The 4 Best Car Covers for Hyundai Elantras

The Hyundai Elantra has continually gained momentum over the years to become a best seller.

Incredible warranties and an affordable price point raised eyebrows. So it makes sense that owners have grown a bit fond over these well-built machines. 

In this guide we have a mix of all weather covers and general garage protection covers. 

Let’s look at the 4 Best Car Covers for Hyundai Elantra:

1. Favoto Full Car Cover Sedan Cover Universal Fit 177-194 Inch 5 Layer Heavy Duty Sun Protection Waterproof Dustproof Snowproof Windproof Scratch Resistant with Storage Bag Sedan Cover

The Favoto Car Cover is a universal option with five layers of protection that is fully weatherproof.

It has side mirror pockets and a front/year elastic lining to keep it snug. 

But the feature we like most is that there is still driver side access with the cover on.

As you can see from the preview, they stitched in a zipper for you to be able to grab your things without tearing the whole cover off. They’ve included a storage bag as well and the reflection stripes are a nice touch.

They’ve included tie downs to help it stand up to the wind. They actually secure around your hub caps, which seems like a hassle but once in a while on a very windy day it would be worth it. 


2. Leader Accessories Car Cover Basic Guard 3 Layer Dust UV Ray Resistant Universal Fit Outdoor Full Sedan Cover Up To 185"

This extremely affordable cover from Leader Accessories isn’t an all weather option!

But it is perfect for keeping your paint fresh and your car from accumulating dust, bird droppings, or whatever else this beautiful planet has to offer. 

It’s the perfect size for an Elantra at up to 185″. When a cover has a larger range to accommodate for more types of vehicles, sometimes it will sag a little. That’s something you won’t have to fret about with this.

There are tie-downs for the wind and elastic hemming around the front and rear. They’ve also included a storage bag. If you want to keep your car mostly in the garage or have a very cheap option to shield it from the sun, this is for you.

A benefit that a fabric cover has like this one has is that the material is much nicer to use. All-weather covers are great, but because they need to shield from rain sometimes they have that plasticy feel. 

You won’t get that here, and we think that along with the price is why it’s worth a second look.

But if you live in a rainy place, we get it! One of the other options would suit you better. Or if you like this brand, they also have those weatherproof options to choose from. 

3. Motor Trend OC443 4 Layer Series Outdoor Car Cover Custom Fit for Hyundai Elantra 2000-2018 All Weather Protect Waterproof by Motor Trend

Motor Trend has a 4 layer custom fit for your Elantra! The difference between the length of the 2018 model and the 2019 model of Elantra is only 2 inches.

So, if you have a newer model, you could still give this a shot and see if it works. 

Custom fitted anything usually costs substantially more, so we’re pretty hyped about this being relatively affordable. It’s in the same price range as most all-weather covers. They’ve even included a cable lock for you.

This also comes in a 7-layer version which is pricier. We think the base model is the best value.

4. YIBEICO Outdoor Full Car Cover, SUV Car Cover UV Protection Waterproof Windproof Scratch Resistant with Reflective Strips Drive-Side Door Zipper Automobiles Universal Full fit Car 178''-191''

Last and least.. in price! Is the Yibeico weatherproof cover. This is a great value that has some features we love.

The door is still accessible with the zipper on, just like the Favoto cover. And there are more similarities like reflective striping.

But the one area most options can’t compete on is how affordable this is. If you need an all-weather cover for your Elantra, we think this is a great option. 


What are other ways to protect my Elantra from the elements?

When the cover is off the only constant force your car will be exposed to are the UV rays of the sun. Regular paint offers great protection in that regard, but if you want to add another layer to keep your car looking fresh then you may want to consider car wax.

These days most of the car waxes are synthetic and require a lot less work than previously to put on. The best seller for car waxes is SHINE ARMOR, which does a good job. 

How do I know if a car cover will scratch my paint?

Any car cover has the capability to scratch your paint IF you have particles or dirt trapped between your car and the cover. Friction can cause them to dig in. Make sure your car is clean before putting anything on it. 

I want a universal cover that you haven’t listed, how do I find out the correct length of my Elantra?

If you’d like to grab a universal cover that we didn’t list, knowing the exact size of your Elantra is done with a simple Google search! Simply type the year of your vehicle, its model number, and the length.

For example “2017 Hyundai Elantra Length”. When we query this the result kicked back is 179.9 inches. So now you’d look for a universal cover that meets those specifications or MORE. 

Some of these covers need a size up, so do some extra reading of reviews just to make sure before your order. 

How long can I expect my car cover to last?

For the indoor car covers the answer is years depending on how you take care of the cover. As long as it’s not in a corner getting trodden on daily, you’ll be good. But most people are surprised when their “all-weather” car cover fails early.

The thing to remember is all the elements break down a cover over time. Water wets the fabric, the sun makes things stretch or shrink, and the wind does the final job of ripping seams apart.

For us, we would say 2 years is a great amount of use for a cover that is used nearly year round outside. That’s a reasonable expectation and unfortunately many are surprised when their cover lasts this amount of time or less!


We hope that this guide helped you make an informed decision on your Elantra! If you found something you like, let us know. And let us know how it worked out down the line if you remember. We love hearing from our readers.

In this guide, we think the best overall value is the Yibeico cover. It has a price point that’s hard to beat for all it offers. But, there are plenty of great values here!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day. 


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