The 4 Best All-Weather Car Covers for Honda Civics

The Honda Civic is an iconic car that is known for being reliable. From street rattlers, to everyday drivers, you’ll see them everywhere.

And if you’ve grown fond of your Civic, you’ll want to keep it covered whenever possible. 

The Honda Civic generally ranges in length from 175-185 inches. So we’ve picked covers that fit within that range in this guide. You can find your exact length easily, we’ll show you how at the bottom of this article.

Now let’s take a look at the 4 best car covers for Honda Civics:

1. Motor Trend 4-Layer 4-Season (Waterproof Outdoor UV Protection for Heavy Duty Use Full Cover for Cars up to 190")

Motor Trend is a brand most everyone has heard of, and they have started producing quality car covers too. 

This weatherproof 4 layer option even includes a cable lock to make sure no one takes it!

There are more affordable options, but with the reputation of this product we think it’s a great value and our top universal pick. Although it’s nearly a tie with our cheaper Eluto option featured at number 3 of this guide.

We’ve selected the large size for you which will fit your Civic at up to 190 inches. This has a soft inner lining that they’ve deemed as “scratch proof”. It comes with a storage bag as well.

2. CarsCover Custom Fit 2010-2019 Honda Civic Car Cover Heavy Duty Weatherproof Ultrashield Covers

The CarsCover is our only custom fit option in the guide. For those of you who want that perfectly snug cover, this is it. 

But why is it the only one? Well, they tend to be expensive. This does cost a good bit more than universal fits!

The reason these tend to be more expensive is because the manufacturer can’t offset costs by selling to a wider audience. On to the product, it has custom mirror pockets and 5 layers of protection.

It’s hemmed and elastic on the front and rear portions of the cover.

This will shield your Civic from rain and uv rays. They’ve also included buckle straps to keep it put for those windy days. The interior lining is soft to prevent scratches and a carrier bag is included.

Is this worth it? Well, it has favorable feedback but it really depends on you. If you think that custom fit justifies the price then yes. 

3. ELUTO Car Cover Outdoor Sedan Cover Waterproof Windproof All Weather Scratch Resistant Outdoor UV Protection with Adjustable Buckle Straps for Sedan Fits up to 185’’

Eluto and their car covers are bargains! This weatherproof option is the most affordable of the lot.

It does fit up to 185″ which should be nearly all civics, but consider ordering a size up if you’re close to that limit. 

It’s elastic on the front and back. There are also reflective stripes to hopefully prevent someone from crashing into it at night. This isn’t a several layer cover. There is just one polyester layer, but more doesn’t automatically mean better.

It still has very favorable reception. The side mirror pockets are a nice touch as well. There is a buckle strap to keep it put. It’s a very simple design and we’re fond of it. Storage bag included.

4. Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover Waterproof All Weather for Automobiles, Outdoor Full Cover Rain Sun UV Protection with Zipper Cotton, Universal Fit for Sedan (178"-185")

Last but not least is the very popular Kayme 6 layer cover. With an internal cotton lining, you can rest with confidence it won’t scratch up your paint!

There is even an included zipper so you don’t have to yank off the cover if you need something from your car.

This is elastic at the front and year. With a wind buckle. It has everything most other options have and the zipper access was a nice addition. But it’s a tad more expensive. Still, it’s popular for a reason. 


How can I easily find the exact length of my model of Civic?

Simple! Google will spit it out as the first result. You simply have to type your model, year, and the keyword length. So for example say you have a 2017 Honda Civic. Just type “length 2017 Honda Civic”. 

Here is the result in that instance

How else can I protect my paint besides a car cover?

We recommend using a synthetic wax to provide a layer of protection for your paint. We wrote a guide on that here if you’d like to see. If you like going the extra mile for protection, you’ll apply a layer for most of these options about every 6 months. But, you could do it at shorter intervals if you wish!

Will a car cover scratch my paint?

Even the roughest car cover fabric is unlikely to scratch your paint. The issue is when owners have debris trapped between their car cover and vehicle. If a “hard” fabric with a tarp like feel comes into contact with sand or other hard particles it can cause issues. Just imagine those little rocks moving around at night between your cover and your car. A scratch would happen in that scenario most likely.

So the way to avoid it is just to make sure your car is clean before putting it on. 

Should I get a size up for my car cover?

If you’ve ever bought clothes that shrunk, you know this predicament. We recommend getting a size larger if your specific car year is close to the edge of the limit of car cover. For instance, if a universal fit goes up to 185 inches and your car is 184 then yes go a size up!


Hopefully, this guide helped give you the information you need to make a smart purchase. We know that searching through all the options can be tiresome but there are definitely some quality picks. And great values.

We think overall that the Motor Trend cover is one of those great values, but the Eluto is close. If you want a custom fit then CarsCover could be the one for you. 

Whatever you choose, let us know how it works out! We love hearing from our readers and thank you for stopping by. 


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