The 5 Best Bike Racks for Subaru Outbacks

An ideal bike rack needs to be strong, compact, easy to operate and affordable. Here we look at the best bike racks for Subaru Outbacks.
Outbacks are compatible with most kinds of bike racks. It can be a trunk-mounted, hitch-mounted or roof-mounted bike rack.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Best Overall

  • Reasonably priced  


  • Universal


  •  Not suitable for step-through bikes
Hitch Mount Platform Style 2-Bike Rack

Budget option

  • Affordable


  • Adapter to minimize wobbling


  • Rear cargo inaccessible
Hitch Mounted Rack 4-Bike Premium Carrier

Premium option

  • Great all around option


  • Can hold 4 bikes


  • not much really

Outbacks are sturdy vehicles; however, that doesn’t mean they can’t get scratched or damaged. Some intelligent choices make the transportation of bikes a walk in the park. Loaded with features like anti-wobble, safety straps, and security locks, these racks make your task easy and simple. A bike rack needs to be easy to install, store and be user-friendly. Here are some of the smart choices for your Outback. Let’s take a look at the 5 best bike racks for Subaru Outbacks:

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Allen Sports Deluxe has all that it takes to be a superstar two-bike carrier. It is safe, hassle-free and it also has looks to complement any Outback. Who doesn’t want to use this type of bike rack? It sure is a head-turner.

Fit this versatile rack on your Subaru Outback, and you are all set to embark on a memorable outing filled with adventure. This trunk-mounted rack takes good care of your bike and vehicle.

Its lightweight and the patented tie-down system provides extra stability, making it an ideal rack for SUVs. A few good features about this bike rack are that it comes fully assembled. Additionally, when assessing this rack, my first thought was how the contact with the car would be done safely. This is done with a clever padded foam design, so no marks are left on the car when the rack is removed.

Allen can carry a wide range of bikes due to its rotational tie-down system. It has two-side straps to provide exceptional stability on turns and uneven roads. The rack has an individual tie-down system to secure each bike.

Hitch Mount Platform Style 2-Bike Rack

This bike rack is the best option for your Subaru Outback If you have a hitch receiver. This  bike rack with its three contact points and just nails it completely. This two-bike carrier is super safe and easy to use. 

Being able to keep the wheels on the bike ensures that the bikes are quickly secured on the rack. It makes loading simple. The rack can be adjusted in length to ensure medium and large bikes can both fit on it successfully. Lastly its low to the group so easy to load heavier bikes.

Hitch Mounted Rack 4-Bike Premium Carrier

Your Subaru Outback will stand out when you arrive with a haul of four bikes neatly loaded on your hitch rack. This heavy-duty hitch-mounted rack is popular for its easy and hassle-free performance. This sturdy bike rack will secure bikes while hardly being noticed. Tyger can carry most kinds of bikes, including kid bikes. It fits perfectly on the 1.25 or a 2-inch hitch receiver.

Tyger rack allows rear cargo access with its tilt-down feature. It gives immense peace of mind when you know that you can simply fold it on the back of a vehicle. This rack pivots at two places, and the top fork folds down for storage. The whole rack swings away from the vehicle and allows you to access the boot of your Outback.

Tyger has provided a cable lock & hitch lock to secure from theft when you are not around. Tyger rack comes with easy-to-use ratchet buckles. Its OE standard black color E-Coating provides you with strong rust resistance. The rack maker offers a no-hassle limited lifetime warranty which is icing on the cake with this versatile bike rack.

Sucker Bike Rack

SeaSucker is hands down the most versatile bike rack ever made. It still blows my mind today, amazing how fast technology is evolving. This single-bike carrier rack is a craze among owners of premium cars. Car owners love this rack simply because of the protection it offers from scratches to the car or bike. Once you get the hang of how to use this bike rack, you won’t look any further. This rack can attach to metal, glass or fibreglass which means it can be set on the vehicle’s roof, trunk or back.

Seasucker’s industrial-grade suction cups can be mounted in different ways on Subaru Outback or any other vehicle. This technology has proved to be safe and reliable.

The rack has a single bike load capacity of 45 lbs. The higher price of SeaSucker doesn’t pinch as its design and technology are incomparable to other racks. It has a universal fork mount with 9mm plugs to firmly hold the bike. A quick-release skewer makes it easy to use this rack.

SeaSucker has already made it to the Tour de France where bikers loved the efficient performance of this rack. Indicator band and little pumps assure you that suction is good, thats something people take a while to come to terms with, trusting the suction cup to hold your bike on the car.

Bike Rack Carrier 2-Bike Capacity

Capstone is a popular choice because it is a safe and hassle-free bike carrier. This hitch-mounted rack has earned its laurels from its top performance record. It becomes an ideal two-bike carrier for your car as it can haul most types of bikes including fat tyre bikes. The rack has folding tire platforms with sliding features that accommodate almost all bikes. If you need to haul different bikes, say a 23MM Road bike and a 5-inch fat tyre, Capstone will do it efficiently.

Capstone’s versatility makes it a perfect hitch rack for a family with kids or avid cyclists. This rack is built from high strength steel, making it sturdy enough to carry the load of heavy bikes. The durable high gloss grey powder coat keeps it operational for years.

This bike rack tilts back when you wish to access the spacious cargo area of your Subaru Outback. It is a huge relief when you are on a trip loaded with heavy bikes at the back.  The rack can be left attached on Subaru Outback when you are between cycling sessions or long cycling tours.

The rack is compatible with all vehicles with 2” receivers and it can also fit on a 1 1/4” receiver with an additional purchase of an adapter. It has an anti-wobble system that secures bikes and prevents damage. It comes with adjustable locking hooks that secure the bike’s frame to the rack. The locking knobs give you peace of mind when you are travelling.

Our final say on Subaru Outback bike racks

Above are our best recommendations and reviews of bike racks. Whether you are a keen rider or go on family outings, there is a bike rack suitable for you. These racks are suitable for Outbacks as well as other SU

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