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The 4 Best Car Covers for Subaru Forester

You see it approaching, a flock of beautiful aviation in motion. The birds wings produce lift, they glide gracefully.

And as they approach your beautiful Forester, the onslaught begins. Splatters here and there, you feel like you’re in a warzone.. of bird poop!

And if you want to protect your ride from this potential disaster or other elements.. a car cover can help.

So here’s to you, future car cover owner. Your paint will thank you.

Let’s take a look at the 4 best car covers for Subaru Foresters:

1. Autsop Car Cover Waterproof all Weather,6 Layers Car Cover for Automobiles Outdoor Full Cover Sun Hail UV Dust Protection with Zipper

Coming in first is our friend Autsop. Yes, it’s fun to say. 

“Oh what kind of cover do you have?”

“This is the Autsop, you haven’t heard of it.. it’s exclusive”

And as you take a sip of your beverage(pinky out) you notice them aghast..in admiration. 

As they should be! The Autsop offers more layers of protection that most relationships, while coming in at an affordable price. And it’s made to protect your vehicle! Not just to pretend like it cares..for photos and social media posts. No.. this is the REAL DEAL bucko. 

Speaking of words that are fun to say, put bucko in your vocabulary this week. Okay but yes, we picked this first because SUV cover sizing isn’t as widespread in the range for Forester’s as you’d expect.

And you’ll get a relatively tight fit on your ride with this. Since we aren’t in the early 2000’s, loose clothing isn’t popular. And your car knows this..it knows. So do yourself a favor and protect it. The reflectors, side mirror covers, and driver side zipper are great features as well.

2. AmazonBasics Silver Weatherproof Car Cover - 150D Oxford, SUVs up to 184"

If you’ve ever woken up and wondered if Amazon was taking over the world, you are having a rational thought.

Because even when they make products, they seem to hammer the competition into submission. 

And this AmazonBasics cover will also fit your Forester like a dream.. at a price no one can compete with. 

They even offer a 1 year warranty, albeit limited. And that’s something that nearly no one offers in this category. Because an improperly secured car cover can easily become prey to a windy night if you don’t strap it down!

While this goes minimal on reflectors and doesn’t have a driver side mirror, it does have great reviews along with marine grade polyester fabric. For us, this is an incredible value and hard to beat. Instead of sitting at #2, think of it as 1B!

3. SEAZEN Car Cover 6 Layers, Waterproof SUV Car Cover with Zipper Door, Snowproof/UV Protection/Windproof, Universal Car Covers Breathable Fabric with Cotton

So nearly all car covers look identical, and it’s hard to tell the differences. This probably looks exactly like the Amazon cover to you.

But fear not! I am here to discern the subtleties of life… and coverings. THIS cover has a STRIKING difference. 

Yes, sit back in your chair and relax for you are about to be hit with the biggest revelation since sliced bread. 

A drivers side zipper! My goodness, it feels so good to get that off my chest. And it also has a bit more length, at 190″. This could be important to you if you own more than one SUV or.. we’re not sure what else. 

Per the description, this does not have regular light deflection. It has “super light reflection”. If you want a good time on the weekend, we recommend reading through some car cover listings. The translations and pictures can be a blast. 

4. ELUTO SUV Car Cover Waterproof All Weather Full Car Covers Breathable Outdoor Indoor for Waterproof/Windproof/Dustproof/Scratch Resistant UV Protection Fits up to 191''

Here is our last but not least pick. But we mean it this time and we’re not just being nice.

This car cover is cheap as heck! On par with the AmazonBasics brand. With elastic hemming this will fit vehicles up to 191 inches(a bit larger than the Forester). 

But because of the elastic it should still be fine. 

If you want another great value and prefer the look of this to our previously mentioned options, go for it! And let us know how it worked out for you. 

FAQ Section

What Length Car Cover do I need for my Subaru Forester?

If you want the perfect fit for your Forester, it’s important to know the exact length of your vehicle. And as you’ve probably guessed, this varies slightly year to year. Back in 2008, a Forester was only about 176 inches and nowadays it’s closer to 182. 

So if you’d like to know for certain, google is your friend! Simply enter a query stating “year+Subaru Forester+length” for example, when we enter 2020 Subaru Forester length, google immediately tells us that it’s 182 inches. Pretty neat!

Ok great, I found the perfect Car Cover. But how do I protect my car when it’s not in covered?

Thankfully, your cars paint does the best job of protection. But there is a boost you can add to keep you Forester looking shiny and beautiful, all while helping it not get worn down.

And that’s car wax! There are plenty of great affordable options for this these days. We’ve even written an article on it that you can check out here. 

How long will my car cover last? 

This is a hard question to answer. It really depends on where you live, the weather conditions, and how often you’ll use your cover. Many customers are in dismay when their cover doesn’t last long! And a great way to keep yours sticking around is to make sure it’s secured to your vehicle in windy weather.

In fact, besides the obvious elements wreaking havoc, wind is the sneaky one that causes the most damage. Loosening the seams of car covers all over the world(even now)!

A general guesstimate is 2 years. 

Conclusion Section

Thanks for stopping by to read our article! We hope that one of these choices here suits you and your budget.

Speaking of budget, if you want an affordable option there is hardly anything in the same tier as the AmazonBasics Car Cover. And because it’s close to the length of most Forester’s, you’re guaranteed a snug fit.

Now you can park in confidence, and the sidewalk is your oyster or something like that. And if you end up grabbing one of these, come back and let us know how it worked out.