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The Best Jeep Tours Across the USA

Jeep enthusiasts can be happy, there are plenty of tours all across the USA that use Jeeps specifically. With a few of them being in my home state of Arizona. In this guide we look at the most enjoyable experiences across the USA that use Jeeps. From wild to romantic, and maybe even a few wine tasting experiences. Take a look – you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Pink Jeep Tours

Locations: Sedona, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon

Website: https://www.pinkadventuretours.com/tours/sedona-tours

Price: Varies, most popular tour is $110 Adult $99 Child

You may have seen the recognizable Pink Jeeps that are the signature branding for Pink Jeep Tours. This company has been around for a long time, since 1960, and has left thousands of happy customers raving about the experience. They only tour scenic parts of the Southwest and they’re most well-known for their operation in Sedona. A beautiful red rock sleepy town in Arizona. Founded by a California musician, the funky spirit lives on.

If you have any interest in seeing Sedona – we definitely recommend jumping on a Pink Jeep Tour. They’ll even take you up to the Grand Canyon if you’re ready for a day trip and one of the 7 wonders of the world. One of if not the most famous Jeep Tour in America, for a good reason! Check out Tom and Mercedes as they give us a window into their experience. They loved it.

Dan Mick's Jeep Tours

Location: Moab, UT

Website: https://danmick.com/

Price: Varies, for 4 guests expect to pay around $350

If you want to get your heart racing, this is a tour to go on. In the video you can hear the guide saying, “we describe the trail as a slow-motion roller coaster.” He’s not joking, this tour will take you through the desert of Moab and on a discovery of how sweaty your palms can get. Nervous laughter is a common symptom and the shortest ride you can book is 3 hours. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, just take a watch of this video to get a glimpse into the good times. 

San Juan Scenic Jeep Tours

Location: Ouray, CO

Website: http://sanjuanjeeptours.com/

Price: $59 dollars for a half day tour

The oldest Jeep tour company in America, San Juan started their services in the 1940s. This tour won’t get your heart pounding, but it will give you an appreciation of the beauty and history in Ouray. It’s considerably cheaper than other tours, so if you’re not looking for something too intense this should be on the top of your list. They’re a very proud company, of how far back their history goes and to the quality of their service. 

Wildside 4x4 Tours

Location: Estes Park, CO

Website: https://www.visitestespark.com/listings/wildside-4×4-tours/945/

Price: Varies, most popular tour is $75 for adults and $55 for kids

If you’re in Colorado and you want a change of pace from sleepy to fast – the Wildside Tour will get you going. Winding roads, and beautiful scenery will make you wish you could stay a while longer. This is a fun packed experience perfect for the whole family.  The tour guides are known for being hilarious that leave people with a smile on their face. 

One of the tours is called “Not so Mellow marshmallow & Hot Dog Roast”, it’s a 4 hour journey that culminates in a campfire with hot dogs and marshmallows. Full on entertainment at a very reasonable rate, you better check this one out!

ATV and Jeep Adventure Tours

Location: Washington, UT

Website: https://atvadventures.com/

Price: Varies, half day sunset tour is about $350 dollars in a Jeep UTV

This tour is located in Utah and the city is Washington. Kind of confusing but now that you know, you won’t scratch your head like we did at first. The most popular tour is called the Sunset Adventure, you can book a half or a full day depending on the time of year. This is more of a flatland adventure, if you aren’t looking for something laid-back but you are in the search of a moderate challenge; this is a nice choice. 

New Mexico Jeep Tours

Location: Albequerque, NM

Website: https://nmjeeptours.com/

Price: Varies, most popular tour is $150 for 3 hours for adults and $120 for children

New Mexico Jeep Tours offers two main scenic attractions, the White Mesa Tour and the Mountain Vistas Tour. If you have a Jurrasic Park fan in your family, the White Mesa tour is for you. With an option Petroglyph hike, you can go in search of a prehistoric past. It’s the site where the Seismosaurus dinosaur was found. They lived 150 million years ago and were thought to be 12 tons. Or take the hoodoo hike to view sandstone formations. If you choose to do the hikes, your tour will extend past 3 hours. 

On the White Mesa Tour you can get a glimpse of ancestral ruins, beautiful sights and petrified woods. New Mexico Jeep Tours definitely caters to those curious in the history of our world. 

Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine Tours

Location: Temecula, CA

Website: https://www.temeculajeeptours.com/

Price: $115 per adult

Have you ever wanted to take the backroads through wine country with a designated driver at your service? Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine tours is something completely different, you won’t be offroading steep hills or stopping to admire natural formations but you will be tasting some great wine. If you want a romantic change of pace, or a bonding experience with friends – this wine tasting might be for you. You’ll get to enjoy 6 to 7 wines and it’s all included in the admission. It’s something different for sure, but in a good way. The owner Julie seems like a very down to earth person who really enjoys bringing this experience to life. 

