The 4 Best Mud Flaps for F150s

All across America, from dirt roads to highways, little rocks are screaming their songs of freedom as they crack windshields at will.

Getting a mudflap puts a damper on their fun, and they look pretty neat as well. There are several types made specifically for F150s. 

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your truck and help #stopcrackedwindshields, we’ve got some choices you may like. We have 2 options for later models, and 2 for newer models. 

Let’s take a look at the 4 best mud flaps for F150s:

1. Red Hound Auto Premium Heavy Duty Molded 2004-2014 Compatible with Ford F-150 Mud Flaps Guards Splash Front & Rear 4pc Set

These custom molded flaps are made to fit your Ford F-150 if it’s a model from 2004 to 2014. 

The four piece set from Red Hound is one of the most popular choices in the space. Mainly because of it’s value. 

You’ll be hard pressed to find a set of similar quality in this price range. If you have running boards, these will not work. Tubular nerf bars are compatible.

The most common look for mud guards seems to be a long piece of material that hangs loosely. These are not that. They sit stiff on your truck, and they’re made with a heavy duty polymer. 

So, if you want your mud flap to flap then they may not be your model of choice. While we think they’re a great value, one knock some customer had is the poor quality of the installation screws. You may want to purchase those separate for install. 

2.OEDRO Upgraded Front Rear Mud Flaps Compatible with 2015-2020 Ford F150 F-150 HD (NOT for Models with OEM Fender Flares), Full Set 4pc Splash Mud Guards

Oedro mud flaps are one of the top selling products for newer F150s. 

As emphasized in the title, they’ll work for 2015-2020 model but not if you have OEM fender flares

It’s constructed of rubber and plastic and has a slight give. They look great as well. In terms of quality, you’ll get a similar style and build to this from a dealer for a higher price. The tradeoff is that their installation instructions are lacking!

3. Husky Liners 58456 Black Custom Mud Guards Front and Rear Mud Guard Set Fits 2015-19 Ford F-150-with OEM Fender Flares, 4 Pack

Our next two featured products are from the same brand, Husky Liners. 

They’re well-known to make high quality aftermarket products. You can probably tell just by looking at the preview, that these are a slightly higher tier of quality. 

This mud guard set will fit your newer model of F150. It’s a plastic molding like everything so far, but what sets them apart is the details. 

Firstly, they offer a lifetime guarantee. We don’t usually mention that because for some brands a guarantee doesn’t mean a whole lot when they disappear. But Husky is a subsidiary of a company that’s been in business since 1988. 

So all that was a long winded way of saying, yes you can trust their warranty. They’re also made right here in the USA. To top it off, the little reflector strips are a nice touch. 

This four piece set is in a similar price range to competitors who offer much less in our opinion, so it’s our favorite for newer F150s. 

4. Husky Liners Fits 2004-14 Ford F-150 - without OEM Fender Flares and without running boards Custom Rear Mud Guards

Husky Liners doesn’t have as much in the way of offering if you have an older model of F150, but you can still buy these simple mud guards.

They don’t come in a set, you’ll have to order the front and rear separately. 

The lifetime guarantee Husky is famous for applies to these as well. And yes, they’re made in the USA. Like all of their product line. They only have this option in stock for trucks without flares or running boards. You’ll have to keep looking if that’s your situation. 

5. SUNPIE Car Mud Flaps Universal Fit Black Splash Guards (4 Pack) with 20 Pieces 6mm Fastener Rivet Clips

Finally, we’ve arrived at a set of universal mud flaps that.. flap!

This set from Sunpie is the budget option of the lot. But if you like the look of thinner material and want to spend a bit less then these could be it. 

What’s the big tradeoff with universal fits? Well, they’re going to stick out a little bit. If you want to trim this to fit your truck you can do that as well. It’s just a bit more of a time investment. 

For the price and a four piece set, this is a good value. They’ve also re-framed the installation as a “fun project”, because they’re not pre-drilled. Clever marketing! But it makes sense as well.

You wouldn’t want drill holes in something before you set it to fit the way you wanted it regardless. So think of these as more of a DIY project buy, and be patient. You will enter along the path of becoming a master in mud flap installation. 


What is a mudflap for?

If you’ve ever been driving along the highway and your nicely maintained windshield was greeted by a rock, chances are a mud flap would have stopping that from happening. When wheels rotate at high speeds, they eject things they drive over behind them.

So really, getting a mudflap is a very nice thing to do. For other drivers on the road, and your four wheeling friends if that’s how you plan to use them.

Lastly, paint chips from rocks are another common issue people have. And yes, these will help deflect those. 

What are some other common upgrades related to mud flaps?

If you plan to go offroading, or have enough rocks that a mud flap is a necessity, then getting a wheel well protector could be for you. They’re plastic molded guards that sit in your wheel well, and will help keep the underside of your truck clean from dirt, mud, and rust. 


Hopefully, this guide helped you to see some of the most popular after market mud guard models for your truck. There are custom fits for nearly every year of F150, and if that doesn’t work you can grab a universal option.

We think the Red Hound flaps are a great value for earlier models of Fords. Or you could go with the Husky mud guards if you have a newer model. Whatever you choose, come back and let us know how it worked out!

We love to hear from our readers, and good luck on your search. 


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