The 4 Best Folding Truck Ramps

In need of a ramp but one that you can take with you? A folding truck ramp is the quick fix to your needs.

You can safely load in your cargo and stow it away without having to fight over space! 

There are a few well-made designs here, and most companies use similar styles. The build quality is the usual difference. 

Let’s take a look at the 4 best folding truck ramps

1. Clevr 7.5' Set of 2 Folding Arched Aluminum Truck Ramps

Load Capacity: 1500 lbs(together) or 750 lbs each

Clevr is in the low to mid-range for prices in this category, and value wise they’re hard to compete with. 

For a little more than most sellers are charging for a single folding-ramp, you get two with this purchase. Their combined load capacity is 1500 lbs, so you’ll be able to use these for most ATVs and motorcycles.

If you are in need of dual ramps up to 1500 lbs, then this is our top choice.

This ladder does have rubber tips to help give it some grip for your truck. They also include a pair of safety straps to help you tie down your load. 


2. Pit Posse Pp2755 Motorcycle Folding Loading Ramp

Load Capacity: 750 lbs

If all you need is one ramp, Pit Posse has a great option for you.

It’s a similar design to Clevr’s ramp with some small differences. But, the most important one is that it still holds a good amount.

If you are looking to replace a ramp, or have a lighter motorcycle then this could be the one for you. Another similarity with Clevr is the two tie down straps for your gear.

They offer a 5-year guarantee for workmanship, and a money back guarantee if you don’t like it. It does arrive assembled. 

3. CASTOOL Twin Pack Foldable Loading Ramp

Load Capacity: 1000 lbs(together) or 550 lbs each. 

These are the light duty option of the lot, and at least right now they are the cheapest.

Castool has a pair of ramps that they fashioned from sheet metal. That means you get to save money. 

It also means, don’t use these for loading anything too heavy. They’re affordable and a nice choice if you have something light you need to load in your truck.

We really dig the handles though, they were one of the few companies that thought to add something helpful like that to the design. They also have a bit of a textured surface to help your wheels grip better. 

A common gripe is that some assembly is required. If you want a ready made ramp, the options above may suit your needs better. 

4. Titan 10' HD 4-Beam Wide Aluminum Truck Load Ramp

Load Capacity: 2700 lbs as a unit

Titan is a fitting name for this 3 piece ramp system. They’re strong, and will be able to hold any ATV or motorcycle you throw at it.

By the way if you find an ATV that weighs more than 2700 lbs, let us see it out of pure curiosity. 

We like the blacked out design, it’s a bit less conspicuous than silver. If you plan on carrying one of these in your truck bed long term it’s better to have something that doesn’t reflect light so much.

You will pay more for this, a lot more than anything else on this list.  It’s also pretty heavy at nearly 100 lbs. But, if you’re loading something heavy you probably find that comforting. This is a well-made piece of equipment. 

It has a long 10 foot leadup from one end to the other with a slight arch. Most motorcycle owners are able to just walk their bike up it with ease. 


What do I need a folding truck ramp for? 

The most common use of these is for hauling motorcycles. But if you have a long bed truck you could also fit an ATV in there. Sometimes contractors need these for their one man operations.

Specifically for landscaping, a folding truck ramp can be a handy upgrade to get in and out quickly. 

What else do I need besides a folding ramp to secure my atv or motorcycle?

Several of these options include tie downs in your purchase. Our recommendation is to go out and grab a quality pair of tie downs separately.

Or at least, augment the included ones with others you bought. The peace of mind of keeping a heavy piece of machinery in one place is worth the extra twenty bucks. 

Tri-fold vs dual-fold ATV ramp, what’s better?

The clear benefit of a tri-fold ramp is that it’s going to take up less space in your truck bed length wise. But, it’s definitely going to make up for that in width. They also tend to be pricer than a regular folding ramp.

Regular ramps seem to average about 4 feet loaded up lengthwise. So, if you want something that doesn’t extend that far, then yeah a tri-fold is a great option for you. Especially if you’re trying to save room in a garage. 


Hopefully, we helped you make an informed decision about a folding truck ramp. There are plenty of happy customers with all of these options. 

The best value for most owners is most likely going to be Clevr’s ramp. But, that doesn’t mean the other options couldn’t suit your situation better.

If you end up picking something from this list, be sure to let us know how it worked out for you. 


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