Best Bike Rack For Lexus GX460

In this review, we take a look at the best bike racks for the Lexus GX 460.

We have been testing and reviewing vehicle accessories such as bike racks for over a decade, so rest assured that we can help you find the best bike rack for your particular requirements.

Our testing considers various features of the bike rack, including its build quality, load capacity, and even how secure the bike rack is for daily use.

Keeping all of that in view, we think Thule’s EasyFold XT delivers the best balance of performance and utility. It has a rigid build, astonishingly high load capacity, and one of the most convenient tilting mechanisms of any bike rack.

Keep reading for an in-depth look into the Thule EasyFold and other best bike racks for the Lexus GX 460.

Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack

Overall Best

The Thule EasyFold is a bike rack made specifically for heavier bicycles. It features a premium construction that is more rigid and firm, as well as a secure place to mount your bikes when you’re on the road.

While other racks use heavy alloy steel and low quality composite materials, Thule uses the highest grade aluminium for this Lexus GX 460 bike rack. That means it is sturdy and rigid, but also lightweight and relatively compact.

The load capacity is worthy of praise. It comes in at just over 130 lbs. That’s already on the higher end of the spectrum, but then factor in this rack’s 2-bike capacity, and it becomes the most ‘e-bike and mountain bike friendly’ bike rack we’ve seen.

It is a hitch mounted bike rack, which makes it more stable and firm. Even fully loaded up with two heavy bicycles, this Lexus GX 460 bike rack does not wobble or shake.

The design of this rack itself is also pretty enticing. It is more sleek and compact than other bike racks in its class.

The EasyFold XT is dead simple to install on your Lexus GX 460. You won’t need any extra tools or equipment, as all of the mounting hardware is included with the bike rack. We especially like the torque limiting knobs which make mounting our bikes a lot quicker.

If you need to access the cargo area of your Lexus GX 460, the whole bike rack tilts downwards so that the liftgate can clear the bikes. This is especially impressive when you realise that the rack is fully loaded up when it is being tilted. The tilting motion is smooth and made even more convenient thanks to the integrated foot pedal.

The integrated bike ramp for loading and unloading your two wheelers is a feature that we never even knew to want! You also have the option of getting an additional fat tire kit which you can use to carry your favourite fat tire bikes.

It locks the bikes to the rack and the rack to the hitch receiver so that the only way your bikes are getting stolen is if the thief brings a tow truck for your Lexus GX 460!

When you need to store or transport the rack, there is a convenient carry handle and wheels that make it a lot easier to take with you on the go.


  • Aluminium construction
    Compact design
  • Made with e-bikes, mountain bikes in mind
  • 130 lbs max load capacity
  • Foot pedal controls tilting mechanism
  • Easy cargo access
  • Both the bikes and the hitch can be locked
  • Handy loading ramp
  • Torque limiting knobs for perfect fit
  • Heavy duty ratcheting straps


  • Far from budget friendly

Swagman Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Best Budget

This ‘electric bike centric’ rack for the Lexus GX 460 can carry basically any bike you throw at it (don’t actually throw your bikes at the rack). The bike mount system is quite secure and stable, as is the sturdy hitch connection which keeps the rack wobble free at speed.

The construction of this bike rack uses a higher grade of alloy steel, which adds to the structural integrity. We stress tested the rack by loading it up beyond its maximum load capacity, and did not notice it flex or bend at all.

The special abrasion resistant surface coating keeps your rack free of rust and corrosion, while also soaking up small scratches.

It is compatible with both 1 ¼” and 2” hitch receivers. We tested both, and found them to be virtually wobble free, even at highway speeds. The rack does not shake around, or make annoying sounds inside the Lexus GX 460.

It’s a 2-bike platform style rack with sturdy cradles for your prized two wheelers. Both of your bikes get individual trays for front and rear wheels. These use high-quality ratcheting straps to keep the wheels in place.

And this may not matter to most, but we absolutely adore the neon green colour of these straps.

The bikes are also secured by adjustable carrying arms on the main mast. These arms are padded so that they don’t damage your bike frames, and fully adjustable so that the rack can fit basically any bike frame you throw its way (again, don’t throw bikes, it’s not nice).

In fact, we tested over two dozen unique frames, and all of them fit like a glove. It is also compatible with fat tire bikes, with up to 5” wide tires.

Load capacity is a healthy 120 lbs so you can mount heavy mountain bikes and e-bikes on your Lexus GX 460.

It is a physically larger bike rack, but can be folded up into a smaller size when it isn’t being used. This is ideal for the Lexus GX 460 owner who needs to park in tighter spots.

The rack also tilts downward even when it is fully loaded up, making it much easier to open the liftgate of your Lexus GX 460. The locking hitch pin and ratcheting hooks are the ideal theft deterrent.


