Best Mitsubishi Mirage Bike Rack

This is our review of the best bike racks you can get for your Mitsubishi Mirage.

When it comes to recommending vehicle accessories, we believe in good old fashioned real world testing. As such, we put each of the bike racks in this list through the ringer to see how well they hold up to both general use and some more heavy abuse.

The Allen Sports Deluxe 4-bike hitch mounted rack impressed us with its heavy duty build and exceptionally stable hitch mount. Pair that with a high load capacity and you’ve got a Mitsubishi Mirage bike rack that just works!

If you need an informed opinion on which Mitsubishi Mirage bike rack to get, we have over a decade of testing and reviewing experience under our belt. So rest assured that these bike racks will get the job done.

Read on for more of our thoughts on the best Mitsubishi Mirage bike racks.

Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Overall Best

Allen Sports’ flagship hitch mounted bike rack pairs well with the Mitsubishi Mirage. It is built like an absolute tank, can carry 4 of the largest road bikes you could find, and is chock full of really convenient features.

This bike rack uses the highest grade alloy steel for exceptional rigidity and firmness on the road. We much prefer this over the flimsy plastic builds of other Mitsubishi Mirage bike racks.

That alloy steel surface is treated with a thick powder coat that keeps rust, corrosion and minor scratches to a minimum. Not to mention, the black and red aesthetic is just more visually appealing.

It’s a hanging style bike rack with some of the longest carrying arms in its category, measuring almost 22” long. The obvious benefit is wider spacing between individual bikes, discouraging interaction and damage to both the bikes and the car.

The wider proportions allow you to mount more bikes too. In fact, you can carry 4 large road bikes safely on this rack, granted that they total just under 140 lbs of weight.

A 140 lbs load capacity is on the high end for a hanging style rack, so feel free to try your hand at transporting 1-2 e-bikes or mountain bikes too.

As for keeping your prized two wheelers safely mounted, this Mitsubishi Mirage bike rack uses ratcheting tie down straps that hold the bike frames. These tie down straps are pretty girthy and fully adjustable to suit different bike frame shapes and sizes.

Heavy duty tie down straps aren’t worth anything unless backed up by a secure and steady hitch mount. And boy, is this hitch secure! It comes in the predictable 2” configuration for best in class stability but is further bolstered by a no-wobble bolt that makes it more stable.

Rounding up the feature list, we have a convenient feature that folds the carrying arms down and out of the way. We had a much easier time parking the Mitsubishi Mirage in tight spots thanks to this feature.

Furthermore, the rack comes with a tilting mechanism that makes accessing the cargo area of your Mitsubishi Mirage a lot easier, even with 140 lbs of bikes on the back!

As for complaints, we were disappointed by the lack of any bungee cords or straps in the box to keep the front wheel and handlebars in place. Definitely grab a few of your own if you get this rack.


  • All metal construction
  • Powder coating for better rust resistance
  • Can carry upto 140 lbs
  • Holds most different frame shapes
  • Easy to mount
  • No wobble bolt for better stability
  • Thick ratcheting straps
  • Rubber lining prevents paint damage
  • Tilting mechanism for quick cargo access


  • No bungee cords in the box

YAKIMA - FullTilt Tilting Hitch Rack

Premuim choice

Yakima’s FullTilt for the Mitsubishi Mirage gives the Allen Sports rack a run for its money with a 5-bike capacity, sturdy build, and a mounting system that feels right at home on bumpy roads.

Alloy steel is the material of choice for this rack. We stress tested it beyond its maximum capacity and it did not make a peep, much less bend or strain under load.

That alloy steel build enables an industry leading 150 lbs load capacity. It’s probably the highest we’ve seen in this category and allows you to carry up to 5 bikes on the back of your Mitsubishi Mirage.

Out on the highway, we found the fully loaded rack to be quite stable. It does not wobble or shake, and we have no complaints about its performance at speed.

