The 4 Best Bike Racks for the Rav4

In this article, we will be recommending the best Toyota Rav4 bike racks.

Bike racks for the Toyota RAV4 need to be sturdy and capable of holding heavier loads to complement the RAV4’s utilitarian design. That is why we focused on the best and most well built bike racks out there. 

By far our favorite option for Toyota Rav4 bike racks is the Ikuram 4-bike rack. This hitch mounted bike rack has enough load capacity for the entire family’s bikes, while also featuring a sturdy hitch mount design for extra stability.

We have been in the business of testing and reviewing vehicle accessories such as bike racks for the past decade. You can count on us to give you the best and most updated information on bike racks. 

Keep reading for an in-depth look at the best bike racks for the Toyota RAV4.

IKURAM 4 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Overall Best

The Ikuram 4-bike rack for the Toyota RAV4 is the epitome of the quality bike rack. Despite its high load capacity and stellar design, it is not as bulky as other racks, while still offering a secure bike mount system.

This rack uses the highest quality alloy steel we have seen. It is also coated in a thick powder to avoid getting scratched or dented from general wear and tear.

It is surprisingly easy to install for a hitch mounted bike rack. It did not take us more than 20 minutes to have this 4-bike rack installed on our Toyota RAV4. The 2” hitch is particularly secure and supremely confident on the highway.

Moving onto load capacity, we are happy to report that this 4-bike rack matches its competitors with a 140 lbs load capacity. In bike terms, that means you can carry 4 adult sized road bikes without breaking a sweat. In fact, this Toyota Rav4 bike rack has more than enough load capacity for heavier mountain bikes and e-bikes.

Speaking of the hitch connection, this bike rack uses a no wobble bolt that discourages movement of the hitch inside the receiver. The result is an uncharacteristically stable and firm bike rack.

In our testing, we took the Rav4 with this rack installed onto some bumpy roads and also the highway. Overall, we were impressed with its stability and secure bike cradles. 

Those bike cradles comprise ratcheting straps that conform to the shape of your bike frames. We tested various bike frame shapes and sizes, and only needed an adapter for some low-Y frame bikes.

When you aren’t transporting any bikes, this rack is easy to live with as the carrying arms can be folded down for easier maneuvering of the Toyota Rav4 in tight spaces.

In fact, you can even tilt the rack downwards for easier liftgate access. We found this feature to be really convenient for grabbing something out of the cargo area without taking off any of the bikes. 

Lastly, we have to commend Ikuram for including large and highly visible safety reflectors on the back of the bike rack, which make it much easier to spot in darker environments. The limited lifetime warranty just puts this already awesome rack over the top.


  • Alloy steel construction
  • Thick surface coating
  • Sturdy 2” hitch 
  • Easy installation 
  • Comes with all the mounting hardware 
  • No wobbling 
  • Steady on bumpy terrain
  • Can be folded up when not in use
  • Convenient tilting mechanism
  • 140 lbs load capacity
  • Can carry 4 large bikes
  • Thick ratcheting straps 
  • No scratching or damaging of the bikes
  • Safety reflector integrated into the rear 
  • Hold various bike frame shapes 


  • Adapter needed for low-Y frame models 

Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Overall Best

If you don’t want to spend literal hundreds of dollars on a high end Toyota Rav4 bike rack, the Ultra Compact from Allen Sports provides a budget friendly alternative that is still well built and capable.

This trunk mounted Toyota Rav4 bike rack makes liberal use of heavy duty alloy steel. It is stabilized by two thick nylon straps to each side, which we found to be quite secure on the road.

But this rack’s most striking feature is its compact design. It is significantly smaller than any of the other racks on this list. In fact, it can be taken off and stored in a backpack when it isn’t being used.

That pipsqueak design does come at the cost of load capacity though. The rack is only rated to haul 2 road bikes, coming in at just under 70 lbs in total. That’s plenty for you and a friend going on a weekend road trip, but not nearly enough for even a family of 3 looking to drive cross country to their favorite camping spot. 

One benefit of this Toyota Rav4 bike rack is the inclusion of Allen Sports’ proprietary tiedown system, which is still as useful here as on their other models. The bike cradles are lined in soft rubber to avoid scratching or denting bike frames.

We also appreciate the fact that the lower frame of this rack is padded in soft rubber to avoid scratching or scratching or tarnishing the paintwork of your Toyota Rav4. 