  • Best for heavy bicycles
  • Rigid alloy steel design
  • Special surface coating resists rust
  • Can be used with 1 ¼” and 2” hitch
  • Does not wobble or shake around
  • Supports up to a 5” wide tire
  • Ratcheting straps secure wheels
  • Ratcheting hooks hold bike frames
  • Key locking mechanism
    120 lbs lmax carrying capacity
  • Fits most frame shapes


  • Only two bikes can be carried

Thule T2 Pro XT/XTR Hitch Bike Rack

Premium Choice

This is another Thule bike rack for the Lexus GX 460. It has the same rigid build quality of its siblings, and similarly high load capacity. The study bike mount and hitch connection are also quite familiar.

As with any Thule product, the construction is given extra thought and care. Here, we see the highest grade aircraft aluminium for most of the build. That means it is perfectly stable and does not flex or bend under heavier loads.

The aluminium surface is all but corrosion free. However, Thule still adorn it with a special coating for even better rust protection.

Moving onto the actual bike mount, we have platform style tire cradles that can hold even fat tire bikes. These bike cradles use high-quality ratcheting straps to secure the rear wheels, while the front wheels are kept in position by a padded hook that adjusts to accommodate different wheel sizes.

This is one of the most secure and steady hitch connections we’ve seen in any Lexus GX 460 bike rack. It is compatible with a 2” hitch receiver and you can lock it in place with a convenient locking knob.

On the road, the bike rack is exceptionally stable. It does not wobble or jump around in the hitch receiver, even at highway speeds. The bikes are mounted a full foot apart so there is no chance of them banging up against each other or the rear glass of your Lexus GX 460.

Carrying capacity is also on the higher end of the spectrum. The 120 lbs load capacity, and 2-bike carrying capacity mean you can transport heavy bikes and mountain bikes to your heart’s content.

Installing the rack is also pretty straightforward. All of the necessary mounting equipment is provided in the box and you don’t even need any extra tools to get the job done. The included instructions aren’t the easiest to follow, which makes the accompanying video that much more useful.

It’s also packed with some really cool features. The locking mechanism prevents your bikes from being stolen. Thule’s HitchSwitch lever is a godsend for tilting the rack forward even when it is fully loaded up so that you can access your liftgate. The rack can also be folded up so that it becomes more compact.


  • Aluminium build
    Wheel cradles secure bikes
  • Rear wheels are held in place with ratcheting straps
  • Padded wheel hooks hold front wheels
  • 120 lbs load capacity
  • Best for e-bikes, mountain bikes, etc
  • Compatible with fat tires
  • Wobble free at speed
  • Can be folded up
  • Can be tilted for easier liftgate operation


  • Only carries 2 bikes

Hollywood Racks Sportrider

The Sportrider from Hollywood Racks is a Lexus GX 460 bike rack with a surprisingly lightweight build, sturdy design, impressive load capacity, and a firm bike mounting system to boot.

This rack uses both alloy steel and aluminium, so you get the best of both worlds. It is significantly lighter than other platform style racks, but has a rigid build. We did not notice any bending or flexing of the rack, even under heavy load.

Load capacity is about in line with other racks of this category. It is rated at just over 100 lbs, which means you can carry the heaviest of road bikes, and select models of mountain bikes and e-bikes.

As for compatibility, this rack can hold up to a 60” inch wheelbase. The wheel trays are fully adjustable and secure your bike wheels with heavy duty ratcheting straps. The bike frames are also held in place with padded carrying arms. We tested a wide variety of bike frame shapes, and did not encounter any issues.

It uses a unique hitch tightening system that makes it more secure and virtually wobble free. It also allows you to install this rack without using any tools.

In the real world, that translates to a secure and stable hitch connection. We did not notice the rack wobbling or shaking, even when we went over some bumps or made some sharp turns.

One problem is that this Lexus GX 460 bike rack is only compatible with a 2 inch hitch receiver, and you can’t use an adapter. However, it is quite steady on the highway, so we can’t complain.

This rack can be folded up so that it’s easier to park your SUV in tight spots. You can also access the liftgate of your Lexus GX 460 without having to unload the bikes, thanks to the tilting feature of this bike rack.

Finally, we like the fact that this bike rack can be modified to fit your requirements. Among the accessories available, there is a 2-bike add-on kit, and a basket that adds a little bit more space for your cargo.

The hitch can be locked in place using a pin, and a security cable prevents your bikes from being stolen.