Desert Adventures Red Jeep Tours

Location: Palm Desert, CA

Website: https://www.temeculajeeptours.com/

Price: Varies, the most popular San Andreas Fault Tour will run you about $140 per adult, $114 for children and $124 for children

Desert Adventures has 6 distinctive tours, they even offer day and night options. If you don’t feel like braving the heat in the summer it’s a nice activity to do with the family. Get to see the stars away from light pollution with their night-watch tour. Or check out their most popular day tor featuring the San Andreas Fault. The fault slices through California for about 1200 kilometers, wouldn’t it be great to see it in a Red Jeep? 

The tour guides are informative and will get you up to date with some basic geology to give you a better grasp of what you’re experiencing. If you have an itch to get outdoors and learn at the same time, this is a lovely option. 

Vegas Jeep Tours

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Website: https://vegasjeeptours.com/

Price: $249 per adult

Explore Lake Mead and the Colorado River in your guided Jeep Tour. As this is a Vegas tour, itt’s catered to people visiting. What do I mean by that? Well, they’ll pick you up from your hotel on the strip! You can stop for a photoshoot on the Hoover Dam Bridge and make your way through Lake Mead National Park. The tour takes about 4 to 5 hours in total and you can stop and get food on the way. It’s more of a scenic tour, and in a new model Wrangler. So  you can see the sights without getting your adrenaline going too much. After all if you’re in Vegas, the slot machines are doing that for you. 

Orange Jeep Tours

Location: Naples, FL

Website: https://www.orangejeeptours.com/

Price: varies, most popular tour is $40 per adult, $30 per child

Halfway between a mini-safari and a scenic tour are the Orange Jeeps. Experience untouched terrain in southwest Florida, and catch plenty of pictures of the wildlife. Birdwatchers from around the states come to see what they can find, as there are many species to be observed. They’ll take you on a sunrise, sunset, birder tour, photo safari or the classic explorer. 

Looking to capture some great shots of what nature has to offer in Florida? Check out Orange Jeep Tours!

Parrot's Landing Jeep Rentals & Tours

Location: Mears, MI

Website: https://www.parrotslanding.com/

Price: varies, 1 hour tour with 1 hour solo rental is $249

Parrot’s Landing Jeep Tours operates out of Michigan with their most popular option being a 1 hour guided tour and a one hour solo rental time with the jeep. You get to enjoy steep dune hills, feel free to gun it to the crest of the hill for some blood pumping action. With nearly 500 acres of terrain for you to explore – there’s a good chance you’ll get lost in the joy of offroading. You can also rent watercraft if you’d like to explore Silver Lake. 

We will continue to add to this resource, have any Jeep Tours you’d like us know about? Leave a comment!

Real Adventours Jeep & Wine Tour

Location: Chelan, WA

Website: http://www.realadventours.com/chelan-jeep-tours.html

Price: varies, 1 hour tour $50 per Jeep : 3 hour tour $120

If you’re looking for another winery experience in a Jeep and close to the Washington area, real adven-tours has a treat for you. Take up to four of your friends in the three hour tour and discover the up and coming wino scene at Chelan. You’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant ride through the vineyards and have a driver to wait on you. They’ll pick you up anywhere within 10 miles of Chelan free of charge. For the price this is a steal, with beautiful views to boot. 

Big Wheel Jeep Tours

Location: Palm Desert, CA

Website: https://bwbtours.com/tours/

Price: varies, most popular tour is $169 for adults and $159 for kids

Big Wheel Jeep Tours operates out of California and offer 2 different tours in Jeeps and 2 for bicyclists. Their most popular explores Joshua Tree National Park through rocky terrain and some straightaways, while their other tour explores the San Andreas Fault. For all of their Jeep tours you’ll have hike lightly in order to appreciate the views. It’s not a purely vehicular experience. They do provide more than nearly all tours we’ve seen in regards to the little things – snacks, water, and they’ll pick you up if you’re at one of the select hotels or resorts in the area. 

Portland Jeep Tours

Location: Portland, OR

Website: https://oregonjeeptours.com/

Price: varies, their beer tour is $79 per person, off-road adventure tour is $149

Oregon Jeep Tours must have noticed how excited these wine tours were getting us. An operation based out of Portland, OR they are taking advantage of the beauty and atmosphere of their location. With 9 different tours to offer – you can go wild off-roading or get involved in one of the three separate tours that involves some day drinking. There are 2 separate wine tours and 2 beer tours for very affordable prices! We really love that this is becoming a thing, and it seems like a great way to spend time with friends responsibly.

Of course the majority of their tours are off-road. You can check out the Multnomah waterfalls, Tillamook State Forest, the Hood River Fruit Loop, Beach Break, and Mt. Hood on the Timberline Trek.  

We will continue to add to this resource, have any Jeep Tours you’d like us know about? Leave a comment!

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