The 3 Best Bike Racks for SUV

In this article, we’ll be recommending the best bike racks for SUVs. 

Our testing and evaluation considers factors such as the quality of construction, load capacity, and of course any special features offered by the specific bike racks. And at the end of the day, real world testing is the most effective trick we have up our sleeve. 

With all of that in mind, we think the Leader Accessories 2-bike rack is the perfect pairing for your SUV. It has stellar build quality, and a sturdy bike mount to boot. Load capacity is also higher than most other SUV bike racks. 

We have a long history of reviewing and testing vehicle accessories. And now, we want to use our experience to help you make the most worthwhile purchase decision. 

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on the best bike racks for SUVs. 

Leader Accessories 2-Bike Rack for SUV

Overall Best

Leader Accessories 2 bike rack is a platform style bike rack that offers impressive build quality, and plenty of carrying capacity for your largest bikes. It also has a couple other goodies that make the whole package more compelling.

We really liked the robust build of this platform bike carrier. It employs the highest grade alloy steel. Furthermore, it is coated in a black powder that holds up well to corrosion and minor scratches. This layer also helps prevent moisture damage, especially if you use your SUV off-road.

Carrying capacity comes in at just over 140 lbs. That is close to the highest we’ve seen and allows you to carry two large bikes, whether they are road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes or fat tire bikes. Speaking of, the wheel loops are 5 inches wide so you can easily fit fat tire bikes as well.

Besides the tray style loops, the bikes are also held firmly at the tube frames. This rack also uses ratcheting tire straps to keep your bike in place. We did not notice any wobbling or shifting of the bikes even at highway speed.

We tested a variety of different frames with this bike rack and were able to fit most of them without any problems. We only needed to use an adapter for certain low-Y frame bikes.

Installation is really easy and quick. We did not need more than 15 minutes to have the rack fully installed on our SUV. It uses a 2 inch hitch which is perfectly stable and inspires a lot of confidence when carrying heavy bicycles.

As with most high quality racks, this one can be tilted forward to allow for easier lift gate access. And unlike other bike racks, this one has a handy lever at the bottom that releases the lock, allowing you to tilt the rack forward even when it is fully loaded up with bikes.

All of the parts of the rack that interact with your bike are lined in soft material to avoid scratching or denting it. There are knobs that allow you to adjust the cradle on the fly. This is a really convenient feature that we wish more bike racks integrated into their design.

Finally we like the fact that this bike rack comes with safety reflectors on the back. This makes the rack more noticeable at night and could potentially save you from an accident.


  • Solid, durable design
  • Coated in abrasion resistant layer 
  • More resistant to rusting 
  • 2” inch hitch receiver
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Foldable design is great for storage 
  • Can hold two 70 lb bikes easilyBikes are secured at the frame and wheels
  • Adjustable wheel hoops
  • Ergonomic knobs enable easy adjustment
  • Anti-wobble system keeps the rack stable
  • Tilt back feature makes accessing the trunk easier


  • One report of package missing pieces

MAXXHAUL Hitch Mounted 2-Bike Rack

Best Budget

This budget friendly SUV bike rack is a bit of a dark horse. Underneath the affordable price tag is a high quality build, a robust carrying capacity, and a firm bike mount. 

This rack is constructed almost entirely of alloy steel and treated with a thick powder coat for added durability and corrosion resistance. The fit and finish is top notch and you wouldn’t know to look at this rack that it is so reasonably priced. 

Loading capacity, while good, could have been better. It can carry two large sized bikes for a total of 100 lbs. That isn’t the highest load capacity we have measured but it is plenty for most road bikes. Not to mention, it is unheard of at this price point. 

It is compatible with 1 ¼” and 2” hitches. We can report that the fit is rigid and does not move around inside the receiver. We tested all of these bike racks, fully loaded up, on actual roads, and the Maxxhaul was right there with the big boys when it comes to stability. 

Installing this rack is a breeze. You get all of the mounting components in the box, and you don’t need any extra tools, beyond maybe a screwdriver and some elbow grease. Done right, it should take less than 20 minutes. 

Now, let’s touch on the actual bike mounts. Maxxhaul opted for a hanging style rack that has been outfitted with thick buckle straps for securing your bike at the frame. It’s a firm mount and you don’t have to worry about your bikes falling off the back of your SUV. 

Furthermore, the cradles are made of high quality plastic which makes them infinitely adjustable for a more snug fit. The cradles and most of the bike rack are also lined in soft rubber to avoid scratching the bikes. 

Finally, we were pleasantly surprised to find that this rack swings forward for easier liftgate access. This is a feature we thought was reserved for only the most premium bike racks, but here it is on Maxxhaul’s budget SUV bike rack. What’s more, it even uses a quick release pin for more convenient operation. 

And as an add-on, you get a couple safety reflectors on the back that help other drivers see your bike rack more easily at night. Although if you ask us, the yellow rubber lining on the rack is bright enough to be visible from space!


  • Alloy steel build
  • 100 lbs load capacity
  • Carries two large road bikes
  • 1 ¼” or 2” hitch
  • Hitch is very stable at speed
  • Easy to install
  • All mounting hardware is provided 
  • Sub-20 minute install process
  • Sturdy buckle straps for added stability
  • Adjustable cradles for a more snug fit
  • Soft lining in cradles and straps to prevent scratches
  • Tilting mechanism for easier liftgate access
  • Quick release pin for added convenience
  • Safety reflectors on the back (extra points for this one)


  • May not fit all bike frame shapes

Hollywood Racks 4 Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Premium Choice

Hollywood Racks’ 4-bike hitch mount rack delivers industry leading build, fantastic carrying capacity, and a sturdier system for securing your bikes.

It is designed to hold four bikes at the same time. Each bike gets an individual bike mount that is quite secure. The tray wheel loops are wide enough for most road bikes but won’t fit any fat tire bikes. 

High quality alloy steel is the material of choice for this bike rack. We did notice some plastic bits here and there, but only where absolutely necessary for adjustment. We think this is one of the best built racks on the market with a special black powder coating for enhanced durability.

Carrying capacity is just shy of 140 lbs. That is plenty for four large sized road bikes, but can also hold heavier mountain bikes, electric bikes, etc. We test-mounted a number of different bike frames and they all fit perfectly.

The bike’s wheels are held in place by tray style loops. The bikes stay even more firm and rigid thanks to the ratcheting straps which hold the bikes at their frames. The main masts are outfitted with adjustable cradles to hold different shaped bike frames.

The hitch used for this bike rack is a 2” x 2” configuration. It is very stable at speed and does not shake or move around on the highway.

Installation is thankfully quick and easy. The included instructions are concise, and any required mounting hardware is included with the rack. All in all, it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to have the rack ready to go. 

If you’re worried about adding even more length to your already large SUV, you can put your concerns to rest. This Hollywood Rack can fold down into a smaller size when it is unladen. This is great for storage as well as everyday driving when you don’t need to carry any bikes.


  • Alloy steel frame
  • Black powder coating 
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • 140 lbs load capacity
  • Holds 4 bikes
  • 3” tray style loop
  • 2” hitch is more stable
  • Does not move around at high speed
  • Locking threaded hitch pin keeps the rack stable
  • Can be folded when not in use
  • Ratchet straps keep the bike frame in place
  • Easy installation


  • Does not tilt for easier tailgate access

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