  • Combo aluminium and alloy steel build
  • 100 lbs max load capacity
  • Unique hitch tightening system
  • Locking hitch pin
  • Supports up to a 60” wheelbase
  • Adjustable wheel trays with ratcheting straps
  • Padded carrying arms
  • Tilts forward for liftgate access
  • Foldable design
  • Add-ons include a 4-bike version and cargo basket


  • Only compatible with 2” hitch

Thule Gateway Pro Trunk Bike Rack

You might think we’re being paid by Thule with how many of their bike racks we’re recommending. However, their Gateway Pro is just an extremely well built bike rack with a hyperbolic ton of carrying capacity. It is also one of the most secure places to store your bikes, lagging only behind Fort Knox!

It’s a Thule product, so of course it uses the highest grade aluminium for most of the build. We stress test all of these Lexus GX 460 bike racks, and this one is rigid enough to hang with the big boys. It’s also more resistant to corrosion and rust, compared to alloy steel.

Load capacity for this bike rack is rated at just over 100 lbs. That is pretty high for a trunk mounted bike rack and allows you to carry 3 large, adult sized road bikes. You won’t find it to be the most useful for carrying e-bikes or mountain bikes though.

This trunk mounted bike rack for the Lexus GX 460 uses 6 heavy duty straps to mount firmly on the back of your SUV. That is more than any other trunk mounted bike rack we’ve tested, and it definitely shows in day to day use, where this rack stays quite firm, even at highway speeds.

As for mounting your bikes, the Gateway Pro uses sturdy bike cradles. It is a hanging style bike rack with Thule’s anti-sway design. Your two-wheelers are secured at the frame using high quality ratcheting straps. These straps are lined in rubber to avoid scratching the bike frame.

They are also adjustable so that you can mount various different bike frame shapes and sizes. In fact, we were unable to find a bike frame that wouldn’t fit in these bike cradles!

In our real world tests, all 3 bikes stayed perfectly stable at speed. This is thanks to the long carrying arms which allow for 7” of space between each individual bike. They also prevent the bikes from interacting with the rear glass of your Lexus GX 460.

The rack also owes its stability to the grippy rubber feet on the lower frame, which keep it firmly positioned on the back of your SUV. This also protects the paintwork from getting tarnished.

As for special features, the cable locks for your bikes are a welcome addition. The patented FitDial allows for easier installation and more confident fitment. The carrying arms can be folded down for easier manoeuvring and parking of the Lexus GX 460.


  • Made of aluminium
  • Compact size
    105 lbs load capacity
  • Carries 3 bikes
  • Uses 6 straps for better stability
  • Carrying arms can be folded down
  • 7” of space between bikes
  • Secure bike cradles
    Includes cable locks for bikes
  • Padded lower frame avoids damaging paintwork
  • Very stable at speed


Not the best for e-bikes or mountain bikes

The Lexus GX 460 is a seriously useful SUV. It’s great for weekend camping trips, cross country hauls, and even towing stuff. However, one feature that is missing from this SUV is a dedicated place for securely mounting your bicycles.

It can be a pain to try and fit large bikes inside the Lexus GX 460’s cargo area, spacious though it may be. And while you can always take your bike apart and transport it that way, this can be quite time consuming.

Not to mention, not all bikes can be disassembled. That is why it’s a good idea to check out some of the latest bike racks for the Lexus GX 460.

But with so many options to choose from, which type of bike rack suits your needs?

Different types of bike racks for the Lexus GX 460

Bike racks come in all shapes and sizes. Here, we break down the most common bike rack types so that you can figure out which one is right for you.

Hitch mounted hanging style bike racks.

These are hitch mounted racks that offer a stable and firm place to mount your bikes. They usually secure the bikes at the frame using high quality ratcheting straps. Carrying capacity for these racks ranges from 2-5 bikes.

They are pretty compact as well, but the bike mount system is admittedly less secure than some other types of racks.

Hitch mounted platform style bike racks

These hitch mounted bike racks for the Lexus GX 460 offer by far the most secure bike mounting system. They comprise wheel cradles that hold one, if not both wheels in place. The bikes are usually also secured by a carrying arm at the frame or even the front wheel, adding to the stability.

They are absolute behemoths, though. Parking your Lexus GX 460 in tight spaces could be a hassle with these platform style racks. Moreover, they usually only come in a 1-2 bike configuration, and cost the most of any bike rack.

One benefit of these racks is that they can carry the heaviest e-bikes, mountain bikes, etc.

Trunk mounted bike racks for Lexus GX 460

Trunk mounted bike racks for the Lexus GX 460 offer the most compact size of any bike rack. They are also pretty secure and stable, though nowhere near the level of hitch mounted options.

They are easier to store and transport. Not to mention, they are much quicker to install and use on the road.

Load capacity is understandably lower, but still plenty for most adult sized road bikes.

Which bike rack you end up getting for your Lexus GX 460 will depend on the exact combination of features you require. We have included all the different types of racks in our review, so you know which one is best for each category.