Best Car Vacuum for Interiors

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There is something wonderful about a clean car. You might be the only person on earth who ever sees your interior, but a well-kept car feels different.

If you have allergies, the dust, dander, and dirt can set you off, making your ride time miserable. 

The simplest solution is buying a vacuum. But what is the best car vacuum for interiors? The answer to that isn’t quite as simple as it appears.

Why Purchase a Cordless Vacuum?

Before launching into the in’s and out’s of buying a car vacuum, you may wonder why you need one.

Keeping your car clean actually reduces wear and tare that can devalue your vehicle for resale.

Getting dirt and debris out of your carpet preserves it in better condition. Doing it yourself saves a ton of money over the long-haul too. 

Next is air quality. With the window closed, you are exposed to all the particles in your car, some of which (like food bits) can grow mold. If you vacuum up those crumbs, you keep yourself healthier. 

Third, the dust in your car can slowly buildup on your windows. This reduces visibility. Cleaning out your care reduces, and potentially eliminates that interior buildup.

Finally, your car vacuum can do double duty. Besides cleaning your vehicle’s interior, you can use it in your home for small areas.

10 Considerations before Buying a Car Vacuum:

How do you go about determining what car vacuum is right for your car’s interior? There are certainly a ton of options ranging in size, power, and overall functionality. Here are some considerations to take into account before you buy.

  1. Space: Depending on the interior set up of your car, a car vacuum’s size matters. Something too large won’t be able to reach those nooks and crannies to get everything out. Something too small in a bigger vehicle requires far more of your time to get things cleaned up.
  2. Driveway Setup: Do you have access to an outlet near your driveway? Do you have several cars parked around you? Generally, going with a cordless vacuum resolves tight spaces and the need for an outlet.
    Cordless models are more versatile and mobile, but you lose some power compared to a corded system. Remember to check to see how long the battery time lasts. Or see if you have the option of getting a back-up battery you can charge while you are using the initial one.
    Some corded systems attach to an outlet in your car so you don’t have to wrangle a long cord from the outside. Alternatively, other systems have extra-long cords to reach outlets (16-feet or more!). Or, you can get a vacuum with a retractable cord!
  3. Weight & Design: A heavy car vacuum isn’t only cumbersome, but it can make you weary pretty fast when you’re bending, stretching, and navigating through your car’s interior. Some models weigh under 2 pounds!
    Design makes a difference too. Take a look at what’s built into a base model. Some, for example, have a rotating nozzle. This helps the machine get deeper into spaces than others. Others have a built-in LED light so you can see in dimly lit areas of your vehicle.
    Another design consideration is noise. When you’re working in the car it’s a small space. A loud vacuum can become very irritating. 
  4. Does the car vacuum feel right in your hand? No matter what advertisement say about the best car vacuum for interiors, the best test of a product is how well it works for you.
  5. Wet or Dry System: Depending on your road trips, a wet/dry vacuum might come in very handy. When something spills, you can suck it right up (and often avoid stains). Most car vacuums are only approved for tackling dry messes, so shop with this in mind.
    If you have children or pets, or have a propensity for dropping your coffee, we recommend a wet/dry vacuum. You can get cordless, handheld wet/dry models.
  6. Pets: Pet hair clings to your car’s interior surfaces like glue. Animals also leave dander and bits of debris behind. Some car vacuums are specially designed for pet hair, and they work pretty well on all other dry dirt too. Look for one with a rubber nozzle (these attract more hair than metal or plastic).
  7. Suction Power: Carpeted surfaces need decent suction to get up all the soil. Corded car vacuums usually have more power than cordless models.
  8. Filtration: You want a high quality filter. The more debris you gather, the less chance that you or a passenger will have an allergic reaction to residue. Look for a system with a HEPA filter, specifically. These gather over 99% of small particles. 
  9. Dust Cup: The size of your car vacuum’s dust cup for interiors will vary by brand as well as the size of the vacuum. While this isn’t a huge issue, a smaller cup means having to empty it more frequently. 
  10. Accessories: Some of the best car vacuums for interiors are those that come with accessories. Simple tools make your cleaning job much easier. A flexible hose, extension wand, dust brush, and upholstery tool are good “add ons” to watch for.
  11. Brand: There are some tried-n-true brands that appear time and time again on consumer “top rated” lists. These include Dyson, Armor All, Black & Decker, Eureka, Shark, and Dirt Devil. You don’t have to limit yourself to these brands obviously, but  if you do buy one it means you’re probably going to be happy with your purchase.

Write down your answers to these questions. They will help you find a perfect fit for your car and lifestyle.

Tip: If you have a plastic tote in your car for small tools and necessities, store your vacuum in there. So doing prevents damage that might occur from rolling around freely in your vehicle.

How to Choose the Best Car Vacuum for Interiors

Even after figuring out the specifications you want by following this 10 point system, you may find you’re still faced with 10 (or more) possibilities. There are also wild price differences ranging from $20 to $800 (no, we are not kidding). How do you make a final decision? 

If you are shopping in a place where they will let you take the machine for a test run, great. Or see if they will show you how it works. Seeing results matters. When neither of these options is available look at customer reviews and satisfaction ratings for guidance. Also make sure your choice has a resonable return policy if you are not satisfied.


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