The 4 Best Bike Racks for Subaru Forester

If you’ve got a Subaru Forester, then chances are high you like being outdoors. And a great way to multiply the adventures you can seek is through a bike rack.

So while your car takes you anywhere you want to go, the rack helps your bicycle get there too. 

There are three main types of bike racks, and we’ll look at each!

So, let’s take a look at the 4 best bike racks for Subaru Forester:

1. Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B Deluxe Black 1-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack. (Compatible with Most Sedans/Hatchbacks/Minivans and SUVs.)

Tyger Auto has the most aesthetic choice of the bunch, and it’s a bit beefier.

For a slightly higher price tag, you get something that has thicker components than other racks available. 

And it’s not just for show! This rack can hold 55 lbs, or 20 more than the average. 

Couple that with a lifetime warranty and we think this is a great choice for those of you who only need to carry a single bicycle. They also have tension mounted carrier in other styles that can carry up to 3 bikes. But, they’re not as pretty. 

The one knock on this product for us is the price. We can see it’s clear why it costs more, but other options are more affordable. So if you’re looking at a wallet friendly choice, the Allen rack below is going to be more suitable. 

2. Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Allen racks is a brand that has been around for five decades, and they’ve earned a great reputation.

Through innovation and iron-clad warranties they are one of the best selling bicycle accessory companies out there. 

And they do it at a great price!

This SUV trunk rack has 2 options of a 1 or 2 bike carrying capacity. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and has a decent surface area of padding to protect your frame from scratches.

You won’t find another option that sells as well as these, and with consistent praise we can see why they’re so popular. This is a great choice as well. 

3. Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

If you’re looking for rock-solid stability, there is one choice that can’t be argued against.

A hitch-mounted rack will always be able to hold the most weight, and we’ve even seen versions that hold up to 5 bikes at once. 

This Swagman XC2 holds 2 bikes comfortably, and is another best seller. Of course the downside is clear. Getting a hitch is a permanent addition to your vehicle, but if you already have one then you’re set.

This rack in particular folds up and tilts out of the way for you to easily access your trunk. And they’ve attempted to cut down on the normal vibrations of driving with their “anti-wobble” tech. 

This is one of the most affordable hitches, and a good value. If your bikes are on the heavy side(over 35 lbs), you might have to pay a bit more and get a sturdier option, though. 

4. Thule ProRide XT Roof Bike Rack

The final way you can mount a bike is on your roof! You will of course need a roof rack already on your Forester for this to be possible.

As this option by Thule is a mount, that connects to a horizontal roof rack. But, if you have that or are planning on getting one then the appeal of this option is clear.

It doesn’t affect your normal driving options. The only thing you’ll have to be mindful of is low clearings. 

And Thule is known for making solid products, they also tend to be on the pricer side. But, this is one case where “you get what you pay for” is actually true. If you don’t like this option, Yakima makes a great roof bicycle rack as well. 

FAQ Section

Which type of bike rack is sturdiest?

If you’re carrying multiple bikes, and the weight is starting to add up, it’s completely normal to have some trepidation about stability. But thankfully, there is one option that is as solid as your frame.

Getting a hitch-mounted bike rack is the best solution in this case. And they have the most variety of choices for holding multiple bikes. So if you have a growing family, or you just like the idea better of something that’s “locked in”, then this is probably the choice for you. 

As for installation, your local uhaul can install a hitch for you. Or if you’re handy, you can buy the hardware yourself

Are tension mounted racks safe? 

If installed correctly, they’re completely safe. As you’re probably aware of, when there is new technology or innovation it can take a while before the populous welcomes it. And for that reason, the initial skepticism of tension mounts has eroded over the past 40 years. 

They’ve proven themselves to be great options for those of you who want a modular addition to your vehicle that is affordable and non-permanent. 

Conclusion Section

We hope this guide helped you make up your mind on the bike rack for your Subaru Forester. It can be a bit overwhelming to see all the options available, but it’s simple after you decide how you want your bike rack mounted.

We can see the appeal of tension mounted racks for their versatility, roof mounted bike racks for their low profile, and hitch mounted racks for their sturdyness.

If you end up picking something from this guide, let us know how it worked out for you. We love hearing from our readers and thanks for stopping by!