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The 4 Best Car Covers for Honda CRVs

The Honda CRV is a dependable workhorse that has blossomed into a best selling vehicle for Americans.

They keep running without costing us too much in maintenance. So, it makes sense you want it to last!

A car cover can help in that endeavor. Protecting your ride from the elements to make sure it stays around a while longer.

Let’s take a look at the 4 best SUV Covers for Honda CRVs:

1. Xtrashield Custom Fit 2010-2019 Honda CR-V

Our first option by Xtrashield is a custom made fit for the CR-V’s frame. 

It won’t cover all years, but if you have a model between 2010-2019 you’ll be fine. This piece of fabric receives high praise from buyers. 

It has a custom stitch for the rear antenna as well. One thing to note is this is a water-resistant design, and not water proof. If you want a completely water proof option, there are some featured below.

A great thing about this design is you don’t have to have elasticity make up the gap for a tight fit. This will fit snugly and they’ve included some straps if you want to tie it down on a windy day.

Custom fitted car covers for any option tend to cost a bit more, and this is the same. It’s one of the pricer options in this guide but that comes with the better fit. This is lightweight at 4 lbs, and you even get a carry bag.

This is not an all-weather cover. It’s best for someone who wants to protect their vehicle from the suns rays with its two layer design. 

2. Titan Lightweight Car Cover for Honda CR-V

The Titan Lightweight car cover is an all-weather design.

Whereby our first option was made for the sun, this is made for it all! It has a length of 187 inches and will fit your CR-V. 

This primarily relies on elasticity to keep taut. You can also keep this on in the rain as it is waterproof. A nice thing about this design is they’ve added a zipper to the drivers side door.

If you need to retrieve something in your vehicle, you get to save yourself the headache of taking off the whole cover and putting it on again. Pretty neat! They focus on making lightweight covers and this is only 3 lbs.

It does include a carrying case and straps/buckles on the bottom to keep it secure. This is a great overall value for someone who wants a lightweight option to protect their vehicle from all elements. 

3. ELUTO SUV Car Cover Waterproof All Weather

We’ve now entered the universal cover category with our next two options.

Eluto’s cover has enough length to fit your CR-V, at 191 inches. Most models are 180 inches in length, with the 2020 version being 182. 

In summary, this will work. 

So, why did we include it in our top options for your car? Well, when you see the price you’ll understand. This is a great value, and one of the cheapest options out there that is not cheap in build quality. 

It’s an all-weather cover that can stand up to the elements. There is an elastic hem and a center point buckle to snap together snugly if the weather is windy. The reflective strips are a nice touch.

For anyone not sure if a cover is something they’ll use a lot, you could get a super affordable option like this and see how it goes. As with most options, a storage bag is included. 

4. Budge UB-1 Lite SUV Cover Gray

The Budge UB-1 is another universal car cover that will fit up to an 185″ vehicle. Yes, this means your CR-V should be good.

It will fit well due to the hem job. The standard for a cover is usually to have a hem job for the front and back. 

This has it going all the way around, which is nice!

It’s made from a single layer of polypropylene which is why it only weights about 4 lbs and is water resistant. If you want to store your vehicle indoors with a nice lightweight option, this is good.

Where this doesn’t shine is sitting outside all day exposed to wind, sun, rain, and dust. This lightweight option is just that, a well-fitting preservation option best for indoor use. 


How long should I expect my car cover to last?

With car covers, all of them suffer a certain kryptonite. That is, windy days. Wind is the number one enemy of a car cover with sun coming in second. We say to be realistic, you should expect around two years of constant use.

There are other factors of course, but that seems like a good ballpark figure. Many have fallen aghast at the site of their beloved covered with tears after a windy day. It’s bound to happen, just prepare yourself for it!

How else can I protect my car from the elements?

If you’re mainly looking to keep your car looking good on the road, then a semi-regular waxing may be the thing it needs. We wrote a guide on some of the most popular car waxes available today. 

Do you have any other guides for CR-Vs?

Why yes we do! If you are planning on taking your family on an excursion, our roof box guide could be a boon to your research. 


Hopefully, our guide has helped you see some of the popular options out there! If you’re looking for all-weather protection we think the Titan has to be near the top of the list. Or if you’re shopping on price, the Eluto is a great deal.

Whatever you end up choosing, come back and let us know how it worked out! We love hearing from our readers. Good luck on your search.