The 3 Best Bike Racks for Electric Bikes

In this article, we’ll take an in depth look at the best bike racks for electric bikes. 

Electric bikes are heavier and often have different shaped frames than regular road bikes. That is why you will need specialised bike racks to carry them on your car. 

We looked at a large selection of electric bike racks and chose the top performers. Our testing considered factors like the build quality, how securely the bikes were carried, and how much weight you could safely load onto the rack. 

We have to give the top spot to Hyperax’s Volt 2. This hitch mounted electric bike carrier is Very sturdy and use high-quality materials for most of the build. It also has a higher load capacity than your average bike rack.

We have been testing and reviewing bike racks and other vehicle accessories for quite a few years now. That is why we are confident recommending the following bike racks for your electric bike.

Keep reading for more information and more details about the best bike racks for electric bikes.

HYPERAX Volt 2 -E Bike Hitch Mounted Rack

Overall Best

Hyperax’s Volt e-bike rack is built like a tank, and offers one of the highest load capacities of any bike rack we’ve tested. It is also very secure and holds your bikes firmly.

Starting off with the build quality of this bike rack, we have an alloy steel design. It is very well built and does not show any signs of strain when fully loaded up. The steel is treated with a special black powder coat that is more resistant to corrosion and also holds up a lot better to scratches.

Moving onto one of the most important parts of any electric bike rack, we have this rack’s load capacity. It is rated for a whopping 140 lbs, or 70 lbs per bike. That means you can carry the heaviest electric bikes easily. 

Another really cool feature of this platform style electric bike rack is that it supports up to 5 inch wide tires and up to 58 inch wheelbases. That means you can carry fat tire e-bikes and long wheelbase e-bikes as well.

We really liked the bike mount on this rack. There is a tray style loop that secures each wheel of the bike, and then the frame is held in place by padded carrying arms on the main mast. The arms are padded so that they don’t scratch or scuff your bike frames.

We were very impressed by the stability of this bike rack at highway speeds. That is thanks in part to the Velcro straps that also secure the wheels of the bikes in addition to the trays. Furthermore, the rack has dual key locks that prevent your bikes from being stolen or tampered with.

This bike rack uses a 2 inch hitch which is bolstered by a ½  inch anti wobble pin and locking mechanism for one of the sturdiest and most stable bike racks we have ever tested. 

It also has a special tilting mechanism that allows you to access the cargo area of your car even when the rack is fully loaded up. Additionally, there is a carrying handle that makes it easier to transport the rack when it is not being used.


  • Alloy steel build
  • Powder coated finish
  • Resists corrosion
  • Does not strain under load
  • High load capacity of 140 lbs
  • Holds 2 electric bikes very securely 
  • Tray style loops for securing both wheels
  • Velcro straps for added rigidity
  • Carrying arms hold bikes at the frame
  • Padded arms prevent scratching of frames
  • 2 inch hitch and ½ inch anti wobble pin make this rack very stable
  • Rack can be tilted forward for easier cargo access
  • Carrying handle for easier rack transport


  • Professional install may be required

Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack

Worthy Consideration

Vibrelli’s electric bike hitch rack is another really well built hunk of metal. It is capable of holding larger electric bikes securely, and also has a really useful feature set that adds a lot of convenience. 

Build quality on the Vibrelli is in line with other top electric bike carriers. It is mostly alloy steel, with a few pieces of aluminium for certain parts. It is very durable thanks to the black powder coating that prevents premature rust and corrosion. We also think that this bike rack benefits from its slightly smaller and lightweight design, which makes it easier to mount and use day to day. 

Load capacity is a very healthy 130 lbs which means you can carry larger, heavier electric bikes on this bike rack, in addition to mountain bikes, and heavy road bikes. 

This bike rack has three different locking mechanisms that prevent your bike from being stolen. And to top off the whole package, this bike rack is backed by a manufacturer warranty stretching to 10 years and covering any defects in the design. 

The actual bike rack uses a platform style cradle to support each bike. It carries two bikes and each front and rear wheel is secured by the cradle. The main mast has carrying arms that secure the frame of your electric bike. These arms are padded in soft rubber, preventing them from scratching the frames.  

This bike rack supports fat tire bikes up to 5 inches wide. Ratcheting straps are used to hold the wheels in place, and they keep the bike very stable. 

Finally, one of the most useful features of these bike racks is that they can be folded up, making it easier to drive around without any bikes loaded. It also makes it easier to store the rack when it’s not being used.

The tilting mechanism here is also worthy of praise. Even with two large electric bikes loaded onto the rack, it can tilt forward and give you easier access to your cargo area.

Installation is very straightforward thanks to the 2” hitch. And you can forget about any wobbling or shaking of the rack at speed, thanks to the anti-wobble stabiliser piece. 


  • Alloy steel build
  • Lighter and more compact design
  • Very stable at speed
  • Bike cradles are very secure
  • Triple locking mechanism prevents theft
  • Ratcheting bike straps keep wheels in place
  • Padded carrying arms
  • 130 lbs load capacity
  • Holds 2 bikes
  • Compatible with fat tire kits up to 5” wide
  • Folds up when not in use
  • Tilts forward for easier cargo access
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty (no, seriously)


  • No safety reflectors 

Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack

Worthy Consideration

Thule’s EasyFold XT is one of the most premium racks for your electric bike. It delivers a great balance of solid construction and useful features, in addition to high load capacity for your electric bikes.

The build quality is the stand out feature of this premium electric bike rack. Instead of using alloy steel or high-quality plastic, Thule employs an all aluminium construction for this rack. Aluminium has the benefit of being less dense than alloy steel, while also being more rigid when under load.

It also has a pretty impressive load capacity of just over 130 lbs. That means you can carry larger, heavier electric bikes with ease. 

It is designed to hold two bikes at the same time, and we can report that both bikes stay very stable and wobble free during long highway journeys.

We also really enjoy the sleek and minimalist design of Thule’s products, and this one is no different. If we were recommending the sexiest electric bike racks, this one from Thule would be at the top of our list.

Installing the EasyFold XT was really easy to do. We didn’t need any extra tools and all of the mountain hardware was included in the box. It is also outfitted with torque limiting knobs which makes it easier to mount the rack. 

The whole rack can be tilted forward to allow for access to your car’s cargo area. That feature has become pretty common, but what sets the Thule offering apart from the rest is that it has a convenient foot pedal that automatically tilts the whole rack.

It also has a couple other features that make it easier to recommend. Firstly it comes with a folding ramp that allows you to load and unload your bikes a lot quicker. There is an optional fat tire bike strap kit which can be used to carry fat tire bikes.

And probably our favourite feature of this rack is the very secure locking mechanism it comes with. It locks the bikes and the hitch so that you have a perfectly secure rack that won’t be tampered with. There is also an easy to use handle and wheels for when you need to take off the rack and store it.


  • Aluminium build
  • Minimalist design
  • Specifically designed for mountain bikes, electric bikes, etc
  • 130 lbs loading capacity
  • Foot pedal for tilting bike rack
  • Easy lift gate access
  • Lockable hitch and bike racks
  • Integrated loading ramp 
  • Torque limiting knobs and ratcheting bike straps
  • Very secure fit
  • Ergonomic carry handle and wheels for transporting
  • Can fit fat tire bikes (accessory sold separately)
  • Easy install
  • Coolest looking bike rack


  • Most expensive option