The 4 Best Car Waxes for UV Protection

The 4 Best Car Waxes for UV Protection

Nothing damages our skin like the sun, and the same goes for cars!

It’s only right that you’ll want the best UV protection for your ride to keep it looking like it just rolled off the lot. 

The 4 Best Car Waxes for UV Protection




1. Optimum Car Wax - With UVA/UVB inhibitors

  • Easy to Apply 

Automotive Spray Wax and Quick Detailer with UV Protectant

  • Will last nearly the entire summer depending on where you live 

3M Perfect-It Show Car Liquid Wax

  • Is best applied with a rag. Is great for applying a thick coat of wax.

Chemical Guys WAC21016 Extreme Top Coat Sealant

  • Great affordable option
  • High level of protection

1. Optimum Car Wax - With UVA/UVB inhibitors

Editors Favorite

If your main goal is protecting your vehicle from the sun, then Optimum Car Wax’s patented formula will help.

They specifically added UVA/UVB inhibitors to this product. And it’s more affordable than most competitors.

Lastly, this is a spray on solution that won’t require you to put in a lot of elbow grease.

For application, wash your car and leave it wet. While it’s still wet, spray the panel you’re going to wax twice. Then slightly agitate with a clay towel. Don’t allow this to dry on it’s own, wipe off each panel with a microfiber towel as you go.

If you follow those instructions, you’ll have a protective coat good enough to last you up to 5 months. Looking for a car wax that you can apply on wet or dry surfaces? The 303 Spray Wax below is worth a look!

  • Does not require you to put in much effort 
  • Couldn’t find any

Automotive Spray Wax and Quick Detailer with UV Protectant

Editors Favorite

Another brand that gone above and beyond for protecting against the damaging rays of the sun is 303!

Yes, they also have added UV blockers in this spray wax formula. And at a surprisingly affordable price, this is one of the top values in this guide.

One coat of 303 will last you nearly the entire summer, but not much more. They recommend reapplying every 90 days. And we think that’s pretty realistic for most brands if you’re going to be leaving your car outside of a garage for a good amount of time.

This formula and company is from right here in the USA. It’s manufactured here as well. Something great about this synthetic formulation is that you don’t need to wet your car down before putting it on, this will work on a dry surface. 

If you’re willing the apply this a little more often, we think the ease of use makes this a practical buy. 

  • Will last basically all summer
  • If I find any ill let you know

3M Perfect-It Show Car Liquid Wax

Editors Favorite

If you’re looking for the freshly waxed extremely glossy finish, then Meguiars Paste Wax will do the trick.

This is the only paste wax in the guide, but it’s got such overwhelmingly positive feedback that we wanted to include it.


Even if it means you’re going to have to lay down some elbow grease to get this one coated properly. 

Unlike some other paste waxes, this is fine to let fully cure on your vehicle before wiping off. And that’s a big plus. You can apply it by hand with the applicator, or if you have a polisher in your armory – that’ll work too.

All of the waxes in this guide are a good value, and this holds true for Meguiar’s as well. 

  • Can be applied quite thick
  • Has to be applied with a rag

Chemical Guys Top Coat Wax and Sealant - 16 oz​

Editors Favorite

Chemical Guys has an affordable option that gets you a good bang for your buck. It’s a blend and another long lasting synthetic wax. 

You’ll only need to put this on twice a year, so one bottle should last you a good amount of time.

 It’s a wax/sealer combo and will keep your car shielded from the sun, salt water, and other pollutants that could affect your finish.


There is a newer version of this product, and we recommend sticking with the older one. You can’t beat a great formula. It can stand on it’s own. 

But if you give your car a polish or use a clay bar first and then apply this, it will make it look a bit better.

  • Affordable 
  • High levels of protection
  • Nothing to mention
FAQ Section

What's a good car wax applicator?

Applicators can be picked up pretty cheaply, but avoid the thin microfiber packs if you don’t want your hand to come in contact with your paint. 

We like these applicators from Chemical Guys because they’re thick enough that our hands can rest nicely on them without rubbing against our nice wax job. Plus, they’re affordable.

Many options include applicators in the purchase price, so you may not even need to buy them separately. 

I don't want a Synthetic Wax - What's a natural brand?

Most car wax today is synthetic because of its attractive properties that can both seal and make something shine. 

But, if you’re an old school type you might prefer a purely natural brand. Formula 1 Carnauba wax will fit that description. 

Sourced from a tree and trusted for decades, this long lasting car wax might not be as popular as some synthetics – but for those of us who really like to get their hands dirty, you’ll be pleased with the results after you use this. 

What does it mean if a car wax is Hydrophobic?

By definition, it means it will repel liquid. Water will bead off your car. Practically, it helps your car to look great by not having any splotch marks from dried liquid. 

Can car wax fix scratches?

Nope, that would be pretty awesome if it could though. All car wax can do is make your scratch appear to be gone as it “fills in” the mark. That will fade with time. It’s not a permanent solution.

BUT – if a scratch isn’t too deep it’s possible to remove it with a polishing compound. You’ll be able to tell by running your fingernail over it, it you can actually feel the scratch then you likely won’t be able to remove it. In that case, touch up the paint. 

Do I need a different type of wax for a different color car?

That’s marketing fluff. Cars get painted all sorts of colors, and they all have clear coats. The clear coat is the last thing applied to a car of ANY color. 

So, don’t go looking for a specific wax, look for the one you think is best for your car. Regardless of what they’re trying to sell you on. 

How often should I wax my car?

Something that seems like it should have a simple rule, isn’t. Waxing your car depends on a few factors that we’ve outlined. A general rule is to wax is at least 3 to 4 times a year. Here are some factors you should consider.

How much do you drive? 

If you drive a ton your car is going to have more wear and tear. That increases exposure to the elements as well. Proportionate to your driving, your car may require waxes more often. 

How is the car stored? 

If you have it in an uncovered parking space at an apartment, or your driveway it’s going to be sitting out in the open. The sun beaming down on it constantly is not good for paint. Have you ever seen what happens when you leave an orange in the sun for a day? It’s not a good look. Thankfully, car paint is a bit more resilient but constant changes in temperature and weather throughout the year will eventually do their damage. If you have it exposed, wax it more often.

How’s the air quality? 

If you’re in a city – there are more pollutants naturally. More traffic, more smog, more random gunk floating through the air and landing on your beautiful paint job. So you’ve got to factor that in, some “greener” cities won’t make much of a difference and some smoggy cities will.

What’s the climate like where you live? 

If you have a salty coastal breeze constantly hitting your car, that’s no bueno. Or if it’s too sunny, the roads are salty, lots of snow, and more factors that only you know. When it comes to car exterior care, you just have to imagine it was your skin as weird as that sounds. If you would be uncomfortable in the weather, so will your car, it just will take it much longer to show signs.

Conclusion Section

Giving your car a regular waxing is a great idea to extend the longevity of your paint job and protect it from the elements. We chose several long lasting synthetic waxes because we don’t like doing a lot of work to be honest. 

So if we only have to wax our vehicle twice a year to keep it looking new, that’s a great deal. For liquid waxes our favorite was the Optimum Spray and for paste wax, we liked the glossy paste wax from Meguiar’s. And if you’re interested in making your car look its best, we wrote a guide on trim restorers here.

If you end up purchasing an option from this guide, come back and let us know how it worked out for you in the comments. We do add feedback from readers into our articles. Happy reading and enjoy your search!