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The 4 Best Car Covers for Nissan Rogues

The Nissan Rogue is a durable crossover and it has been one of the best selling vehicles in the USA for the past decade.

So, if you want to keep it covered out of appreciation or admiration, we get it! There are plenty of great all-weather options to protect your vehicle from the elements. 

In this category there are mostly universal fits with custom fits. Universal sizes tend to be much more affordable. We’ve selected the right sizing of each universal model for your Rogue, at the bottom we answer how to get your exact length!

Let’s take a look at the 4 best car covers for Nissan Rogues:

1. AmazonBasics Silver Weatherproof Car Cover - PEVA with Cotton, SUVs up to 193"

When you see Amazon bringing their own brand into play, you can usually count on them bringing their A game.

AmazonBasics did do that with this weatherproof car cover, at a price that beats nearly all competitors.

In terms of value, this is our top choice.  

There is a 1 year limited warranty with this cover. It has that soft inner layer you want to help prevent any scratches to your paint. And the reflectors are a nice touch. There are also side mirror pockets.

The elasticity to keep this snug is sown into the front and back. Wind is always the number one enemy of the lifespan for a car cover, and they have buckles you can attach to keep it from flapping around.

A feature we love is the driver’s side door zipper to access your things without taking the cover off. Lastly, they’ve included a bag for when you don’t need it!

2. Autsop Car Cover Waterproof all Weather,6 Layer Car Cover for Automobiles Outdoor Full Cover Hail UV Protection with Zipper, Universal A8-YM+(Fits SUV 178" to 187")

This is our next universal option, and after this we have a custom fit for #3. 

The Autsop 6 layer car cover has fabric that makes it waterproof and also UV resistant. 

It actually has a very similar look to the AmazonBasics model, down to the mirror pockets and reflectors. 

Even if you don’t go with this one, we recommend reading their description for a small chuckle. One of its features is the capability to ,”block bird poo”. Their writer is very descriptive and we love it. 

This does have the soft cotton lining on the interior that we like to see. And they’ve included a storage bag as well. This is in the mid-tier price range wise and customers are pretty darn happy with it. Autsop made a good product. 

3. CarsCover Custom Fit 2008-2019 Nissan Rogue SUV Car Cover Heavy Duty All Weatherproof Ultrashield Covers

Finally, a custom fit! This custom CarsCover weatherproof .. cover will fit your Rogue like a glove. 

If the glove DOES fit you must.. acquire it? Something like that, rhyming isn’t our strong suit.

They say in the description that this is only good up until the 2019 Rogue, but the 2020 model is the same length.

If you have a new model you should be fine, most likely they just haven’t updated their description. So what was the big shock with this one and why wasn’t a custom option the top choice? Numbers!

When we look at how much this costs we’re not sure if it’s worth it. It’s a trade off for the manufacturer because they have to charge more. They spent extra resources making this fit one model. 

But, with universal options being pretty good for 1/3rd of the price it’s hard to justify. Still, this is a 5 layer weatherproof cover with all the goodies of the competition. If you want to spend more for a custom fit, this is the one to grab. 

4. Kayme 6 Layers SUV Cover Waterproof All Weather for Automobiles, Outdoor Full Cover Rain Sun UV Protection with Zipper Cotton, Universal Fit for SUV (182"-190")

The Kayme 6 layer cover has probably sold more than anything else on this list. This all weather option has all the trapping of a good product.

You’ll get the storage bag to keep it stowed away. And it has buckles to keep it secure on a windy day. 

There is also a driver’s side zipper opening so you don’t have to take the whole cover off. Some models have this, and we’ve seen one earlier in this guide. It’s a really nice feature. 

This is a well made product, but for a universal option we think some of its competitors are beating it on the price point. 


How do I know what size car cover I need?

When you’re looking for a universal cover, you might be hesitant to order when not knowing the exact length of your vehicle. But, google is awesome for this. The first result will give back the exact length of your suv. 

Just use these keywords “year of vehicle” + “model name” + “length”. So you can just type “2014 Nissan Rogue length” and you’ll get the answer right away. The length of Rogues tends to be between 182 inches – 185 inches. 

How long will my car cover last?

That varies greatly on how you use it! Most people expect a car cover to last for several years and in many cases they’re surprised when it only lasts for one, or maybe two. Windy days, rain, and sun all take their toll on car covers that are made to stand up towards that sort of thing. 

The reality is that fabric that has to stretch, contract, and has woven seams will be susceptible to a point to these conditions. If you’re using your cover for indoor use it could last years. But, if it’s flapping around in the wind and being used outside frequently then it’s important to be realistic.

What are some other ways to protect my vehicles paint?

If you’re investing in a car cover to protect your vehicle, you may also think about getting some synthetic wax for UV protection when you’re out and about. We wrote a guide on that here if you’d like to check it out! 


Keeping your car covered is a good indication that you’re the type of owner to go the extra mile. Hopefully, this guide has helped inform you on some of the most popular choices for a Nissan Rogue.

We think in terms of overall value when we factor in price, the AmazonBasics cover is hard to beat. If you want a custom fit though, the CarsCover option is the one. Although it is a bit pricey we must say.

Whatever you end up choosing, make sure to come back and let us know how it worked out! We love hearing from our readers. 


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