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The 4 Best Car Covers for Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 is a popular workhorse in the USA. It looks great and it’s versatile. 

When you appreciate your truck, keeping it covered is a great way for it to look like it just rolled out of the factory. 

There are all-weather covers which tend to have several layers, and single layer covers for keeping it clean while garaged. 

We reviewed 2 custom fits and 2 universal fits!

Let’s take a look at the 4 best car covers for Ram 1500:

1. Xtrashield Custom Fit 1998-2018 Dodge Ram 1500

Xtrashield has a custom fit cover for Dodge Ram 1500s that cover a wide range of years. This isn’t a weatherproof option, but it is water resistant.

The benefit of having this is that it’ll fit your truck like a glove. This has side mirrror cutouts and it’s made for short beds of 6.5 ft. 

Included in this purchase are tie-downs and a cable lock set to keep it put during windy days.Also so no one can take it from you. It’s great for preserving your vehicle from dusty environments or other things that might prompt you to get a car wash. 

This is “water-resistant” and breathable. The bottoms have elastic to hold it in place and they’ve included a free storage bag. 

For the quality and price of this product it has a lot of positive feedback. Thisis our favorite garage to light use option. Planning on keeping your truck outdoors and covered? then we have other more suited choices for you below. 

One thing we aren’t a fan of is that it’s black. For summer months that can be a pain to deal with.

2. Motor Trend T-800 Truck Cover for Ram 1500 Crew Quad Cab Custom Fit All Weather Waterproof Pickup Protection 2013-2019

This cover by Motor Trend is for the crew or quad cab Ram 1500. This is waterproof and weatherproof.

They have it at a great price, and you’ll be able to store this easily with the included bag. 

There are side mirror pockets and elastic at the bottom to make it stay put. There are four layers including the waterproof lining. 

The innermost layer is soft to prevent scratches to your paint. They do have tie downs to hold it in place. What we don’t like is that the elastic is only at the front and rear. So the side cover fabric kind of hangs. 

But, it’s one of the most affordable options available for custom fits that we’ve seen. 

3. Leader Accessories Xtreme Guard 5 Layers Pick up Truck Car Cover Waterproof Breathable Outdoor Indoor (Pick up Truck up to 20'8")

Leader Accessories has a great reputation of making an affordable product that gets the job done.

It’s not custom fit to the Ram 1500, but it’s well made and will fit it regardless.

After seeing some “custom fits” slacking on materials, we like universal covers better anyway. 

This 5 layer cover will shield your RAM 1500 from anything. Well not anything, but anything the outdoors can throw at it! Unless it’s hail. Or something that a 10 lb cover might not be able to hold up to. 

You get the point though, for outdoors weather this has a strong elastic lining to keep it sitting pretty. The storage bag is included and it has tie downs for the wind. Out of everything, we think this is the best overall value. 

4. Kayme 6 Layers Truck Cover Waterproof All Weather, Heavy Duty Outdoor Pickup Cover Sun Uv Rain Protection, Universal Fit (Length Up to 228") L

The Kayme 6 layer truck cover is another of the universal fits. This has elastic lining on the front and rear of the truck.

Are more layers better? not necessarily, sometimes it’s just marketing speak. But the reviews are in, this cover actually holds up. 

If you’re in a windy place, they use buckles at the front, rear, and middle to keep the cover put. Many other brands will use a string that you have to tie under the vehicle. Which is why people don’t even bother.

In this case we think this cover is best suited for windy environments. If you live in a windier part of the world, that is always going to tear your covers up! But you can rest assured with Kayme. At this price point it’s also a good value.


Should I get an all-weather cover or a 1 layer cover?

All-weather covers are great if you’re storing your truck outside primarily, but because the fabric is waterproof it is a bit crinkly and hard to work with. If you’re planning on keeping your Ram 1500 garaged for a good amount of time then you should look at just getting a simple 1-layer cover. The fabric is often softer and they’re easier to get on/off your vehicle.

How long can I expect my car cover to last? 

That depends on your usage, but we’ll give you a general answer and say 2 years give or take. Many customers are shocked when their covers last far less than they expected! The main culprit in most cases is a windy day. After your car has been sitting in the sun or a recent rain, the seams may be vulnerable to being stretched and pulled from wind.

Once things get a little loose, it’s much easier for the cover to fall apart. If you keep your car garaged or you have a relatively stable climate you can expect it to stay around for longer.  

Are there any good products to protect my vehicle when the car cover is off?

If you want to keep your vehicle looking nice and shiny, consider using a car wax. There are formulations these days specifically made to resist damage from the sun. A great product that has UVA/UVB blockers is this Optimum Spray on synthetic wax. 


Hey everyone! We hope this guide has helped you make an informed decision on a way to protect your truck from the pesky particulates of the world. There are two universal and two custom fit options in this guide.

In our mind, the best overall value isn’t a custom fit but rather the Leader Accessories cover. For price and quality, it really stands out. But there are other great options as well.

Whatever you end up choosing, let us know how it worked out. And thanks for stopping by.