That is no doubt thanks to the unique combination of hitch and stabiliser. It is compatible with both 1 ¼” and 2” hitch configurations. Yakima’s patented AutoPin system is also worth praising. It automatically positions the hitch in the receiver, making for a perfect fit.

Moving on to the bike mounts, we liked the cradles that keep your bikes safe and secure. The heavy duty straps that hold each bike at the frame are lined in soft material to avoid damaging the paintwork.

We tested every different bike frame we could find and they fit perfectly. The adjustable straps mean the fit is essentially tailored to your bike’s frame, eliminating any swaying.

The attention to detail continues with the carrying arms which are padded to avoid tarnishing paintwork. These arms are longer, so all 5 bikes stay away from each other and the bodywork of your Mitsubishi Mirage.

And they can be folded down so you don’t have to do a million point turn just to get into a parking space.

It even has a lever operated tilting mechanism! And take it from us. Watching a fully loaded 5-bike rack tilt forward to allow you to access the cargo area might as well be magic!

Finally, we had a really easy time installing this rack on our Mitsubishi Mirage thanks to the SpeedKnob feature which uses knobs to make the mounting process a lot quicker. This rack also comes with Yakima’s SKS locking system which adds an extra layer of theft prevention to the whole setup.


  • Alloy steel build
  • Thick powder coat for better rust resistance
  • 150 lbs load capacity
  • Secure bike cradles
  • Ratcheting tie downs
  • Soft rubber padding on cradles and arms
  • Bikes do not bang against one another


  • Low-Y frame bikes require an adapter

Allen Sports Premier 2-Bike Trunk Rack

Worthy consideration

Allen Sports makes a second appearance with their Premier trunk mounted rack. This is a compact, yet surprisingly sturdy rack that has just enough load capacity and the same Allen Sports bike mount that we know and love.

Let’s start off with the construction of this trunk mounted bike rack. Alloy steel is used throughout, giving the rack its rigid design. The black powder coating keeps rust at bay, while also giving the rack a nicer look than the price might suggest.

As for staying stable on the highway, this trunk rack’s unique design helps it do just that. The lower frame that sits on the back of your Mitsubishi Mirage is padded for better grip and safeguarding of the paintwork. Add to that the high quality nylon straps at every corner and you’ve got sturdy fitment for days.

Moving on to load capacity, this 2-bike rack can support upto 70 lbs. That isn’t exactly the highest, but more than enough for 2 large road bikes. Mountain bikes and e-bike transport is not recommended however.

We mentioned Allen Sports proprietary tie down system above and this rack also benefits from it. The bike cradles include heavy duty ratcheting straps which are lined in rubber to avoid scratching the paintwork.

We were able to fit most bike frame shapes, save for low-Y frame models, for which we required an adapter. Furthermore, we would recommend picking up a couple bungee cords or nylon straps to secure the front wheel and handlebars.

As for real world performance, this rack did not give us any pause while driving on the highway. It kept both bikes perfectly stable and did not jump around. A little rattling on some bumps and potholes is to be expected.

Next up, let’s talk about this rack’s special features. It can fold down the carrying arms and become downright miniscule in terms of the footprint. In fact, we were able to fit the folded up rack in the back of the Mitsubishi Mirage, making it dead simple to transport.

Finally, we appreciate the simple install process. No messing around with tools, hitches or anything else! And another feature we think a lot of Mitsubishi Mirage owners will like is the budget friendly price of this bike rack.


  • High quality metal build
  • Thick surface coating
  • Does not rust or corrode over time
  • Lightweight build
  • 16” carrying arms provide ample space for bikes
  • Proprietary bike cradles
  • No wobbling or shaking on the highway
  • Decent load capacity of 70 lbs
  • Can carry 2 large bikes


  • Low-Y frame adapter required

Saris Bones Car Bike Rack

The Saris Bones is another trunk mounted bike rack that packs a punch. It uses a unique synthetic material for the design. It is surprisingly lightweight and has an equally surprising feature set.

