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The 4 Best Heated Gloves for ATVs

Riding an ATV is a good time, but if it’s chilly outside and the wind is freezing your hands – you might have some second thoughts. 

If you want to get that circulation back, and you want your extremities to forgive you – it’s time to think about heated gloves. 

atv in water

While most options available will insulate you or heat your hand from underneath(heated atv grips), a good pair of heated gloves gets the whole thing encompassed in a shell of nurturing warmth.

Here are the 4 best heated gloves for your ATV on the market: 

1. Savior Unisex Heated ATV Gloves

These Savior Heated ATV gloves will give you enough warmth to slap cold in the face.

They are battery operated with those fancy lithium ion cells that they won’t let us bring on the plane. 

With three heat settings, you can personally adjust your gloves to give you the warmth your mother never did. Okay maybe that’s me I’m sorry – the point stands though. 

You can expect anywhere from 2 to 6 hours of juice from a charge on these batteries and if you’re planning an extended ride it’s not a bad idea to pick up an extra pair. The thing we don’t like about these or most gloves is that you can’t wash them – technically you can wash them but you might not want to do that. Unless you are very brave. 

2. Heated Gloves with 3.7V Rechargable Battery

The MMlove heated gloves are a good option if you don’t want to spend too much on a pair.

They are a good value for the money and water resistant as well. Not as bulky as other options in their class. 

With the cheaper price, you’re going to have to make sure the size fits – they only have 2 sizes and claim a “one size fits all” while actually catering to average hand length. The measurements for the two gloves are 11.7″ in length, 4.1″ middle finger length, and 5.5″ in width for the first pair. The second is 12″ in length, 6.3″ middle finger length, and 3.9″ in width. Measuring yourself before purchasing is a good idea. 

The battery will last you about 2 hours and even though they’re less expensive than other brands, they still do what they were designed to very well. 

3. Volt Heated Gloves

Volt’s heated gloves are a well-made pair for someone who prefers the feel of real leather. 

These do not use a rechargeable battery like our previous examples. You’ll need to wire these yourself to your 12v battery with an alligator clip(easy peezy). 

Also, order a size larger than you normally would if you settle on this pair.

They’re the heavy duty pair of the category. The included wiring harness has a temperature controller on it with 3 different heat settings – and they can get hot.

If you want protection from heat and a pair of really strong gloves this is it. Their leather design along with the heating elements are going to last you a long time. 

4. Mount Tec Heated Gloves

Mount Tec heated performance gloves are for riders who are going to spend a full day out in the elements.

The Lithium battery can last up to 8 hours, so if you need something for an extended period of time – this pair is worth looking into. 

Order a size up when you get these, there is a size chart and they tend to run small. Probably the coolest thing about these is you can use your smartphone without taking them off. There’s nothing worse than getting a phone call and having to rip off your gloves to answer it. Maybe running out of toilet paper, but this is a close second.

They are waterproof and another heavy duty option. The thing we don’t like is that the battery is heavy – to be able to hold that much charge it has to be. This is an issue if you’re going through bumpy terrain, because feeling a battery bounce around a little bit with you might be annoying. 

The Warm Toasty Combo

If your hands are really cold deprived, we’re talking “hey my body forgets to pump blood to them” – in that case you might think about getting a pair of heated grips too. For ultimate cozyness your blood deprived hands will tingle with joy. 

Does anyone else think this title sounds like a new fast food breakfast item or is that just us? 


Finding the right pair of gloves is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to getting it just right. If you’re going to be uncomfortable it can ruin your entire ride, so we hope you double check those sizing charts! For the options available these were the highest quality choices – with heavy duty and a budget option as well.

For us, we like the Volt heated gloves. They don’t have a big bulky battery but they are still heavy duty – and anything that keeps the wind away is a hero in our book. If you found something you really liked, let us know. And as always, ride safely 🙂