Best bike rack for 5 bikes

Best bike rack for your car that can carry 5 bikes

A five-bike rack packed to the hilt is a style statement on any vehicle. This heavy-duty carrier is a way to win an accolade from buddy cyclists and family members. A cycling carnival is on its way when you fit this rack on your vehicle.

Seriously, five bikes hung externally on a vehicle require some serious engineering. The last thing you want while on the road is to keep on asking kids to watch the bikes loaded on the back.

Let's have a look at bike racks capable of carrying 5 bikes

Car Hitch Mount Bike Rack with 2-inch Receiver

Best Overall

  • Reasonably priced  


  • Compact and easy to store
  • Sturdy steel construction


  •  Rear cargo inaccessible
Premium Trailer Hitch Bike Rack Mount

Budget option

  • Holds all the bikes firm


  • Versatile tapered arms
  • Integrated safety system


  • No cons
Allen Sports 5-Bike Hitch Racks for 2 in. Hitch

Premium option

  • Great all around option


  • Folding carry arms 
  • Lift gate access to cargo


Luckily there are a host of options for convenient and safe loading of five bikes, especially when you have a hitch receiver on your vehicle. In this document, we try to shortlist bike racks that can safely haul five bikes on long journeys.

Before choosing the best family bike car rack for you, let’s have a look at your vehicle. These bike racks are suitable for vehicles that have a 2” hitch receiver. Hitch mount bike racks are the most popular among the bikers community to load five bikes at once due to various reasons. The hitch mounts bike racks once installed are easy to use and store due to their compact design.

When you plan to haul a bunch of bikes on the back of your vehicle, your only concern is whether it is safe. So the answer is yes. These bike racks are designed in a manner to make them stable while you are moving on bumpy roads.
Look for sturdiness and safety measures in a five-bike rack. A family rack accommodates adult bikes as well as kid bikes. You have multiple options for loading bikes of a different variety, be careful about the weight of bikes. The five-bike rack represented here can haul weight from 170 LBS to 225 LBS.
These bikes are easy to install and use. They need minimum effort to load or unload bikes. To mount the hitch bike rack what you need is a hitch receiver on the back of your car which most of the SUVs and trailers already are equipped with. Hitch-mounted and trunk-mounted racks are fit for a five-bike carrier. A hitch mount is most sturdy with the weight. Best five-bike racks don’t compromise on safety and double up on the measures to protect bikes and vehicles.
So let’s find out which family bike rack is for you and your family’s bikes.

Car Hitch Mount Bike Rack with 2-inch Receiver

Retrospec Lenox is a reliable and popular five-bike carrier rack. It is designed to be sturdy. Hauling five bikes is a task. But this safety comes at a cost. Retrospec doesn’t allow access to rear cargo. Some see it as a small price for safety. Surely this drawback would sting on long tours. Otherwise, Retrospec Lenox is the best option for someone looking for a five-bike carrier.

Cycling carnival begins once Retrospec Lenox is installed on the vehicle. This rack will earn you many obligatory cycling buddies, friends and happy kids. The rack is an easy fit on a 2” trailer of a passenger car or other vehicle with the same compatibility. This steel made bike rack is a good companion for class II and IV vehicles.

You can breathe easy about the safety of bikes when you have a Retrospec Lenox bike rack. The carry arm spacing is designed to accommodate an array of frame styles on this rack. It comes with tie-down cradles and straps, designed in a manner that protects them from damage while transportation. Lenox bike rack comes with an adapter that minimizes the wobbling of the bikes during transportation with a heavy load.

This rack can haul a total weight of 170LBS of five bikes. Retrospec is certainly a great family bike rack. It’s ideal for modern diamond frame bikes. The step-thru bikes need a frame adapter for a perfect fit.
To assemble this five-bike rack minor installation is required and necessary tools are included in the parcel.

This 25-pound bike rack is easy and simple to store when not in use. But access to the rear cargo is compromised which is a drawback on long travels.

Allen Sports 5-Bike Hitch Racks for 2 in. Hitch

Don’t get surprised when the five-bike carrier from Allen Sports gets installed in a couple of minutes on your vehicle. This hitch-mounted rack is a gift for a family of biking fanatics as well as a bunch of serious cyclists. It will be a nice treat for kids and women to see their bikes being loaded on during the weekend.

This rack fits on the 2” trailer of the vehicle. Check the compatibility of your vehicle before placing an order for this rack.

Safety is the key concern in the mind for the car owner when this rack is fully loaded. Allen Sports has packed this rack with safety features to ensure a stress-free driving experience. The rack has a 28 inches long carry arm which individually secures each bike on the rack. It has a patented tie-down system which prevents damage to the bikes during transportation. The tie-down is fixed in position on the carry arms so that it can haul a wide range of bikes.

Allen Sports has built this bike rack out of steel with black powder coat finishing to make it durable. The carry arms of Allen sports can accommodate a wide range of frame sizes and bike designs. It can haul kids, mountain and adult bikes. The bike rack can haul the weight of five bikes

With a full car of gear, the designers at Allen have taken into consideration the importance of access to the rear of the vehicle. It is a feat given its loaded with 5 bikes and does not require unloading to access.

Allen Sports rack is equipped with no wobble bolt to fully tighten the rack in its place. The hitch bike rack comes with the hardware to securely install the rack into the receiver hitch.
Do not worry about the storage of this five-bike rack. The long carry arms on your rack can be easily folded down when not in use.

Premium Trailer Hitch Bike Rack Mount, Fits 2-Inch Receiver, 5 Bicycles

Premium bike rack CURT 18065 is popular for being safe, sturdy and it’s the capacity to haul a wide range of bikes including those for kids. This bike rack is a seriously heavy-duty player with a load capacity of 225 LBS. It has almost everything that is required in a great bike rack. It even allows access to rear cargo despite a load of five bikes.

The versatile CURT 18065 premium trailer hitch bike rack has tapered arms on which bikes can be mounted with large or small frames. It can haul adult and kids bikes which makes it the best family bike rack for cars.

CURT has designed this bike rack to be super friendly for users. It can be installed on the vehicle which has an industry-standard 2-inch* 2-inch trailer hitch receiver. CURT mount bike rack comes with an anti-rattle hitch pin.
You can haul five bikes on this premium rack with a maximum weight of 225 LBS. There is no question of damage to the bikes on the CURT trailer hitch bike rack. The bike rack has adjustable rubber cradles which fit multiple bikes of different sizes. It prevents scratches on the bike frames while you are on transportation.
The Five-bike CURT rack has integrated safety. The bike rack features integrated reflectors to enhance the safety of your vehicle. For better stability, this rack has support straps.

The rack is coated with a durable black coat finish to protect it from rain, dirt and other corrosive threats. It enhances the durability of this rack.
For better bike security the CURT premium bike rack has an anti-wobble bolt. This CURT premium bike rack does not block your rear access during the journey. This bike rack has a tilt-away feature which makes it easy to access the cargo area of the vehicle.
The carry arms are foldable which makes them compact when not in use. CURT premium hitch bike rack is 42.6 pounds which have an exterior made of carbide black powder coat.


The five-bike rack is a heavy-duty carrier. The best five-bike rack will earn you wonderful memories and a lot of happy faces. This bike rack will give you a stress-free driving experience and get your bikes safely to their destination