The build quality of this Mitsubishi Mirage bike rack is absolutely phenomenal. It uses a composite material that saves weight, while maintaining high rigidity and structural integrity. And of course, it has the benefit of being completely impervious to rust.

Load capacity is in line with other trunk mounted bike racks for the Mitsubishi Mirage. It is rated for around 70 lbs, perfect for carrying two bikes. We wouldn’t really recommend trying to mount heavier e-bikes or mountain bikes on here though.

The durability of this bike rack goes deeper than the surface. Literally. It has something called injection moulded carrying arms which give it even better rigidity and corrosion resistance.

Speaking of the carrying arms, they are shaped quite differently from what you might find on other bike racks of this category. They are curved slightly and protrude further out behind the Mitsubishi Mirage. This is to keep the bikes mounted as far away from the back of your car and each other as possible.

This same curved design also lends itself well to being mounted on cars with spoilers. This is good news for owners of some new Mitsubishi Mirage models which do have a small spoiler on the back.

Installing this rack is about as simple as it gets. You don’t need any tools and the instructions are quite intuitive. The feet that come in contact with your car’s paintwork are padded to avoid damaging it.

Furthermore, you get sturdy nylon straps that keep the whole setup nice and stable at speed. The integrated strap management system prevents the straps from getting tangled on anything and also just looks a bit neater.

Finally, if you are like us and want to minimise your carbon footprint as much as possible, this is the bike rack for you. It is made entirely of recyclable materials and is as sustainable a bike rack as you’ll ever get.


  • Heavy duty composite material
  • Can carry 2 bicycles
  • 70 lbs max carrying capacity
  • Lightweight design, smaller footprint
  • Injection moulded carrying arms
  • Impervious to rust and corrosion
  • Curved carrying arms keep the bicycles further apart
  • Integrated strap management
  • Easy to install
  • Rubber feet prevent tarnishing of paint
  • 2 adjustable bike cradles keep bikes firmly mounted
  • Steady at speed
  • No wobbling of the bikes


  • Not the highest load capacity

Final thoughts on the best bike rakc for the Mirage

We try to make sure that all of the bike racks or vehicle accessories we recommend for a vehicle actually work well with that vehicle in the real world.

The Mitsubishi Mirage is a smaller vehicle, which is why we recommend bike racks that are a little bit more compact and manageable to go along with it. The obvious choice is trunk mounted bike racks which tend to be the smallest and most lightweight.

However, the tradeoff with trunk mounted bike racks is their lower load capacities. Which is why we also recommend some hitch mounted bike rack options with higher load capacities and more secure fitment. These types of bike racks also give you more space for mounting larger, heavier bikes and more of them!

You will have noticed a distinct lack of any platform style bike racks on this list. This is because platform style bike racks tend to be heavier and larger than their trunk mounted and hanging style counterparts. While there isn’t anything wrong with mounting these racks on the back of your Mitsubishi Mirage, they don’t quite fit in with the compact and practical aesthetic.

If you’re in the market for a Mitsubishi Mirage bike rack, here are some quick tips that should help you get the best one for your use case.


Get a smaller bike rack

You might be tempted to just get the biggest, baddest bike rack on sale. But consider this: When the rack isn’t being used, you need somewhere to store it. Better to have a small rack that can fit in any nook or cranny of the garage, or even the Mitsubishi Mirage’s own cargo area than a large rack that takes up space.

Beware the ultra budget rack

This applies to most any bike rack or any vehicle accessory in fact. If you see a deal that is too good to be true, that’s because it probably is. It isn’t unheard of to find a rack going for a quarter of the price of its competitors but ends up costing ten times as much in bike damages!

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Again, a bit of a general tip, but one that not enough people seem to know about. It is recommended that you buy from a reputable seller to avoid a bad purchase experience. We personally buy each of the racks we recommend and provide the trusted links that you can use to get the best deals on Mitsubishi Mirage bike racks.