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The 5 Best Car Covers for your Ford Escape

Have you ever been driving along and gotten a nice splatter from the heavens? Ah the gift of nature. 

But that requires a car wash, and then you’re extra careful about anything else ruining your fresh shine.

If you want to keep your Escape looking great, a car cover is a valuable solution. 

So, let’s take a look at the 5 best car covers for Ford Escapes:

1. Kayme 6 Layers SUV Cover Waterproof All Weather for Automobiles, Outdoor Full Cover Rain Sun UV Protection with Zipper Cotton, Universal Fit for SUV (Up to 181")

Kayme is perhaps the current king of the car cover aftermarket arena.

They’ve managed to put together a package of a quality piece of fabric that actually does what it says it’s going to do!

And that’s something remarkable nowadays. 

This will keep your Escape looking good in all weather and it has some handy little features built in. One of those is the drivers side zipper. A few of the car covers have implemented this design in this guide, and we’re thankful for it. 

You won’t have to tear the whole apparatus off if you’ve forgotten something in your vehicle. Just unzip the side and reach it, and you’re good to go again. The innermost layer is cotton and that helps protect your paint.

Make sure you select the correct size, for a Ford Escape that is usually going to be their option of “up to 181 inches”. For reference, the 2020 Ford Escape comes in at 180.5, and the years before are about 178-179 inches. So, it’ll be a snug fit. 

There are cheaper options in this guide on the price scale, but this isn’t too far above them. And it’s a best seller for good reason. 

2. Titan Lightweight Car Cover. Mid-Size SUV. Fits Ford Explorer, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and More. Waterproof Cover Measures 206 Inches, Includes a Cable and Lock and Driver-Side Door Zipper.

The Titan brand has carved out their own niche in the car cover market by going the other way.

They make extremely light covers. Their strength isn’t measured in layers but in how few lbs they way.

All while managing to offer weatherproof protection. This also has a drivers side zipper and it will give you some extra slack. Since this is made to hold a car up to 20 inches longer than your Escape. But elastic banding around the front and rear portions mean it will still fit just fine, if you don’t mind a little something extra. 

We mentioned it was light, and that means it only has a single layer. Some other options have nicely lined cotton on the interior but they definitely cant compete on price. If a big factor in you using a car cover is “how much of a pain in the behind is this”, then this will be one of the top choices. Getting it on and off is a breeze. 

3. Coleman Premium Executive SUV Cover - 7 Layer Indoor-Outdoor Cover Waterproof/Dustproof/Scratch Resistant/UV Protection for Vehicles up to 210" Inches

If you’ve ever been camping or even browsed a camping section before, the Coleman name will be familiar to you.

They’re known for making quality gear and this cover meets their reputation. 

This seven layer cover is great for keeping your car clean in the garage or outdoors. It does lack some features we consider standard-ish though. 

There are no side pockets for mirrors or reflective striping. And it also is without the drivers side access. But they did throw in a 1 year limited warranty, which is nice we suppose. 

Getting the nitpicks out of the way, we like this cover and their price point. But it could have a little more. 

4. Arch Motoring SUV Car Cover, 3 Layer Dustproof Windproof UV Protection Breathable Jeep Car Cover, Fit Up to 189"

Arch Motoring has a cover we included in this guide for one reason above all, and this is the price.

If you’re looking for something extremely affordable then you can grab this one and have no regrets!

This isn’t a waterproof option, but they do have that available as well for a few dollars more. Although this is a budget buy, it isn’t necessarily “cheap”. And it has gotten a lot of positive feedback. They don’t really have any competition in this price range as well. 

5. Favoto Car Cover SUV Cover Universal Fit 188 inch to 198 inch 5 Layer Driver Side Zipper Design Sun Protection with Night Reflective Waterproof Windproof Dustproof Snow Leaves Scratch Resistant

Favoto has a universal cover that is similar to the Kayme listed above but (at least for now) a cheaper price point.

It includes all the goodies you would expect from a good unit. Drivers side zipper, waterproof, reflective striping, and elastic at the front and rear. 

The only problem is it will run a little big on your Ford Escape. This is made for 188 – 198 inch vehicles. But, if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable and want these features, a little bit of sag might be worth it. 

They include tie-down straps to make sure this stays put in the wind.

FAQ Section

Can a car cover scratch my paint?

Occasionally when reading a review of any car cover, you may come across a disgruntled customer that claims their paint was scratched. Can this happen? Yes it can! And to anyone. But it’s not the car covers fault.

If there are little rocks or debris trapped between the car cover and your vehicles paint, friction will naturally give you a potential problem. So the moral of the story is to store your cover very carefully. Leaving it on the ground, or open to anywhere that a rock could roll into it is not a good idea. 

How can I make sure my car cover lasts a long time?

One of the big reasons car covers have a shorter lifespan than customers expect is because of wind! Wind is in fact the number one enemy of the longevity of your cover. Many brands include tie down straps to prevent your cover from flapping around on those windy days.

And it’s important to use them. Because once a seam gets busted, it will only get worse from that point on. 

Once my car cover is off, how can I protect my paint?

Ah yes, we all have to go outside sometime(unfortunately) and if you’d like to keep your SUV looking great then we recommend getting a car wax. It will protect your paint for about six months in most cases of synthetic waxing. 

We wrote a guide about the top products in that category that you can check out here

Conclusion Section

We hope this guide has helped you make an informed decision on the right car cover for your Ford Escape! There are plenty of choices here with good reviews to choose from.

From our perspective, we think the best value is Kayme’s 6-layer design. It’s not the cheapest option in this guide, but it’s the most popular car cover for good reason. 

If you end up picking something from this guide, let us know how it worked out. And thank you for stopping by, we appreciate our readers. 


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