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The 4 Best Floor Mats for Jeep Wrangler JK

Jeeps are made for mud, dirt, and general messiness. But if you’re showing sympathy for your floor we understand – some people have a heart.

There are two main options here to keep your floor clean. Universal cutouts or tailored mats. 

We took a look at the popular models and found the ones that checked all the boxes of durability, overall quality, and price. 

Here are the 4 best floor mats for Jeep Wrangler JKs:

1. Rugged Ridge Floor Mats

These Rugged Ridge mats are a great way for you to say no to the dirt. 

They’re thick, well-made by a reputable brand, and they’re relatively affordable.

If you want a custom fit, the prices generally hover around the 100 dollar mark(or more). And this tends to be true with all thes options. 

They’re made for four door models of Wrangler and have a chevron pattern to give you some good traction.

A big complaint lots of buyers have with different brands of floor mats is that there are gaps in coverage. So you might find some mud seeping underneath, and defeating the entire purpose. 

These won’t have that problem, the material covers your floor nearly completely to offer near max protection. This is a good value overall for a 4 door owner. 

2. Husky Liners Front Floor Liners

The Husky Liners brand has a solution for Jeep owners.

These will keep your front floors protected, and they have additional options for the rear if required.

The title of their listing is a bit confusing, but what they mean by “for 2 or 4 door owners” is that you get to purchase the rear option separately! Aren’t you lucky? haha. 

They’re mostly smooth with an interesting design where you put your feet to “pool” dirt and other stuff you don’t want hanging on. They use the standard hooks that your Jeep has to keep them secured. 

You’ll pay a good amount for just getting two mats. But if you prefer Husky Liners to other brands it might be worth it. Customers are generally very satisfied with the quality and the longevity of this product in particular. If you’ve ever dealt with a universal floor mat, you know that getting a thick/heavy option is going to generally be a better idea.

3. WeatherTech Trim-to-Fit Front and Rear AVM (Black)

We’ve taken a few shots at universal floor mats in this guide. But, we don’t they they’re all terrible or not worth buying.

It’s just that most people prefer a custom fit out of the gate. So why did we feature this brand?

WeatherTech has an incredibly affordable trim-to-fit option that is still made with thick rubber. 

The savings in these alone are worth an eyebrow raise. You will have to put some work in, and yes they’re not as manicured as the other options. But if you want something that keeps your wallet happy and your floors clean, they’re worth a shot.

For four pieces of material that isn’t flimsy at this price, it really could be a nice pickup. Reviews back this up as well, most people really appreciate getting a set at this price while maintaining quality. 

Just keep in mind you will likely have some minor gaps with these. 

4. U.A.A. INC. 4PC Black Elite Heavy Duty Rubber Front Rear Floor Mats for Jeep

An officially licensed Jeep floormat you say? Well, that’s novel. 

This U.A.A. brand goes in and out of stock quite often(we’re not sure why). But, hopefully at your time of viewing, they’ll have some.

We like the logo, sleek lines and even the stripe adds a nice touch. 

This set of four is a pretty good price as well, and worth picking up if you like the look. We know we do. 

FAQ Section

Hey man! My Jeep floors keep getting dirt all over them, even after a floor mat. What's the solution?

So door mats are a great choice to keep your floor clean. But are they 100% fool proof? Of course not!

If you are a descendant of the mud people and find your floor having crumbs, dirt or whatever else under it then you might want to give a look at a portable vacuum for your Jeep. The Hotor is a popular choice that can be charged in your DC outlet and it even has some filters. 

Conclusion Section

Keeping your Wrangler looking pretty is a hard job for any owner. It gets used and abused and that’s where it shines, so finding an option to stop the bleeding can take a bit of looking. 

For us, we think the Rugged Ridge mats offer the best combination of durability and quality when you factor in their price. Making them the number one choice.

But, if you’re looking to save money then a universal mat could work. You just won’t have the same fit as if something is made specifically for your Jeep. You’ll save a lot of money though, so we could see it being worth it for the trade-off.

Whatever you choose, let us know how it worked out for you. 


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