. 

Swisher Dump Trailer

Load Rating: 1000 lbs

The Swisher poly dump cart has a 20 foot cubic capacity. That’s up there for options in its class. The tires, frame, and the ball hitch are all well-made. But, the one thing this cart has that sours us a bit is a high price tag. It’s expensive compared to other options close to it in this category. 

While it is a quality unit, we do not think this has a good value. But it does have the most cubic feet of anything here. It’s not all doom and gloom though – there are plenty of happy customers who have bought a Swisher dump cart. The capacity is important for people mainly hauling dirt or light weight items. It’s rated at 1000 lbs

Installing an ATV Trailer Hitch for you Dump Cart

If you were looking at a dump cart that uses a ball hitch, you might need to install a trailer hitch on your ATV. That process is pretty simple with most ATV setups and should take you under an hour with a socket or wrench. You can see how it’s done in the video below for a stock ATV trailer hitch. 

Final Thoughts

Hauling stuff is messy and it can be frustrating. So getting a quality dump cart can be a nice addition to your garage. When we looked at the price and overall value on these carts, one model stood out. The Ohio Steel swivel dump cart.

That’s not to say the others are slouches, they aren’t. There are others on this list that would make great fits depending on how they’re used. If you pick something from here let us know how it goes, we like hearing from our readers and we hope to have helped you make a choice.

Good luck on your search  🙂 


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