The 4 Best Light Bars for Your ATV

As you ride fearlessly into the darkness, a flashlight taped to your hat isn’t doing it anymore.

A thought starts to manifest in your brain, perhaps I could mount this flashlight.. on my ATV?!

Fear not, we have a better solution! There are light bars to ease your pain and illuminate the trails you’ve yet to conquer in the darkness. We took a look at them in terms of build quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

Here are the 4 Best Light Bars for your ATV

1. Nilight LED Light Bar 4PCS 4 Inch 18W LED Bar

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Nilight has a solution for those of you lacking space. 

Perhaps you don’t have a proper mounting spot for a big horizontal bar, or you just want something that has a small footprint.

This set includes four pieces, they’re about 4 inches across and 3 inches in height. They are meant to be used as floodlights and you’ll get a 2-year warranty. By the way, if you’re looking for better mounting hardware we have a section on that below that will give you a beefier solution.

They claim you can get 30,000 hours of life out of these and up under normal conditions. That’s not the easiest things to test, but they have a solid housing and a good reputation from most customers. 

2. YITAMOTOR 21 Inch Light Bar Offroad

The YITAMOTOR boasts a diecast aluminum body to keep your potential lighting solution shielded from the elements, while efficiently dispersing heat. 

Brackets and the wiring kit are included. This unit is capable of producing up to 10,800 lumens of light. If you can tell from the picture, different types of bulbs are used for the edges as opposed to the middle.

This means that you get a wide radius of light to the sides at 60 degrees, and they used powerful lights to help you see straight ahead. Up to 800 meters in an unobstructed situation. At it’s price point, it’s a great value for bars between 20 to 25 inches. 

Thankfully for the customer there is lots of competition in this category for a few dollars more. 

3. Rigidhorse 12 Inch LED Light Bar Single Row Flood & Spot Beam Combo

This 12-inch design by Ridighorse takes up a smaller footprint compared to the YITAMOTOR but it still packs a punch

You’ll get about 1000 lumens less in comparison, at 10000 total. But, it also only takes up 12 inches compared to 21. 

Our Top Pick!

It does cost a bit more than most options, but the build quality here is something to be happy about. Whether you need this to stand up to the head of summer or the cold of winter, customers attest to the hardiness of the Rigidhorse!

This also uses the popular setup of flood lighting at the sides with beam lighting in the center. It’s our favorite option in terms of value for single row lighting.

4. Auxbeam 12 Inch LED Light Bar with Wiring Harness 72W 7200lm Light Bar Combo

This light bar from Auxbeam isn’t as bright as most, but it has an excellent build quality to stand up to your offroading adventures in any weather. 

This is another 12-inch option with an aluminum housing. The mounting brackets are also aluminum. Rated for up to 30,000 hours. This only draws 6 amps, making it a great solution for ATV riders.

Wiring does not include instructions, you may need to get some help with installation if you’re not familiar with electronics. They’re 2.5 meters in length. Overall, this is a good value with some faults. 


Are these light bars waterproof?

All included light bars in this guide are rated IP67. The short and sweet of that is that all products here claim to be able to emerged UP TO 1 meter of water and come out unscathed.

There is a higher rating called IP68. Generally, IP67 products are going to be fine in rainy conditions and all products here should be okay in the rain. It’s always important to look at something you purchased to ensure the housing is solid and sealed as manufacturing defects do occur. 

How can I mount my light bar?

If your ATV has a cargo rack already on the front, that should be suitable for this. All of these options include mounting hardware. Some ATVs do not have this, and if that’s your situation you may want to look into additional mounting hardware. 

Lamphus has some gear that is capable of wrapping around metal tubing of varying diameters all the way up to 2 inches. If you need to find a creative place to include a mount on your vehicle, you may want to forgo a large horizontal bar. A tinier light could suit your needs better, like the Nilight


While we did mention warranty’s in this guide, hopefully it’s not the thing that tilts the needle in your decision making on your purchase. Amazon is pretty good about returning electronics if they don’t work out so you won’t even have to deal with the manufacturer. 

In terms of overall value our top choice was the Rigidhorse for ATVs. However, there are plenty of great choices on this list and we hope we helped you make an easier decision. 

If you end up purchasing something we recommended, let us know how it worked out for you. Stay safe out there!


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