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The 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers for ATVs

You’re cruising along in your ATV, riding the trail you’ve been on plenty of times and thinking about a juicy burger you’re gonna eat when you get home. 

When all of a sudden – it hits you. Music! 

If only there were a way to break the silence on your ride with.. sound? Well, ATVs are loud and your phone aren’t going to put out enough volume for you to get a good listen. 

Bluetooth speakers made with ATVs in mind can solve your problem, and there’s a good selection of quality pairings available. So let’s take a look. 

Here are the 5 best Bluetooth speakers for ATVs:

1. Fugoo Tough XL Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

These Fugoo Tough XL Waterproof Speakers are the best Bluetooth option for someone who wants to be protected from puddles or minor submergence in water – up to 3 feet.

They are battery operated, you charge them up before your ride and they’ll last you up to 35 hours

While other speakers have a more heavy duty look, at best they’re water resistant. This is waterproof, snow-proof, mud-proof and shockproof. Those sound exactly like the qualities someone who rides an ATV would need. 

The shell is a composite of resin/plastic/aluminum/steel and the sound is angled with speakers so that it’s 360 degrees. There aren’t only speakers on the front pushing the sound forward, if you’re riding behind this you’ll also hear the music. This model is about six pounds. 

If you have a phone that uses micro-usb to charge there is a port available to use on the speakers while you ride. Why are we so high on these speakers? Well, watch the video below and you can see why they’re our favorite.

2. Noam Nutv4 Bluetooth Speakers

These Noam Bluetooth Speakers are a higher end option if you’re looking for something that’s good quality and you have a proper mounting place in mind.

They’re water resistant so if you are taking these off road you should be good as long as you don’t pretend you’re a submarine. Hook em up to your phone directly if you want, they come with an aux input. 

Those little handles can actually be bent back and closed again when you mount them to something, so lot’s of UTV/ATV riders will put them on the frame and just let them dangle – works pretty well. You don’t have to fret about wires and all that if you’ve got these on.

They’re powered with 12V, so if you plug in the power unit to your battery with the supplied hardware – you’re ready to rock some nice speakers and get some tunes going. Installation isn’t difficult, you wire the power cable to your battery and it comes with an on/off switch. Figuring out where you want to mount it is probably going to take the most time. 

3. Sound Storm Bluetooth ATV Speakers

Sound Storm’s BTB6 Bluetooth speakers are connected in one unit. It’s going to be sturdier and easier to mount than the separate speaker setups.

This will lie horizontally on your ATV and it comes with mounting hardware for you to secure it to the back.

It’s a decent amount of power, maxing out at 450 watts and it’ll run off of your 12V battery. If you really want to crank the volume there’s a bigger version with 700 watt speakers. Use the Aux input for your phone or mp3 player or use the Bluetooth option and get some streaming going. It’s another rain resistant option built with rough use in mind. 

Did we mention it’s affordable? This is one of the cheapest options available while not actually being cheap in quality. A great value for its price. It’s kind of bulky which might be a turn off to some, and if that’s the deciding factor there are lots of tiny speaker options. You won’t get as much power out of those though, and the acoustics in this unit is pretty good because of the housing. 

Even though it does look a bit bulky, that doesn’t mean it’s heavy. The whole thing is about 13 lbs so it’s not going to be noticeable. 

4. Boss Audio Bluetooth ATV 3" Speakers

Boss Audio Bluetooth ATV speakers are going to provide you the least amount of volume compared to anything we’ve reviewed. 

If you don’t need a lot of sound and you’re looking for something simple – this is going to be one of the best choices weighted by value and build quality.

The 3″ speakers are the most affordable option on the list.

These are “weatherproof” not waterproof, so like all the speakers they aren’t going to stand up to being dipped in water but a splash won’t fry them either. It runs on 12 Volts, just gotta hook it up to your battery. There is an aux input and its capable of picking up streaming from Spotify or any other service.

These do come in chrome but they look a bit tacky. A good thing about Boss Audio is they’re a recognized brand, so they have pretty good warranties usually. They offer a 3 year warranty on this setup. You’re not going to get bass with these, but for what the price is it’s still a great deal. 

5. Boss Audio Systems ATV30BRGB ATV UTV Sound System

Boss Audio’s Bluetooth speakers have gone for a little more aggressive look, and it’s a refreshing change from most regular designs. 

The rugged look can fit the feel of riding an ATV for some, and the RGB illumination gives you some style points. On sound output, it’s 450 watts. These are not weatherproof and not recommended to take into the rain.

On a nice clear day however, these will suit you just fine. They mount to the rear of your ATV and even include a handy remote. Our gripe is mainly with the branding on this model.

If you claim weatherproof, lots of people are going to assume it can be taken into the rain and that’s just not the case. 

FAQ Section

Are there any waterproof Bluetooth speakers for ATVs?

Most options we found were water resistant, with only one being waterproof. That model was the Fugoo. It’s a difficult problem to try and solve, by nature a speaker has to be open to project sound. 

But they found a way to make it able to handle up to 3 feet of water, which is really cool for anyone who deals with splashes and puddles regularly.


Conclusion Section

If you’re riding in a UTV, the Noam Bluetooth speaker system is going to be the best option. You can put those on your roll bar and forget about them. They’ll be there securely for a long time.

But, for us we needed something that sits securely on the back and doesn’t get in our way. All while not being too expensive. Additionally we didn’t want to worry about something getting wet. By nature, ATVs are going to handle tougher situations and water is a byproduct. Fugoos Bluetooth Go checked those boxes.

If you do choose something from this list and have things to say about it, let us know! Hopefully, you found something you liked.