Best bike racks for carbon fibre bikes

Best 5 bike racks for Carbon Fibre bikes

Expensive carbon fibre bikes cannot afford to ride a misfit bike rack. A right rack ensures that your prized possession stays with you all along your biking journey. Your smart decision to choose the right bike rack can give many more years to your carbon fibre bikes. The bike rack market is shelved with plenty of options and it can get confusing. You might have consulted experts, done long days of research and discussed with your riding friends. Your indecision is valid as the concern may not be baseless. Carbon bikes are expensive and made for high performance. They demand and deserve extra protection during transportation

Let's have a look at the best bike racks to suit your carbon fibre bike

Car Hitch Mount Tray Bike Rack with 2-inch Receiver

Best Overall

  • Reasonably priced  


  • Comes in four options
  • Adapter to minimize wobbling


  •  Not suitable for step-through bikes
Car Hitch Mount Bike Rack with 2-inch Receiver

Budget option

  • You can get however carriers you need 


  • Adapter to minimize wobbling
  • Safe and durable design


  • Rear cargo inaccessible
Car Roof Bike Bicycle Carrier Rack Clamp on Tire

Premium option

  • Great all around option


  • Two locks for the security of the bike and rack


  • For single bike

In this document, we assist you to find the best bike racks for carbon fibre bikes that are ease-of-use, safe and reliable. These racks are designed to provide you extra care during the arduous road travel. The makers of these racks are trusted brands. These products are backed by rigorous testing.
One of these racks will keep away nasty scratches and misadventures from your memorable cycling outings. These bike racks are designed to look good on cars and gel with carbon fibre bikes.

When you explore the best bike rack for your Carbon fibre bike, you will find it can be a trunk-mount, roof-mount or hitch-mount. All will serve the purpose but they have different advantages. The choice of an appropriate rack for you will depend on a few factors. The bike size, type of car and usage will help you in deciding the right bike rack for you.

A rooftop mount is a cost-effective option, especially if you already have a roof rack system on the car. The roof-mounted racks provide a steadier hauling experience. Bikes are safe once they are decked on the roof but can be tricky when being hoisted to load on the roof. Roof-mounts will affect your car’s fuel economy but provide more safety from bumpy roads.

A hitch rack is designed to make it a user-friendly experience and a solid rigid rack for your bike to mount onto. However, be sure not to obstruct the rear number plate and taillights.

Trunk-mounted racks are super easy to use and just need basic skills for installation. These racks fit on the trunk of the car and it goes with cars with spoilers. Get set to embark on your next cycling thrill but first select the rack for your carbon fibre bike.

Car Hitch Mount Tray Bike Rack with 2-inch Receiver

Your lightweight, strong and expensive carbon bike needs to have a bike rack for carriage which does not compromise its safety and security on bumpy roads. Mind you if you go for the Retrospec Lenox car hitch mount bike rack you can have a peaceful drive up in the mountains or in your countryside to have a picnic with your carbon bikes.

The heavy-duty bike rack is popular among bikers for various unique features which every rider looks for while choosing a perfect bike rack for his bikes. Lenox car bike racks can haul 2 to 5 bikes at once. Now the choice is yours how many bikes you want to haul.

The bike rack starts from a 2-bike rack which can haul up to 80 lbs. A 3-bike arrangement can carry 110 lbs and 4-bikes with a weight of 140 lbs can be hauled safely on your vehicle. The uppermost range of bikes which can be accommodated on the rack is five which should weigh no more than 170 lbs. With minor assembly adjustment you can have additional bikes on the rack.
With its carry arm spacing which is designed to accommodate an array of frame styles, you can haul your carbon fibre bikes wherever you need. This rack is ideally suited for bikes that have diamond frames and the step-through bikes need a frame adaptor.

Retrospec has provided tie-down cradles and traps which take care of each bike. This safety feature keeps each bike snuggled tightly and removes the possibility of sway.
This rack fits on a 2” receiver and that makes it the best bike rack for cars with spoilers. It does not affect the spoiler on the car during installation and also has no impact on its aerodynamics.

You can order this bike rack for your carbon fibre bike if you own a car with spoilers of class II and IV vehicles that require a 2-inch trailer hitch. This rack with the car tow arrangement gains an additional weight, a thing to be considered by buyers. This extra weight makes it sturdy and becomes safe enough to carry the heavy haul of bikes during long travels. This is made from high-grade steel. This sturdy steel construction gives it a weight limit of up to 35 lbs per bike. The heavy construction gives a stress-free driving experience even with the heavy load at the rear. This allows you to fully enjoy the adventure.

With so many bikes at the back, wobbling could be a concern for the car driver on long and bumpy drives. Lenox has introduced an adapter in this rack to control the shaking when you hit the highway.
You do not have to remove this bike rack when not in use as it has two carry arms that fold downwards. This downwards adjustment doesn’t affect the rear spoiler or its aerodynamics. It also allows for convenient use of the vehicle when the rack is not carrying bikes.

Despite its weight carrying capacity, this bike rack cannot be used to carry e-bikes. A user will have to sort out the issue of the rear number plate not being visible after the rack has been installed. You will also have to make some alternative arrangements for the taillight which would be obstructed by the rack and load.

Car Hitch Mount Bike Rack with 2-inch Receiver

Expensive carbon fibre bikes urge you to travel extra miles to ensure their safety and security. You will not mind spending on a premium car bike rack which is best suited to carry your prized possession of carbon fibre bikes. Retrospec Lenox has come up with this hitch-mounted car rack, a head-turner because of its swanky looks and trust for its sturdiness. The black-coloured rack compliments your carbon fibre bikes and looks trendy when in use.

