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The 5 Best Bike Racks for Nissan Sentras

If you have a Nissan Sentra, but you’re getting an itch for adventure then there’s an easy upgrade to get you out and about!

A bike rack will change your possibilities, and thankfully there are many affordable options that will suit your needs. 

So let’s take a look at the 5 best bike racks for Nissan Sentras:

1. Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B Deluxe Black 1-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack

Tyger Auto has a beefed up option of the popular tension style racks that have started to dominate the market in this category.

What makes racks like these so great? Well, there is no additional needed hardware. 

You can store a tension mount away in under five minutes and set it up in the same time as well. The Tyger Auto shares that similarity with other models while using heavier-duty components than most of its competitors. 

This does cost a bit more because of that. But if you want a sturdy frame supporting your bike, then this highly rated product is worth consideration. We think this is a great value buy despite its higher price point. 

It ships to you already assembled, with a lifetime limited warranty. They have a 1,2, and 3 bike carrier options. But this design in particular(our favorite) is for the 1 bike option. 

2. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 102DN-R

Perhaps the most popular bike rack on the market today is this Allen Sports tension mount

Allen isn’t a fly by night company either. They’ve been around for decades and have slowly but consistently improved their design, and price ranges to meet a wide market. 

This is not as bulky as the Tyger above. But, the price difference is stark and perfect if you want a budget option that is cheap, while not being cheap. In fact, nearly all of their line of products is a hit with consistently favorable reviews. 

This particular model can hold 2-bikes but they have a bevy of other designs if you decide you want to go with Allen. Both this design and the Tyger above include padding at contact points to not scratch up your bike frame or your car paint!

3. Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Now we’re moving on to options that require prior installation mounts to work. In this case, you will need a hitch installed.

The Swagman XC2 is an incredibly sturdy setup that serious bikers are shocked to see being sold for so cheap.

Hitch mounted bike racks tend to run on the more expensive side, so Swagman has hit a vein of demand by making an affordable design. 

It isn’t as bulky as some of the more expensive designs either. If you’re hauling 1 to 2 bikes, we think this is going to make you a very happy camper. The sides fold up when not in use and you will still be able to access your trunk with this unit attached. 

They have their own anti-wobble pins in this design to prevent it from shaking like mad when you’re driving. And all contact points include padding to protect your bike’s frame. 

4. YAKIMA - Highroad Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier for Roof Racks, 1 Bike Capacity

The second of our units requiring hardware installed prior to purchase is the Yakima Highroad Carrier.

You will need a roof rack before using this. But if you’ve got one and you’re a solo rider, Yakima offers one of the highest build quality bike racks available.

While some previous options here have been very affordable, Yakima isn’t known for that! They’re known for making good stuff that costs more, though.

And if you have a bike sitting on your roof, we’re sure you probably don’t want to go for the suspect metal that looks like it was salvaged from the junkyard and repainted! This has three contact points and the rear strap can by synched down for a tight fit.

This also folds completely flat when not in use. If you have a roof rack there are a few cheaper options, but none are made this well. 

5. Saris Bones Car Bike Rack, Trunk or Hitch Carrier, Mount 2-4 Bicycles

The last tension mount in this guide is the Saris Bones rack.

Made to carry up to 3 bikes, we like their curved design. And besides just looking different, it distributes weight easily while being made from injected molded arms and legs.

These can hold up to 35 lbs for each bike which should give you peace of mind if you have a heavier one! This definitely isn’t cheap, but if you don’t have a hitch and are wanting to carry up to 3 decently heavy bikes then we think it’s worth a good look.

Something to note is while the other tension mounted racks in this guide don’t protrude too far, this one will. 

FAQ Section

What are the most common types of bike racks?

Today the most common racks are the tension mount, roof rack, and hitch rack. There are even newer designs that use suction cups. The roof rack mounts and hitch mounts do require you to have previous gear installed.

If you’re looking at getting a hitch mounted rack, Uhaul actually installs those. Just check online to find the nearest location. 

I have a family, what bike rack is best for me?

If you are planning on going biking frequently with your family of 3 or more, our opinion is to get a hitch rack. They cost more and require prior installation, but they are the most sturdy option. 

Many hitch rack systems will fold up and out of the way when not in use as well. If you aren’t going to be biking frequently with your family then there is one clear winner in our opinion, and that’s the tension mount. 

A roof mounted bike rack is best suited for a solo rider. 

Conclusion Section

Hopefully, this guide has helped you make up your mind about the best bike rack for your Nissan Sentra. There are a lot of good options and styles for bike racks with it being such a popular hobby.

If you’re a single rider, we think that grabbing the Tyger rack is a great choice. And if you need some more carrying capacity, the Saris is worth another look.

But whatever you end up choosing, let us know how it works out! And thank you for stopping by.