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Floor mats are a great way to keep a clean interior and every vehicle owner knows that dirt along with piles of receipts magically appear over time. 

To keep your interior clean, we took a look at floor mats based on value, quality, and customer satisfaction. 



Let’s take a look at the best floor mats for F150:

1. SmartLiner Floor Mat for F150 SuperCrew 2015-2018

This floor mat set fits the F150 Supercrew from 2015-2018 with front row Bucket seats. These things are HEAVY, and measured perfectly for your vehicle. It’s like adding a bulletproof vest to your interior. They fit snugly by providing a bit of an extra lip that makes sure it’ll cover it’s bases, including custom cutouts for your Supercrew. The only exposed carpet in your truck after installing these will be at the very edges of the sides. They’re not made of rubber, they’re not soft. These are rigid plastic pieces. 

While they look great, the benefit/con of having these is that all the potential debris and dirt you would have lost sight of in your carpet is now going to be clearly visible. So you might want to get a little vacuum as well!

2. Weathertech Floor Mat for F150 Supercrew 2015-2018

This floor mat set fits the F150 Supercrew from 2015-2018 with front row Bucket seats. A challenger has arrived, Weathertech is a direct competitor to SmartLiner for their floor mat lines. They are slightly more expensive, but matched perfectly to cover everything. While other options may not come all the way up to the pedals or cover the sides of the carpet entirely, this does. Weathertech offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on their mat which covers any defects outside of normal wear and tear. 

3. Husky Liners Floor Mat for F150 2009-2014

This set fits all models of F150 from 2009 to 2014. Husky Liners are made in the USA and this nice looking pair comes with a lifetime warranty. Specifically contoured to fit your trucks layout between these years. It’s available in three styles to match any trim, lay one of these down in your F150 and you’ll have added a great layer of protection between it’s vulnerable flooring and the dark secret of owning a truck… That you just want to haul stuff and get it dirty. 

Husky costs more and that’s because it’s a great product. These are made of rubber but have a “plasticy” feel according to some buyers which can be a knock. Thankfully you won’t be touching these with your hands, you’ll have shoes on. 

4. Husky Liners Floor Mat for F150 2004-2008

This set fits all models of F150 from 2004 to 2008. Husky Liners makes the list again, these come in a grayish color and have good coverage of your carpet as depicted in the picture. Like all Husky products, it’s made in the USA with a Lifetime guarantee. It digs into your carpet safely with cleats so it doesn’t shift around when you’re resting your feet or anything else on it. It’s a heavy rubber material and liquid will be stopped in it’s tracks!

Should you get a universal mat for your f150?

There are plenty of options for a one size fits all floor mat out there, and for f150s it’s no different. Some of them are a pretty great deal as well. If you want to save money and get a cheap floor mat it’s not the worst thing in the world.

For us, we like something to be catered to our vehicle. You can’t do that with a thin plastic cutout that’s made to fit every vehicle. The thick rubber/plastic composite of these higher quality brands is only going to fit your Ford

If you don't like any of these styles

Not to worry, we picked out heavy duty options because we feel like most owners who search for floor mats for their truck probably beat them up with daily use. Like we talk about above, there are many available styles that aren’t as heavy duty, but allow you to cut them to your interior style of truck.

 They’re usually made of fabric or light plastic and just take a little bit more work. Since they are more of a general solution. These rubber mats from BDK are exactly what we’re talking about. By leaving a thinner outside edge it gives you the freedom to trim as you choose for your truck until you get that perfect fit. 

Should you get a Floor Mat for your F150?

It’s not a bad idea, over the life of owning a truck chances are you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get the carpet dirty. A lot of the heavy duty options are expensive though, but the cost averaged out over the life of your truck will be minimal. 

Lot’s of owners vary on opinions of what makes a good floor mat. If you tend to spill a lot of crumbs a hard plastic is fine. If you tend to spill liquids, watch out – it’ll just run down your plastic mat and seep into the carpet below. Adding an extra sticky barrier youll have to dig out and clean.


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