Another conscious effort to prevent damage to both the bikes and the Toyota Rav4 is the design which allows each of the bikes to be mounted further outward, so that they don’t come into contact with the rear glass or bodywork of your Toyota Rav4. 

Installing this rack is about as easy as it gets. We did not need more than 10 minutes to have the rack fully up and running.

We made sure to give this budget rack to shame stringent and borderline abusive testing as with other racks. We are happy to report that it performed really well, keeping the bike stable even on bumpy roads and rough terrain.

Finally, we also have to commend Allen Sports on outfitting this rack with wider carrying arms that allow longer wheelbase bikes to fit.


  • Alloy steel construction
  • Compact styling and size
  • Side straps for added stability 
  • Can be stored in a backpack 
  • Easy installation
  • Holds 2 bikes
  • Firm and secure bike cradles
  • Does not rattle or creak at speed
  • Wider carrying arms accommodate longer wheelbases
  • Padding on lower frame provides protection from scratches
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty 
  • Budget friendly bike rack


  • Load capacity is not the highest

KAC K4-RT Hitch Mounted Rack 4-Bike Capacity

Overall Best

This KAC platform style bike rack for the Toyota RAV4 is built like an absolute tank, and offers the highest load capacity we have ever seen. It also supports every bike known to man. 

All of the exposed surfaces on this Toyota Rav4 bike rack are made of high-grade alloy steel. It is exceptionally rigid and firm, keeping both the rack and your bikes secure at highway speeds. We tried stress testing it to see if it strained under the load, but the rack just kept on chugging!

This Toyota Rav4 bike rack is rated to hold just over 240 lbs. The wheel trays are 5” wide, perfect for accommodating fat tire bikes. And finally, this rack can hold up to 4 bikes at a time. 

Those 4 bikes need not be stripped down race bikes that barely weigh anything. Feel free to load up your favorite mountain bikes or e-bikes on this behemoth of a rack, because it can take it!

Each of the 4 bikes is housed in its own cradle which comprises a wheel tray for both front and rear wheels, and ratcheting carrying arms that hold the bikes at the frames.

These carrying arms are fully adjustable, so they will fit any shape or size of bike frame. They are also padded to avoid scratching the frames of your bikes.

We found that the 2” hitch configuration is perfectly stable and inspires a lot of confidence while transporting your bikes. It is made even more stable by a no wobble bolt that removes all and any free space between the hitch and receiver.

If you want special features on your bike rack, this Toyota Rav4 bike rack has them in droves. When you’re just driving around town and don’t need as much space, this bike rack can shed 2 of its bike cradles. 

Even when it is fully loaded up with 4 large bikes, the rack can be tilted forward, allowing you to fully open the liftgate of your Toyota Rav4. 

Finally, it is surprisingly easy to get this rack up and running, given its size. We only needed about 15 to 20 minutes to get it installed on our Toyota RAV4.


  • Alloy steel build 
  • Thick surface coating 
  • 240 lbs max load capacity
  • 5” wide wheel loops 
  • Soft padding on carrying arms  
  • Best for e-bikes, mountain bikes, etc 
  • Stabilizer pin removes free space in the receiver 
  • Detachable bike cradles 
  • Tilting mechanism makes accessing cargo easier


  • Most expensive option

Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch Racks for the RAV4

Overall Best

Here we have another Allen Sports bike rack, this time in the hitch mounted category. This one is well built and durable, and has plenty of load capacity for the average Toyota Rav4 owner’s needs.

Unlike lesser bike racks, this hitch mounted offering from Allen Sports uses an all metal build that gives it better rigidity and durability. It was made to be used at highway speeds, and does not shake or rattle at all when you ask it to perform.

Durability is also pretty high for a rack in this category. The thick powder coating adds to the abrasion resistance, well also looking a lot cooler than regular alloy steel. It soaks up any minor scratches and keeps the rack looking pristine. 

Moving onto the hitch connection, this Toyota Rav4 bike rack comes in both 1 ¼” and and 2” flavors. It uses Allen Sports’ patented no wobble design that completely eliminates any shaking or jiggling of the bike rack.

Load capacity is decent, but not great. It is rated for just over 70 lbs, which is just enough for two adult sized road bikes. That said, it performs really well when loaded up to the max, and does not let your bikes strain or bend under the load.

The ratcheting straps that hold your bikes at the frame are nice and thick, helping keep the bikes firmly mounted. They can also be rotated to fit most any shape of bike frame. The wider carrying arms also allow you to mount most long wheelbase bikes easily. 

