The 4 Best Grab Handles for Jeeps

Do you have a deep void inside you?

You feel like you need a friend, something to hold on to during this bumpy ride we call life? 

Well, I can’t help you there but I can give you recommendations for grab handles for your Jeep!


Let’s take a look at some of the best grab handles for Jeeps on the market:

1. Voodonala Front & Rear Roll Bar Grab Handles Kit

Fits: 2007-2019 Jeep JKs

On the pricier end of the spectrum we have this kit by Voodonala

It includes all the hardware you need to keep all hands on deck in a 4 door Jeep. 

This will fit into your OEM holes on your vehicle for ease of install. But, not all installation instructions are the same and that is the common knock on these.

To install the rears, you simply remove the factory bolts and use the included ones from Voodonala(easy). But, to install the front is a bit more work. You’re going to need to 

2. Moveland 4 x Grip Handle Jeep Wrangler Handles

Fits: 1987-2019 Jeep Wranglers

A low cost, easy to install alternative to mounted options is usually anything involving straps. 

These grips by Moveland are a great demonstration of that.

As you can see from the preview, you get 4 included well-made handles. They use a strapping system to get a perfect fit and a pliable molded piece of plastic for the handle.

They’re a little chunky and that’s what we like about them. They come in two color options, black(pictured) and a red.


3. Carperipher Aluminum Alloy Front Grab Handles

Fits: 2007-2019 Jeep Wrangler JKs 2 Door and Unlimited 4 Door(Sport, Sahara, Freedom & Rubicon)

Carperipher offers a sturdy option without having to worry about a troublesome installation.

These are a pair of heavy duty handles with a metal form covered wtih a rubber grip. 

Unlike some other options we’ve seen, these are purely bolt on. All mounting hardware is included and they fit standard OEM mounts in your Jeep.

The only thing you need to be sure of is that you install the handle that is made for the left, in the left mounts. And the handle that is made for the right, in the right.

You would think these would be interchangeable but that’s not the case because of threading on the hardware. 

Note: There are cheaper versions of this design, and more expensive versions.


4. Badass Moto Gear Jeep Grab Handles for Roll Bar

Fits: Any Jeep or Vehicle with roll bars

The name of the brand of these Moto Gear handles stands out, but that’s not why we picked them.

They actually make a good, affordable product with happy customers. 

In addition to that, they offer a 5-year warranty on their product. These will fit any vehicle with a roll bar as it is a strap system. Even with the great reviews(overall) and warranty, there have been stories of customers having these break on them.

It’s really hard to go wrong with a mounted option, but if you prefer the give that these can provide, they’re also a good choice. 


There are only two types of hanldes here and it comes down to preference. If you prefer mounted options, you’re going to pay a bit more and installation is going to be a bit more tedious.

But, if you prefer a strap to have a bit of give while you hang on, then there are plenty of those choices as well. 

We gave you two from each category, the choice is yours!  If you bought one of these products and are happy with it, let us know in the comments. 


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