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The 4 Best ATV Spreaders

Lots of ATV spreaders get flak from users because of being just that, awkward. They don’t sit right or they’re hard to use or they break.

We took a look at spreaders with good reputations, that customers liked. Then we ranked them by price, quality, and reputation. 


Let’s take a look at the best ATV spreaders on the market: 

1. Brinly Tow Behind Spreader

The Brinly Tow behind spreader is the heavy duty option for anyone who prefers a tow behind. Compared to Agri-Fab – this can hold 45 lbs more. The gearbox is enclosed and the gears themselves are plastic. They work really well though – people love that gearbox.

This comes with a 2 year warranty, which is still pretty good. It’s a made in America company, all Brinly products are made in Indiana. You can adjust the level to change the rate of how fast you release whatever is in the speader. 

The directions are great and the only knock is that the wheelbase is slightly narrow. If you load this thing up to it’s tow capacity of 175 lbs, it’s pretty top heavy. No one wants to tip a fully loaded spreader so that’s something to watch out for and really its only shortcoming. Otherwise it’s a great value and our pick for a tow behind spreader.

2. Agri-Fab Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

Agri-Fab’s broadcast spreader can tow up to 130 lbs

It attaches to your hitch and has an enclosed gearbox. It’s remarkably affordable as well relative to most options in this category. 

There is a level that you can set to adjust for seed or fertilizer. The gearbox is made of aluminum compared to plastic in other models. But, it does have some flaws. The hitch height being the most prominent. If you are planning to use this on slopes, the spread will be uneven. If you had an adapter you could keep the tow bar parallel to the ground but they do not offer one. 

It’s assembled here in the states – but not all the parts are made here. It comes with a 3 year warranty. That’s the highest we could find in its class. It’s the number one reason we recommend this – the warranty alone. All the other things are added perks. 

3. Buyers Products ATV Spreader

The Buyers Products ATV spreader is a mounted unit that is able to tow up to 100 lbs of whatever you want. 

That’s less capacity than tow behind spreaders but it’s at the benefit of maneuverability. 

With mounted units, you don’t have to worry about an extra set of wheels. So while they haul less, they take less time. This unit is no different. The motor is a 12-volt unit that hooks up easily to your ATV. It has a 1 year guarantee. 

It’s pretty light, at only 17 lbs. When loaded up that will get to over 100 of course, so making sure your ATV has a little counterweight on the front end might be a good idea. It’s mostly plastic components. From our vantage point, it should be cheaper than tow behind spreaders that use metal bases. But, it’s not. 

Our one knock on mounted spreaders is value in terms of price. Is this worth it? That’s up to you to decide, it does have the benefit of mobility for sure. 

4. Buyers Products ATV All Purpose Broadcast Spreader 15 Gallon Capacity Black

Here’s another Buyers Products product. The ATV all purpose broadcast spreader is another mounted design.

It has a hard plastic shell with a shielded top and can be used for a variety of applications. 

It isn’t the most affordable choice. But it’s a well suited  mid range unit. It’s not attached to your hitch, rather it mounts on your ATVs utility rack

The main benefit to this unit is it has an electrical control. With purchase, you get a power cable that includes an on and off switch. So while you’re doing your duties you can decide to turn it off with the push of a button. Pretty neat eh? 

If you don’t mind mounting a unit, and you’re looking for mobility on your ATV, this is a good option. 

Conclusion Section

Factoring in quality, price, and how durable a spreader is – there was one clear choice for us. The Brinly model tow behind spreader. It’s a well made brand that should last a while. 

Or maybe you’d have a preference to a mounted unit. If you choose something off this list, let us know how it worked out for you in the comments and good luck on your search. 


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