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The 4 Best Bed Extenders for Ford F150s

If you’re hauling a lot of cargo and have started to find your space slim, a bed extender can be the solution to your problem. It’s also nice just being able to leave the gate open when you need to grab something out of the back of your truck. 

Getting a bed extender can be a game changer for anyone who uses kayaks, ladders, or any awkward shapes you need to haul. 

When it comes to choices, there isn’t a lot of competition in the marketplace. 

There are two main players, ford OEM and AMP Research. But, both brands have a lot of happy customers so there isn’t much room for competitors to come in. There is one bed extender that doubles as a ramp for dirt bikes. With that said, we looked at the available options and picked out the winners.  

Here are the 4 best bed extenders for f150s:

1. AMP Research Black Truck Bed Extender

The AMP Research truck bed extender has a nice powder coat finish and is made in the USA. We’ve already talked about how they pretty much own the market for truck extenders, but it isn’t because they have a monopoly. 

They just consistently put out a great product and this one is a good example. It comes with a 3-year warranty. The U shape design folds back to keep in your truck bed when not in use. So you’re able to close your latch. 

It doubles as a nice little secure cargo space when your latch is up as well. Preventing certain items from sliding all over the place(like dog food). You can get it in black or silver, but we’re a little partial to black. It matches our soul or something. 

We find it refreshing to see an American company doing well and making quality parts. The install will take a little bit, you can see an overview of the process in the video below. The process is going to be similar for all models.

Bed extender Bracket

If you do not want to drill, you can buy a separate bed extender bracket kit from AMP. It’ll fit 2004-2018 F150 models. 

2. ReadyRamp Bed Extender and Dirt Bike/Motorcycle Ramp

The ReadyRamp is a functional option for truck owners who have a dirt bike or motorcycle under 600lbs. Even if you don’t plan on using it for those things, having a ramp for heavy objects is a big plus.

There isn’t anything like it available, and that’s pretty neat. The have a patented 3-piece design that is made with a metal construction. It’s cheaper than some of the plastic competitors on the market that only function as an extender. 

Value-wise, for anyone who owns a dirt bike this is a winner. And it’s strong enough to be used in heavy-duty applications when it comes to regular hauling. You won’t have to drill with this, it mounts to the included hardware on your truck and includes all the brackets. 

ReadyRamp will find all standard Ford F150 models from 1986-2018. If you’d like to check out their sizing – they have a handy website here

3. X-Treme Gate for F150

The X-Treme gate truck bed extender took a different style approach compared to the usual curved extenders we see. What makes this different is it has a fold-out design. You attach it to your truck beds gate and fold it out when you need it. When you don’t need it you can fold it away. 

It adds up to 10 square feet, but it has a big drawback. It’s an entirely plastic system and there are a lot of moving parts. For anyone who wants to haul heavy things or even just something that could clank with force – this gate won’t inspire confidence.

What it’s great for is being concealed if you don’t like the idea of a permanent metal extender attached to your truck bed. If you need something light duty and want to have the option to fold it away, then we could see the appeal. Made for 2009 models and up. 

4. Genuine Ford Bed Extender

Ford has a line of OEM bed extenders for their trucks. They’re pretty neat in that there’s a latch in the middle that you can undo, and the sides will fold in. Making it so you’re able to stow these when not in use.

The installation will take some work, you’ll have to make a few cuts to make room for the pins in your bed liner. Like with all fold-able options, it’s a double-edged sword. This is a heavier duty alternative compared to the Extreme Gate, but it’s still not going to compare with the strength of AMP.

Plastic just can’t handle repeated use as a metal alloy could. Yet nearly all customers are happy with it so they must be doing something right. As for price, this is the most expensive option of the bunch. Which you would expect out of an OEM model. We think it’s a good choice if you need the space, the plastic is thick and it’s pretty darn secure.

FAQ Section

How does a truck bed extender work?

Bed extenders increase your cargo space by .. extending when you pull out your latch. There are two main styles. The first is a static extender – a metal piece that isn’t going to fold. You attach it to your liner and flip it out when you need it.

The second option is a pull-out design. Ford OEM and the Extreme Gate use variations of this. The fold-able setup latches together when you need it and is easy to break down and stow when you don’t. 

Conclusion Section

For us, the AMP Research bed extender is our favorite option. There is a reason they have so many models and are so popular. They offer a good warranty, the product looks good, and it’s one of the best values out there.

Have a dirt bike or motorcycle under 600lbs? Well – you should probably just get the ReadyRamp. The metal construction, price, and utility of their design make it one of the best options for anyone hauling dirt bikes. 

Fords OEM model is as heavy-duty composite plastic. But, it’s still plastic. If you want something that is going to last you a long time we recommend AMP or the  ReadyRamp. Plus, AMP has a bracket option to save you from drilling into your bed liner which we thought was pretty cool. 

If you choose one of these extenders let us know how the install went, we’d love to hear!