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The Best Kayak Racks for Subaru Outbacks

Kayaking is an awesome sport for the whole family. And what better ride to take you to the kayaking site than an Outback?

But to make your kayaking trips the best possible, you need a solid kayak rack that fits your needs.

Fear not! We have you covered. Enjoy your splishy splash adventures.

Let’s take a look at the 4 best kayak racks for the Subaru Outback:

1. Lifetime Warranty TMS® 2 Pairs J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier Canoe Boat Surf Ski Roof Top Mount Car SUV Crossbar

TMS is so confident in their kayak carrier that they’re offering a lifetime warranty whenever you buy a pair. 

It might sound crazy on their part, but their confidence is tied to a quality product.
These carrier racks carry kayaks up to 36 inches wide and 75 pounds – we’re talking kayaks on the lighter side.

But if your kayaks fall within those parameters, you’ve found yourself a dependable and reasonably priced carrier for the Outback.

Whereas some racks risk scratching the roof of your beloved ride, TMS provides adjustable padding to ensure safety from scratching. Moreover, each pair is lined with a special rust-resistant coating to ensure a longer product life despite mother nature’s unpredictability.

Each rack can hold two kayaks, meaning four total kayaks can be mounted atop your Outback for 4x the awesomeness! And because the kayaks are loaded on their sides, there’s ample space for other items on your roof.

The J-bar design of the racks makes it incredibly easy for loading and unloading your kayaks – work smarter, not harder. And included in the purchase are two additional straps for added protection, security, and support for your kayaks.

With a lifetime warranty, a great design, and a multitude of functions, we find this rack to be quite the catch. Recommended for those with small to midsized kayaks.

2. ECOTRIC J-Bar 2 Pairs Universal Kayak Canoe Top Mount Carrier Roof Rack Boat SUV Van Car with One Year Warranty

Ecotric offers another variety of the J-bar styled kayak carrier racks, also sold in pairs of two.

Purchasing the pair will provide you with a one-year warranty – that means 365 days of kayaking to test the product.

These mounts can support kayaks up to 36 inches wide and 165 pounds – so they can support a wide range. And with two kayaks per rack, four kayaks total can be mounted aboard your Outback with this purchase.

As far as looks go, this carrier’s black design looks great on any Outback; and its durability feels great, too. These racks are incredibly sturdy, and to add to that reliability, Ecotric includes four additional eight-foot straps.

Additionally, the racks are easy to use and install, so you can focus on fun stuff, like driving and kayaking. The J-bar design makes unloading and loading your kayaks simple.

And if you’re worried about scratching your roof or your kayaks, we feel you; but worry not! The racks are – you bet – lined with adjustable padding to protect both.

You won’t have to replace the racks after exposure to water thanks to the racks’ rust resistant coatings. And the racks are universal, supporting other gear you may want to bring along on your raucous adventure.

We recommend this set of racks for a variety of reasons, but mainly for the weight capacity and one-year warranty.

3. CargoLoc 2-Piece 52" Aluminum Roof Top Cross Bar Set – Fits Maximum 46” Span Across Existing Raised Side Rails with Gap – Features Keyed Locking Mechanism, Silver

CargoLoc is offering another two-piece set for your kayaks and Outback, with some minor differences that are worth noting.

They make their racks with high-quality aluminum to reduce the weight put on your roof from both rack and kayak. But don’t let that fool you, each rack can still support 150 pounds of weight – mid-sized to large-sized kayaks.

Each rack utilizes heavy duty clamps and is proven to be most durable once mounted to your roof’s rails. Additionally, these racks are also universal, accommodating a variety of gear you may wish to bring along.

The rack measures 52 inches from each end, fitting a maximum of 46 inches between the rails. And, of course, there is more room allotted on your roof if you need to mount other items up there.

They may not offer any warranties, but we recommend this product for its lightweight feel and overall durability.

4. IKURAM Kayak/Surf/Ski Roof Carrier Rack of Bilateral Premier J-Style Folding 4-in-1 for Canoe, SUP, Kayaks, Surfboard and Ski Board Rooftop Mount on SUV, Car and Truck

Ikuram is our last choice, offering another great kayak rack; and we’ll isolate the differences to make your decision easier. 

First, there’s only a single rack included – but with that singularity comes some added perks you won’t want to overlook.

They include with your purchase not only protection for two kayaks, but also for your kayak’s stand-up paddles. The rack is padded to prevent any damage to your kayaks that may come from rubbing or scratching.

And the addition of thick rubber saddles will protect against wetness and other potentially damaging effects of Mother Nature. Add to that rust resistance and anti-corrosion measures embedded in the frame to ensure a long lifespan.

This rack is also made of high-quality aluminum alloy, so it’s incredibly lightweight yet surprisingly durable. Its J-shape design supports kayaks up to 42 inches wide and 158 pounds, so most kayaks should fit nicely.

It’s easy to install thanks to some simple yet effective safety tie-downs and heavy-duty straps handling up to 750 pounds. And no matter the shape of your kayaks, they can be secured due to the rack’s dynamic adjustability.

The rack has a fold down mechanism for when it’s not in use triggered by a switch on the handle. And lastly, it accounts for multiple carrying positions, so no matter your kayaks’ designs, hauling two should present no problems.

If you only have two kayaks to work with, we think this is a solid choice!