The 4 Best Car Covers for Toyota Rav4s

Toyota makes great vehicles, and the Rav4 is a testament to that fact. 

It’s one of the best selling SUVs in the USA.

When you can count on your car being reliable, it only makes sense that you want to protect it. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of great choices to keep it looking pristine.

Let’s take a look at the 4 best car covers for Toyota Rav4s:

1. CarsCover Custom Fit 2006-2015 Toyota RAV4 SUV Car Cover Heavy Duty All Weatherproof Ultrashield

CarsCover is a great brand that makes quality products that are custom tailored to your vehicle. 

This cover in particular is an all-weather option that will work throughout the year. 

There are cutouts to fit your mirrors snugly and an included storage bag for when it’s not in use. This design is made of 5 layers, with an inner layer to keep your paint protected. 

This has included tie downs to keep it sturdy in the wind. There are even grommets if you want to secure it with a cable lock. This car cover is on the higher end of the price range, but it’s a good product. 

If you want to spend a little more and get something you know will last, this is one of the most consistently praised brands you can count on. 

By the way, if you have a newer model of Rav4 then you’ll want this cover from them. 

2. Budge UB-1 Lite SUV Cover Gray Size U1: Fits S.U.Vs up to 15'5" Scratch Resistant, Breathable, Dustproof, Dirtproof

This snug fitting cover by Budge fits within the specifications of your RAV4.

This is stitch with an elastic hem around the entire cover to make sure it stays put. They’ve included grommets on this as well if you’d like to secure it from theft. 

Along with a snug fit, the polypropylene material should protect your car from minor annoyances. 

But, it’s important to note that this is a one layer design. So while it’ll protect it from most things including rain, if you’re expecting it to stand a beating from inclement weather we think other options suit that role better. 

This is a great indoor option. They’ve included a storage bag as well. 

3. GUNHYI Outdoor Car Covers for Automobiles Waterproof All Weather, 6 Layer Heavy Duty Cover Sun uv Protection, Universal Fit SUV

GUNHYI has a 6 layer car cover that is suited for all types of weather. They have cutouts for your side mirrors as well.

This has buckle straps at the front and rear to secure it against windy conditions. Along with reflective strips and a storage bag in your purchase.

The inner layer is soft cotton to protect your paint. Something to remember with paint is that you should make sure your car is clean before you put a cover on. Because even the softest material won’t stop a scratch if there’s a rock between the cover and your vehicle!

4. Leader Accessories 5 Layers SUV Cover 100% Waterproof UV Rays Resistant Outdoor Indoor Use SUV up to 187''

Leader Accessories has an all-weather 5 layer cover to keep your Toyota looking fresh.

If you want to keep it covered in the garage, they have a 3 layer option as well. 

This has an elastic hem to fit tightly to your vehicle. Out of the 5 layers they’ve used 1 to protect against water 1 to protect against the sun and the other 3 to hold it together. This doesn’t have a cotton interior liner like other options, but customers still dig it.

There is a storage bag included with this to help you keep organized. 


How can I make my car cover last longer?

The simple truth to this question is that car covers deteriorate with time. At max unless your car is garaged, you should expect about 2 years of service. The number one complaint we see about why a car cover failed early is the wind.

Wind can get into the seams of a cover and rip the fabric to shreds. So if you have the ability to tie it down tight, it’s always a good idea. 

I’m looking for a universal fit cover for my RAV4, what’s the right length?

For all years of Rav 4s their length tended to be between 178-182 inches. To make a tighter fit for your universal cover, choose the size closest to those measurements.

If you want to double check the exact length of your particular model then google has you covered. Simply type “Year+Rav4+length” and you will get the right size back. 

For example if I type “2011 Rav4 length” then google gives me the answer of 181.1 inches. Pretty neat!

When the car cover isn’t on, what’s one of the best ways to protect my paint?

To protect your Rav4’s paint we recommend getting a synthetic wax to give it a barrier against UV rays. We wrote an article on that here that you can check out.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you make some informed choices on which cover is best for your Rav4. There are two types, custom fits and universal. And great options in both categories. 

For a custom fit, we think CarsCover is a great choice. For universal fits, it’s hard to not like the GUNHYI option

If you choose something from this list, make sure to let us know how it worked out for you. We enjoy hearing from our readers, and thank you for stopping by!


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