The 5 Best Car Covers for Toyota Camrys

You’re in your Toyota Camry, leaving Ferrari’s in the dust. All while driving with great gas efficiency and reasonable priced insurance.

Then it hits you, you love your car. But.. you’re not doing everything you should be doing to protect this love.

Like getting seat covers! But no worries, you’re here, and we’re here for you. 

Let’s take a look at the 5 best seat covers for Toyota Camrys:

1. Motor Trend OC444 4 Layer Series Outdoor Car Cover Custom Fit for Toyota Camry 1991-2018 All Weather Protect Waterproof

There are custom fit covers and there are universal covers.

This is the former, by a reputable company. Motor Trend has a 4 layer tailor made option for Camry owners as long as your car is between 1991 and 2018. 

This will protect you in rain and shine, and even includes a lock so no one can snag this from your beautiful ride. 

The interior lining is soft to prevent scratches and this includes a carrying bag when you’re not using it. This also has tie-down straps to keep it put during windy situations. For custom fits, they usually cost quite a bit more so we think this is a pretty good value being that it’s custom. 

2. Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover Waterproof All Weather for Automobiles, Outdoor Full Cover Rain Sun UV Protection with Zipper Cotton, Universal Fit for Sedan (186"-193")

The Kayme 6 layer cover is a universal option. And this size range meets the specifications for your Camry. 

Just because it’s universal, doesn’t make it a slouch either! The thousands of happy customers can attest to quality of this brand.

It has all the bells and whistles, including reflectors and side mirror pockets. 

What do we like best about this? Well, you can access the interior of your car without taking the whole thing off. They have a zipper for the driver side door that lets you get whatever you need. 

This is made to stand up to all types of weather, while being breathable. And we think that this choice is the best overall value for your Camry. 

3. Heavy Duty Waterproof Windproof 6 Layers Camry Car Cover for Toyota Camry 2010-2019, All Weather Dustproof Scratch Proof Car Covers for Camry, Free Windproof Ribbon & Anti-theft Lock

This is a heavy-duty 6 layer custom fit for Camrys. It costs quite a bit more than other options on this list as well!

But we really like that they have a 3-year warranty on this. Many people are upset when their car cover only makes it a year or two, so that’s a good sign. 

Included in this is a cable lock, storage bag, tie downs, and even antenna patches so that you can snake your antenna through it. They even have a buckle to go around your exhaust to keep this thing tied down during windy days. 

So, is this the best value buy on the list? That’s up for debate. But the reason it made it is for their warranty. 

4.Titan Lightweight Car Cover (Bondi Blue) for Camry, Mustang, Accord and More. Waterproof Car Cover Measures 200 Inches, Comes with 7 Foot Cable and Lock. Features a Driver-Side Zippered Opening.

The Titan Cover is a universal choice that will work for Toyota Camrys. This has some of the favorable features we like, including the driver side mirror.

Plus, this is one of the more aesthetic options we’ve seen. The blue two-tone striping is appealing instead of the same boring old silver color. 

Something else we really like is that this is lightweight. It’s less than 3 lbs while still being waterproof. Most covers focus on having more layers than your favorite nachos, and it tends to make them heavy. Titan went the other direction!

This is one of our favorite choices for a universal cover. 

5. Leader Accessories Car Cover UV Protection Basic Guard 3 Layer Breathable Dust Proof Universal Fit Full Car Cover Up To 200''

Do you just want a cover to keep your Camry free of dust and debris? 

If you have a garage or you don’t need an all-weather cover, then good news for you. You get to save money. 

This Leader Accessories cover will still protect your Camry, just not from rain. 

This is our favorite option for those of you needing something simple, that you don’t need outside in the rain. 

FAQ Section

I want a universal cover, how do I find out the length of my Toyota Camry?

To figure out how long your Camry is, google is a huge help. Simply type in the year, model, and the keyword “length”. For example, if we type “2020 Toyota Camry length”, google immediately returns 192.1 – 192.7″. 

So now you will know what universal covers will fit and which won’t. For this guide, we selected all the universal covers that fit a Camry properly. 

How else can I keep my car looking good, even without a cover?

One thing you could consider is getting some car wax. Car wax isn’t the laborious process it used to be back in the day with pastes. These days, there are synthetic waxes and they can last half a year with one coating depending on the brand. 

They even make spray bottle waxes. It still takes a little bit of work, but not as much as it used to. We wrote a guide on it that you can check out here if you’d like. 


We hope that this guide helped you make an informed decision for your Toyota Camry. There are plenty of choices both universal and custom. Picking between them all can be a bit daunting.

For us, we thought that the Kayme 6 layer cover is a great pickup for someone looking for weather protection, and if you only want to protect it in your garage then the dust cover by Leader Accessories is a nice choice. 

Whatever you end up getting, let us know how it worked out for you. We enjoy hearing from our readers and thank you for coming by!


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