The 4 Best Go Kart Steering Wheels

No one wants to zip around the go-kart track holding onto something that just doesn’t feel right

The right go-kart steering wheel can make the difference between victory and defeat. 

Go-karting is becoming an increasingly popular sport with tracks all across the USA, and if you want to embark on building your own or simply just swap your wheel out, then we’ve got some options for you. 

Let’s take a look at the 4 Best Go Kart Steering Wheels:

1. Rotary 5890 10-Inch Steering Wheel for Go-Karts

Simplistic and reliable the Rotary 10-inch steering wheel for go karts is a highly respected no-frills option for builders. It has a 3 mounting hole design with a 1/2 inch center hole. The mounting holes are a 1/4″ in diameter. If you want something wider, they also offer a 12-Inch version. 

It’s only two pounds, so it’s not going to weigh you down but it does appear to be stamped metal. If you’re planning to beat the hell out of this or use it for racing, you might want to opt for something thicker. For the money though, this is an enticing buy and a great value. Most customers are ecstatic about its quality. The grip is rubber. 

It’s not a flat design and the depth is 1 1/2 inches in total. This is used in applications outside of go-karts with people even attaching it to their hot rods. The 10-inch version is a perfect replacement for any kids racing car or go-kart. 

2. Flypig Butterfly H Style Steering Wheel

If you’re a fan of something a little different, you can opt for an H style steering wheel.

The Flypig has 4 mounting holes and a solid metal construction. If your kid has shorter arms or really wants to lock in their grip for tight corners, this is a nice addition to your build.

It’ll add that extra leverage they need to make a tighter turn. This comes in at two pounds. The outside handles are plastic, so this will have a harder feel than other alternatives. Did we mention how freaking cool this looks? Besides being good at giving you extra leverage, it’s a different design and aesthetically pleasing. Steering wheels can be boring sometimes – doing something a little different is neat. 

It is possible to add throttles to this if you wish to undertake that kind of a task! Diygokart forum could be a valuable resource, and the picture above was from a thread by user justinlogue5_0. You can read it here

3. Rotary 9396 12" Steering Wheel for Go-Karts

If you’re looking for a 12 inch instead of a 10 inch wheel, Rotary also sells this option. It’s identical to the choice featured at #1 outside of the diameter. 

4. ZXTDR 10.6'' Steering Wheel For Mini Go Kart Buggy Kandi

Last but not least is this 10.6 inch steering wheel from ZXTDR. It’s in the same price range as the other products in this guide, which is to say it’s a pretty good deal.

Some of the higher end wheels can be a lot of money and hard to find, you won’t have to fret about that with this. 

The indents on the 10 and 2 portion of the design will provide you more natural grip and the bottom is horizontal so you don’t have a wheel digging into your thighs when you’re racing!

Conclusion Section

We hope you’ve found a steering wheel that was a great fit for your needs in this guide. If you have a favorite or one you’d like to mention, let me know in the comments and I’ll take a look. Pictures of go-karts are always welcome too!

Good luck at the races and be safe 🙂


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