Retrospec toughness is not just for eyes but it is a balance of muscle and looks. The sturdy steel construction gives it the strength to carry two bikes of 80 lbs load, four bikes of 140 lbs and it can carry five bikes with a weight load of 170 lbs. That’s enough for the whole family.

The company has provided tie-down cradle and strap systems with this rack to secure each bike individually. It protects bikes from swaying on uneven roads. The bike is designed to accommodate an array of frame styles and sizes. It comes with an adapter that minimizes the wobbling of bikes and cuts noise on bumpy drives. The rack is foldable and occupies little space.

It is easy to install a rack. But access to the rear cargo is compromised, which is a drawback on long travels. The step-thru bikes need a frame adapter for a perfect fit.

Car Roof Bike Bicycle Carrier Rack Clamp on Tire Max 15kg or 35 lbs with Lock

The Venzo car roof rack is a one-bike carrier with sleek looks, safety and durability. This rack makes little contact with your carbon fibre bike and grips the wheels when mounted on the roof.

This roof-mounted rack fits most of the cars with crossbar thickness from 20 mm to 35 mm. With this bike rack, you don’t need to clamp the frames of the bike which is considered to be the underbelly of carbon bikes.

By clamping on the front tire and strapping over the rear wheel, the bike is safe and secure to transport. This roof bike carrier rack can haul a bike with weight up to 35 LBS.

It is compatible with a carbon fibre bike of max-100 mm width and rim size of 24” to 29” of the bike. The adjustable clamps in this rack make it perfect for aero crossbars.
For all-weather safety to the bike rack, Venzo has built it with high-quality aluminium, steel and reinforced plastic for rust resistance. The bike rack has a stretchable UV resistant bike holder along with a rubber clamp which protects the tire and wheel while moving on bumpy roads.
For the security of the bike and rack, this car roof bike rack has a lock system to secure the bike to the rack and the bike rack to the crossbar.

For Venzo, the safety of the bike and car is top of their priority list. The components used for this bike rack have gone through an anti-corrosion test for 192 hours at the salt spray chamber. The bike rack has passed TUV test standards which include driving, pulling, vibration and swinging tests.. Venzo car bike rack has 10 kg weight and packaging dimension is 152.4*39.88*18.41cm.

You do not have to look for accessories in the market for making it compatible to haul types of bikes. Venzo is good for most bikes, be it a kid bike, mountain bike or a BMX . It accommodates bikes with different frames and the necessary accessories are all delivered with the rack.

Saris Bones Car Trunk Bike Rack, 2 and 3 Bike Options

Saris Bones car trunk bike rack is the superstar of bike carriers. Over a million customers make it the most popular bike rack among bike riders. It’s maker Saris entered manufacturing of bike racks in the ’90s with the trunk rack revolution. The rack was crafted by Italian designer Fabio Pedrini and built with material from the American heartland.

A simple design sets the standard for most trunk-mounted bike racks to be fit for carbon fibre bikes. Saris bones car trunk rack has a unique arc-based design that easily fits all types of cars. These bike racks have two options. There is a bike rack for two-bikes and three-bikes to haul on your vehicle. 

The maximum loading capacity of the two-bike rack is 70 LBS which is 35 LBS per bike. For the three-bike carrier, the maximum weight haul on this rack is 105 LBS which is 35 LBS per bike. The bike rack is easy to assemble and operate.
The black coloured Saris Bones has a bike frame with injection-moulded arms and legs which Wisconsin based Saris company claims to be the strongest in the market.

The bones bike rack has spring buckle straps with vinyl-coated hooks. The articulated rubber feet provide high protection to the paint. The ratcheting anti-sway straps make the bike secure to hold. Saris Bone bike rack is made of synthetic material which is 12 pounds. The rack has dimensions of L*W*H, 22*20*9 inches.
The bike rack folds easily for compact storage in the garage when not in use.

Thule ProRide XT Roof Bike Rack Black, One Size

Thule is a trusted brand name for the ProRide XT roof bike rack. This roof rack with the universal upright design can haul one-bike on your car. It is a perfect match for passenger cars with Thule Wing bar, Thule Aeroblade, Thule Square bar and most of the factory racks.

To make mounting quick and easy, Thule Pro has a torque limiter dial which controls the force going into the bike frame and also confirms the safety of bikes. Thule ProRide XT bike rack offers extra protection for frames of carbon bikes. 

The pressure spreads through large, soft claw pads that adapt to your bike frame tubes which minimise the risk of damage. The aluminium bike rack can haul 44 LBS single bikes. The bike with the tire dimension of 3 “fits the Thule bike rack. You can make this rack compatible for fat bikes or bikes up to 5’ tire width by separately purchasing an adaptor.

The ergonomic design frame holder and wheel tray of this bike rack automatically positions the carbon fibre bike when you load it. Thule roof rack has the claw’s extended from the lower jaw to hold your bikes steady enough to give a stress-free driving experience when you are off to the mountains.

A diagonal quick-release wheel strap keeps the wheels of the bike stable on tough terrain. It is an easy to use and tool-free interface for switching carriers from one side to the other of your vehicle. You need to purchase a lock to secure bikes from theft. If you’re after the perfect bike rack for your carbon fibre bike than this could be the one for you



A suitable bike rack for your carbon fibre bike is essential to prevent damage and ease whilst in transport. Ensuring your bike is transported in a manner that does not damage its frame is important. The above bike racks for cars are made to transport carbon fibre bikes.