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Best folding bike racks for cars

The 3 best folding bike racks for cars

Bike racks are an easy-to-use tool that equips the vehicle to haul bikes.
They are designed to be user-friendly. Good bike racks should be installed, loaded, unloaded, and removed from the vehicle with ease. When not in use, bike racks are best stored folded and compact to minimize space; they aren’t exactly a masterpiece people want on display.

We are aware of this and have compiled a list of the best folding bike racks. Foldable bike racks are a game-changer and perfect for minimizing storage space. Here is a list of the best folding bike racks.

Here are the best folding bike racks available for cars

Bike Rack Carrier

Best Overall


  • Rear cargo access
  • Soft padding


  • No lock
Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rac

Budget option


  • Side strap for lateral stability
  • Fully assembled


  • No access to rear cargo when loaded
Hitch Receiver 3-Bike rack

Premium option


  • Smart tilting design


  • No lock

Not only do these racks fold up for storage, but some can also even fold up while installed, when not in use. The growth of these styles of bike racks is significant as living areas become smaller, the demand for foldable products has grown significantly.

These racks have folding carry arms which make them compact and easy to handle when not in use. Be clear about what you want from a folding bike rack before you finalize your decision for the best folding rack for you. There may become features that the manufacturer could not include if their primary focus was on designing the best folding rack.

Bike Rack folding design for 2 bikes

You do not have to reshape the space in your garage when you get a new bike rack. This folding bike rack can sneak into a little corner of your garage when not in use or fold conveniently into the rear of your car.
This rack has a unique compact folding design which is convenient even when installed on the vehicle. KAC E2 simply folds on the back of the car without obstructing the rearview.

Even folded, it doesn’t hinder with the taillights or number plate. Additionally, it requires minimal space when folded on the vehicle’s back, so parking is not an issue. This rack is suitable for SUVs, trucks, and cars. It can haul two bikes with a weight of 30 LBS each. This versatile rack has an overall dimension of 33.46 H x 31.18 W x 53.27 L. It’s a hitch-mounted bike rack, so ensure your car has a hitch receiver.

The rack is suitable for bikes with up to 3-inch tires. The black-colored hitch rack has soft padding on the rack, which protects the bike from wear and tear. There is no hurdle to access the vehicle’s rear area while the bikes are loaded on the rack. KAC delivers all the required hardware and the hitch pin so that installation is easy and quick. KAC offers a limited lifetime warranty which covers a wide variety of mishap and performance guarantees.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Allen Sports sell not only bike racks, but also the peace of mind that comes with owning a rack from a well-trusted manufacturer. The rack is compatible with most vehicles, providing the car can secure straps to its boot.

This deluxe trunk-mounted rack is popular for its safety and wide compatibility to carry a range of bikes. This sturdy rack can haul two bikes with a maximum weight limit of 35Lbs or 16kgs per bike.
Allen Sports, a specialist rack maker, has given this rack foldable carry arms which provide a hassle-free driving experience.

It’s the best bike rack for families as it accommodates most kinds of bikes. Trunk-mounted racks are designed for easy usage and installation. Allen Sports also scores high in this feature as this rack facilitates easy and quick handling when the bike is loaded or unloaded. Allen trunk mount bike rack is 7.5 pounds, and it has a dimension of 23.03*13.58*3.94 inches.

The rack has two straps and the original rugged top and bottom straps, giving your bike and rack exceptional stability. The middle frame on the rack keeps bikes away from the vehicle during carriage. The Allen sports deluxe bike comes with a lifetime warranty.

Hitch Receiver 3-Bike Capacity Hanging Bicycle Carrier

The last foldable bike rack on our list is the KAC S3. It’s an innovative tilting design that provides simple access to the rear cargo. It also folds down its carry arms when not in use. You can do this even with a load of e-bikes or fat tire bikes.
This rack is perfect for hauling three bikes at once with a maximum weight of 33 LBS per bike. Once you have unloaded bikes from the vehicle, the carry arms can be folded down conveniently, preventing damage to the rack or the car.

The framework of the bike rack is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, which ensures that this rack remains sturdy and can withstand the test of time. Stainless steel does not rust, so your rack, if looked after, could be around for years.
KAC S3 has a dual-arm to accommodate a wide variety of bikes. The safety of your bike and vehicle is a KAC S3 priority. The hitch mount bike rack has six ultra stretchable and UV-resistant rubber bike holder straps.

That's it for folding bike racks

Foldable bike racks are a great option for hitch-mounted and trunk-mounted bike racks. They are truly hassle-free and can vastly improve your riding experience. These racks are reliable as a carrier and they fold conveniently to give a pleasant driving experience.

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