Best folding bike racks for cars

The 3 best folding bike racks for cars

Bike racks are an easy to use tool which equips the vehicle to haul bikes safely and hassle-free over long distances. They are designed to be user-friendly. But even an easy installation can become a herculean task when you are outdoors. Bike racks need to be installed, loaded, unloaded and removed from the vehicles. And who wishes to soil their hands in dirt and grease just before embarking on a blissful cycling trip, or when you finished a gruelling session of cycling that’s the last thing you want. Don’t be disheartened, the folding-bike racks are here for your rescue. The foldable bike racks make your life easy whether you are out at the nearby cycling park or far away from home on a distant trail.

Here are the best folding bike racks available for cars

Mount Bike Rack Carrier 2-Bike Capacity for Truck, SUV, and Car

Best Overall

  • Reasonably priced  


  • Rear cargo access
  • Soft padding


  • No lock
Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rac

Budget option

  • Affordable


  • Side strap for lateral stability
  • Fully assembled


  • No access to rear cargo when loaded
Hitch Receiver 3-Bike Capacity Hanging Bicycle Carrier

Premium option

  • Great all around option


  • Smart tilting design


  • No lock

These racks safely collapse on the back of a vehicle when not in use and there is no need to remove them from the vehicle in the middle of your journey. It’s a huge relief for bikers. Moreover, an uninstalled rack would occupy space in the cargo compartment of your vehicle. Folding racks are designed to look good on the vehicle even when they are not in use.
The foldable racks offer a popular carrier option for your vehicle whether the rack is a trunk-mounted rack or a hitch-mounted carrier.
The best folding bike rack will ease your woes. These racks have folding carry arms which make them compact and easy to handle when not in use. Be clear about what you want from a folding bike rack before you finalize your decision for the best folding rack for you. These racks may or may not allow you access to the rear cargo. A perfect bike rack should be compact and easy to store in a garage.
Mind you, parking your vehicle with a non-folding bike rack is a headache because of the increased length of the vehicle. Some racks can tinker with the working of the rear camera and taillights. Check the vehicle specifications to find the perfect fit for your car.

Mount Bike Rack Carrier 2-Bike Capacity for Truck, SUV, and Car

You do not have to reshape the space in your garage if KAC E2 hitch-mounted carrier is on your shopping list. This folding bike rack can sneak into a little corner of your garage when not in use, or fold conveniently to the rear of your car when you are moving between cycling tours.

This versatile rack will occupy little space in-store when not in use. This rack has a unique compact folding design which keeps it convenient even when installed on the vehicle but not loaded with bikes. It’s a huge relief for the bike rider who doesn’t have to dismantle it between cycling trips.

KAC E2 simply folds on the back of the vehicle without obstructing the rearview. Even folded it doesn’t tinker with the taillights or number plate. Moreover, it takes little space when folded on the back of the vehicle which doesn’t hamper when you need to park in tight parking spaces.

This alloy steel rack which can fit your SUV’s, trucks and cars can
haul two bikes with a weight of 30 LBS per bike at once. This versatile rack has an overall dimension of 33.46 H x 31.18 W x 53.27 L. What you have
to check before you finalize this rack for bikes is a simple
requirement in your vehicle. The vehicle should have a 1.25” or 2” hitch receiver for this rack.

The bike of a maximum of 3 inches tire width is suitable for this
rack. The black-coloured hitch mount bike rack of KAC E2 has soft
padding on the rack which protects bike paint and also averts it from
chipping, and wear and tear of the bike. KAC E2 which is known for quality bike racks has a finished mount hitch bike rack with a durable powder coat ensuring long-last perfmormace. 

There is no hurdle to access the rear area of the vehicle while the bikes are loaded on the rack. KAC delivers all the required hardware and the hitch pin so that installation is easy and quick. KAC offers a limited lifetime warranty which covers a wide variety of mishap and performance guarantees.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rac

Allen Sports sells peace of mind to bike riders by offering this deluxe rack which conveniently folds at the back when not in use. It saves you many headaches when you know that you can keep it installed on your sedan, hatchback, minivan or SUV all along with the cycling excursion. This feature comes as a huge breather. Car owners don’t mind keeping this bike rack installed when not in use just for its looks on the car.

This deluxe trunk-mounted rack is popular for its safety and wide compatibility to carry a range of bikes. This sturdy rack can haul two bikes with a maximum weight limit of 35Lbs or 16kgs per bike.
Allen Sports, specialist rack maker, has given this rack foldable carry arms which give a hassle-free driving experience when you are on a cycling trip or on a long vacation.

It’s the best bike rack for families as it accommodates most kinds of bikes. Trunk-mounted racks are designed for easy usage and installation. Allen Sports scores high in this feature also as this rack facilitates easy and quick handling when the bike is loaded or withdrawn. Allen trunk mount bike rack is 7.5 pounds and it has a dimension of 23.03*13.58*3.94 inches.

Allen does not want you to hesitate to haul any type of bike on the
rack. The sports deluxe bike rack has a narrow set carry arm for easy
bike loading. The individual tie-down straps are fixed on carrying arms and also rotate to accommodate a wide range of bike frame sizes and styles. It even carries kid bikes and women bikes and traditional adult size bikes.

The rack has two straps in addition to the original rugged top and bottom straps which give exceptional stability to your bike and rack when you tackle tough road conditions. The middle frame on the rack keeps bikes away from the vehicle during carriage. The Allen sports deluxe bike comes with a lifetime warranty.

Hitch Receiver 3-Bike Capacity Hanging Bicycle Carrier

If you are looking for the best three-bike carrier for a trailer or car which is easy to handle when not in use, then the KAC S3 hitch mount carrier is your pick. KAC S3 has a smart tilting design that tilts the rack to give you easy access to the rear cargo area, it also folds down its carry arms when not in use. You can do this even with a load of e-bikes or fat tyre bikes.

This rack is perfect to haul three bikes at once with a maximum weight of 33 LBS per bike. Once you have unloaded bikes from the vehicle, the carry arms can be folded down conveniently which prevents damage to the rack or the vehicle.

You can haul bikes with suspension, women or kids bikes on the KAC S3 bike with an additional purchase of a bike frame adapter. This bike rack fits most cars whether it’s an SUV, hatchback, minivan, sedan or truck. KAC S3 just needs a tow hitch receiver between 1.25” or 2” for installation on the vehicle. The framework of the bike rack is made of heavy-duty stainless steel which ensures that this rack remains sturdy and can withstand the test of time.

KAC S3 has a dual-arm to accommodate a wide variety of bikes. For
step-through bikes, this rack requires the use of a frame adapter. The safety of your bike and vehicle is a KAC S3 priority. The hitch mount bike rack has six ultra stretchable and UV resistant rubber bike holder straps which are fit
to carry most types of bikes.
It is quick and easy to install this hitch-mounted rack on your car. KAC S3 has a hitch pin system and lightweight frame which makes it a user-friendly rack for bikers. The rack has a limited lifetime warranty which covers a
wide variety of mishaps and performance guarantees.


Foldable bike racks are a great option for hitch-mounted and trunk-mounted bike racks. They are truly hassle-free and can vastly improve your riding experience. These racks are reliable as a carrier and they fold conveniently to give a pleasant driving experience.