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The 4 Best Car Covers for Toyota Sequoias

The Toyota Sequoia is a hit in the USA. It’s a dependable full sized SUV that gets you from a to b comfortably. 

So it makes sense you’d want to give it some love and protection with a car cover!

It is one of the longer models of vehicles available, with model years averaging about 205″. So we found covers meeting those dimensions.

Let’s take a look at the 4 best car covers for Toyota Sequoias:  

1. Motor Trend 4-Layer 4-Season Auto

For your Sequoia, make sure you buy the size that says “2XL” if this is the cover you end up choosing. 

Motor Trend is a popular brand well known in the auto industry, and this all-weather cover will protect you in times of rain or shine. 

It has four layers, including an interior layer that will protect your pain from scratches. While some covers claim “water-resistant”, Motor Trend’s polyester shell is truly water proof.

It does come with a cable locking mechanism to slide underneath the mid portion of your SUV. But it’s not exactly heavy duty. 


2. Duck Covers Double Defender SUV Cover

Duck covers has a full length option for your Sequoia with the added bonus of including a 3-year warranty.

You’ll also get a storage bag with this, something that Motor Trend failed to include. 

For a snug fit in addition to elastic at the helm and rear, they’ve included tie-downs and grommets. So you can rest a bit easier during a windy day. This is great for someone living in a sunny environment, but this isn’t an all-weather cover. 

The fabric isn’t completely waterproof, but rather water-resistant. But, it’s still well-made at a great price point. If you live in a more temperate climate this may be a good option for your Sequoia. 

3. Tecoom Hard Shell All Weather Indoor Outdoor Fit

Sometimes a product tries to fit as many words into their title as possible. If you check out this cover, you may have a laugh like we did. 

Tecoom’s all-weather cover is made out of polyester. Which is what most of the all-weather covers have for an outer shell due to it’s water-repellent properties. 

This will fit an SUV up to 210 inches, and has an elastic hem for a snug fit. They also stitched in cubbys for your mirrors to fit in. And if you need to grab something without taking off the cover, there’s a driver’s side zipper.

All of this for one of the most affordable prices we’ve seen. If you’re looking for a great value, it’s hard to dismiss Tecoom. Their reflective strips are a nice touch as well lest we forget. 

4. Titan Lightweight Car Cover

Titan’s universal cover will fit SUVs up to 206 inches. So, it will work for your Toyota. And it’ll be a tight fit. 

There is a drivers side zipper on this and it also has the woven additions for mirrors to fit snugly. 

It includes a buckle belt and straps to hold it in place. This is an all-weather design and it’s waterproof. But, it is a bit more expensive than our favorite Tecoom!


Why are there so many mixed reviews about car covers?

We see this a lot. The truth is, it is incredibly difficult to make something out of fabric that holds up to the elements for a long time. Especially fashioned to shield an automobile. 

Car covers rip and tear over time, or the sun might wear them out. So we say if you find a cover you like, consider buying another one of the same model. Because realistically, it is only going to last you a couple of years. 

How can I figure out the length of my vehicle?

If you’re looking to find out how long your Toyota Sequoia is, simply google the model number + length. For example “Toyota Sequoia 2019 length”. 

If you enter a query similar to that, you’ll be able to find the right size cover for yours. Most models are 205 inches. 


Hopefully our guide has helped you see what’s out there for your vehicle! When we looked at things from a value perspective, it’s hard to beat the Tecoom cover.

But, there are plenty of other good options out there. If you pick up something you see in this guide, or even another choice, make sure to tell us how it worked out!

We love hearing from our readers and do add your input. Good luck on your search. 


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