The 6 Best Dashboard iPhone Mounts

You have an iPhone, he has an iPhone, we all have iPhones! Why yes, they’re in vogue and touching them is irresistible.

All the time, a notification about rain or a new recipe on Instagram. But, when you’re driving this can be bad.

Screeching wheels bad. So, how can you fix it? With a mount! And there are plenty of great options available. 

Let’s take a look at the best dashboard iPhone mounts:

1. iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Car Mount Phone Holder

The iOttie can either mount to your dashboard or windshield.

Perhaps the coolest thing about it is its patented mechanism to hold and release your phone. 

The mechanical design allows you to eyeball the width of your phone and push open the grippers. Then it snaps into place and you’re set. 

This works on nearly all sizes of phone because of the adjustable design. So you can be happy that even in the future if you upgrade, this is most likely still going to work. 

The pivot arm allows a great deal of flexibility for angles, and it even extends if you want to push it closer to you. If you prefer a horizontal screen, simply twist it 90 degrees and you’re set!

You’ll pay a bit more for this than simple options, but the design really sets it apart. 

2. Maxboost DuraHold Series Car Phone Mount

The Maxboost Durahold is another pivot arm style phone holder that gives you the flexibility you need to get it “just right” with up to 270 degrees of extension. 

It’s considerably less expensive than other options with similar functionality, although it doesn’t have that professional feel.

It will fit most phones because the sides extend or contract to fit your dimensions. 

This also telescopes out, to bring your phone closer to you. Mount this on your dashboard or windshield. This uses a ball swivel so you can really push the limit on whatever angle you want.

A cool option you have here is that you can use a suction mount or the sticky mount. Depending on the time of year this can make a big difference. A sticky mount is going to be less effective in warmer climates. 

They include a one-year warranty with the purchase of this product. 

3. AUKEY Car Phone Mount 360 Degree Rotation Dashboard Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

Fast unmount and mounting system that uses magnetism, our #6 review also uses this design.

Aukey has a much different design than we’ve seen so far! Diversity in design is a good thing.

This sleek looking phone mount uses magnetism to keep your iPhone secure.

You might be asking yourself a question. Aren’t magnets bad for phones? Yes, they are. 

But not in the way Aukey has designed it. They supply you with a magnetic pad you place inside your phone case. Or a pad you can stick directly on your phone if you prefer to use it without a case.

In other designs, it takes a bit more time to secure and detach your phone from the mount. But, the best thing about this is that it’s nearly instant! Grab your phone and go if you’re in a rush.

The end attachment is a ball swivel mount and the part you attach to your dashboard will move horizontally. So, this still gives you a great deal of flexibility for adjustments. But perhaps not as much as the previous options we featured. 

Overall, this sleek innovate design is a win in our book and worth a second look if you don’t want to spend time unhooking your phone from its mount. 

4. Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount Holder Cradle

This minimalist phone mount by Beam has a different profile than others.

It’s small, and it’s meant to be that way. This inconspicuous mount sticks to your air vent instead of your dash.

Many drivers don’t like a big mount taking up space, and if that sounds like you then you’ll be happy to hear this is easily removable. 

It uses a mechanical clip to attach. So, you can simply unhook it anytime you’d like. There will be no sticky residue left over.

The adjustable fit means most phone models will be sitting pretty in this design. Overall this is great for someone who doesn’t want to commit to the stick!

5. Car Phone Mount, Dashboard Car Phone Holder, Washable Strong Sticky Gel Pad

Amoner has a phone mount that comes with a support stand and even a clip for your charger cord.

If you drive with your phone perpetually plugged in, this might be the solution you’ve been dreaming of all these years. 

It’s not nearly as bulky as other models in this guide, but it still has a pivot arm and telescoping extension. The plus side of the smaller form factor is it takes up less space, and it’s easier to grab your phone and go. 

This uses a suction cup to stay put. If you want something very simple that still has some nice adjustable features, this is a great choice. 

6. WizGear Magnetic Mount, Universal Stick On (2 Pack) Dashboard Magnetic Car Mount Holder

This is another small form factor mount, but this time it’s made by a company called WizGear.

This is a fast magnetic unmount/mounting solution that won’t take up space in your vehicle. 

This does come at a cost of flexibility, though. While this mount is on a ball swivel, you will have a lot less to work with than the other options we’ve featured. 

But, it’s affordable and customers love it for a reason. This is our top choice for value! There is a 2 pack included with all the accessories you need to safely use this with your phone. 


Will these fit my iPhone?

These options are all great choices for up to the most recent model of iPhone. Some of them are even universal, suitable for any type of phone. Or adjustable. But, each manufacturer lists their specifications and it’s important to double check before placing an order. 


To the iPhone users out there, we hope this guide has made your vehicle mounting choice a bit easier. There are plenty of good options, some are bulky and some are small. 

Our favorite was the WizGear mount, we think it’s a great value. If you end up picking something from this guide, let us know how it worked out for you. Most importantly, how did it hold up?

We love hearing from our readers. Good luck on your search!


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