When you aren’t using it to transport bikes, the rack can fold down its carrying arms, making it easier to maneuver your Toyota Rav4 in tight spots. The fully loaded rock can also be tilted forward a little bit, to allow for easier cargo access.

As for compatibility, we did not have any issues mounting most different shaped bike bikes on this rack. You will need a frame adapter for low wide frame bikes, but that is to be expected.


  • All metal build 
  • No straining or bending under load 
  • Thick surface coating for better abrasion resistance
  • No rust or corrosion 
  • 1 ¼” and 2” hitch compatible 
  • Does not shake or wobble 
  • Holds 2 bikes
  • 70 lbs load capacity
  • Ratcheting tie down straps hold the bikes at the frame
  • Straps can be roasted to fit different bike shapes
  • Carrying arms can be folded down 
  • Fully loaded rack can be tilted for easier liftgate access


  • Load capacity is just ok

The Toyota Rav4 is quite a capable and rugged vehicle. Which is why you need an equally capable bike rack to keep your bikes safe, be it out on the trail or the highway. 

When it comes to Toyota Rav4 bike racks, the best option is a hitch mounted rack. These racks provide the most stable and secure connections, while also being durable enough for off road use. 

Specifically, the platform style bike racks out there are definitely worth a look if you want a stable and heavy duty bike rack for your Toyota Rav4. These racks will usually have the highest load capacities and sturdiest bike mounts. 

If you want something a little bit more compact, hanging style bike racks for the Toyota Rav4 provide a nice alternative. Just be ready to sacrifice a bit of stability and security, though not much. 

Finally, high quality trunk mounted racks have been popping up by the dozens these days. Go for a trunk mounted rack if you value the compact design and lightweight build above all else. Load capacity will not be as high as either of the other two options, but such are the tradeoffs for a tiny footprint. 

As for some things you should avoid, most plastic bike racks aren’t worth a second look. There are a couple, but they are few and far between. Another thing to be wary of is that new and trendy bike rack that you’ll encounter. The truth is, it is just better to go with a tried and tested method rather than the ‘experimental’ designs that will end up dropping your bikes on the highway. 

And with that, we hope we have helped you figure out which bike rack to get for your Toyota Rav4. Safe travels!


Important Considerations


The first thing to consider when purchasing a bike rack for the Toyota RAV4 is the capacity. How many bikes will you be transporting? If you only need to transport one or two bikes, then a smaller rack may suffice. But if you have a larger family or often go on group rides, then you’ll need a rack that can accommodate more bikes.

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you’re ready to start shopping for a bike rack for your RAV4. There are a few different types of racks to choose from, so be sure to do some research before making your final decision. With a little bit of effort, you should be able to find the perfect bike rack for your car and your budget. Thanks for reading!


Think about how many bikes you need to transport. If you only have one or two bikes, a trunk mount rack may be sufficient. However, if you have multiple bikes, you’ll need a bigger rack that can accommodate them all.  

Third, decide how you want to transport your bikes. Some racks allow you to simply strap them onto the rack, while others require you to actually put the bikes in a holder or tray. Fourth, consider what other features you might want in a bike rack. For example, some racks come with built-in locks, which can be handy if you’re worried about your bikes getting stolen. 


The next thing to consider is the type of bike rack for the RAV4. There are three main types of bike racks: hitch-mounted, roof-mounted, and trunk-mounted. Each has its own pros and cons, so you’ll need to decide which one is right for you. 

Hitch-mounted racks are the most popular type of bike rack. They’re easy to use and can carry up to four bikes. The downside is that they can be difficult to remove, and you’ll need to have a hitch installed on your vehicle.

Roof-mounted racks are another option. They’re easy to install and remove, but they can be more difficult to use. You’ll need to be able to lift your bike onto the roof, which may not be possible if you have a large or heavy bike. 

Trunk-mounted racks are the least popular type of bike rack. They’re more difficult to use than hitch-mounted or roof-mounted racks, but they’re also the least expensive option. If you have a small car, a trunk-mounted rack may be the best option for you.


Third, consider the weight of your bikes. If you have heavy bikes, you’ll need a sturdier rack that can support their weight. fourth, think about the type of bikes you have. If you have mountain bikes with thick tires, you’ll need a different rack than if you have road bikes with thin tires.  Lastly, consider how many bikes you need to transport. If you have a family of four who all love to bike, you’ll need a rack that can accommodate all of your bikes. 

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